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Ex Nihilo Nihil – Nothing comes from nothing

I am not monetized and all of my content is free to repost and reuse with one caveat: please do credit me as the source. I feel I’m here to help on two fronts, should you choose to participate by reading. 

  1. Pathfinder: Call me a scout if you will, trying out a path that, while known to many, is new to me. I suspect my path might be helpful to show others how to get from point A, where you are today, to point B: connection to the higher Dimensions, the AKL as I call it. Akashic-Level – all that which is not 3D, in other words.
  2. Different Perspectives: From my deep work some interesting things are coming out. Honestly, it’s not really anything new. This message and information is everywhere, for those who go looking for it. We live in a sea of higher messages and information. We are not separate from it; we are it. And this is kind of the main point “they” would like to impart.

I invite you on a journey into my mind, and through my mind to a connection with the ineffable, the Universe, God even if you want to call it that, for some answers to life’s big questions, and a path through this mess. Just a little bit of your time is all I ask, walk with me, just walk with me for a little while. What do you have to lose?