Now Would be a Good Time

Time is a funny thing. Depending on one’s perspective it either exists or doesn’t exist. It’s malleable for sure, but for the sake of Humanity and our current situation in the 3D, time absolutely matters. Right now matters. The veil is thin and we have a chance. I see two competing timelines that we are balancing between right now. We’re on a precipice and we have a choice, but we need to choose now. I fear we’ll lose this golden opportunity soon if we do not act now.

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
Doug Adams

We can do this, but it takes a certain amount of us to effect change, to jump us from one timeline probability to another. Within the collapsing convergence of multiple timelines, we have the opportunity to jump into a different future. Future proves the past. We can prove today with a positive future. But you have to know you can do this. You have to know you are powerful and you can help. Please, for the love of all that is holy, please wake up and choose. Now can always be used to redirect future, but certain Nows are much easier to jump timelines. The longer we wait the more difficult and the more painful this change will become, and, eventually, if we refuse to take control, then we make a slow, painful death that much more probable.

I know this is long, but it is what it is. Language is imperfect so we dance around these ideas from several angles, trying to flesh out an idea firmly enough for others to grok, and end up with 5 pages to say one thing:

You have the power to manifest change, but we need to take this opportunity and act now. DO not wait for someone else to help. You must invoke your power.

Please consider this content and share if it resonates. This isn’t about me, but I do feel this is a good, useful message. Plenty of others are saying the same thing, so this is by no means unique.

C = 3D me, Ego me. Physical me, IOW.
HM = is Higher Self, Higher Me, so HM works as “Him”. HM self-references often with “we”.
Them/They = the slight whispers of others – I’m still working out the kinks on that level of connection.

3/22/20 Session Notes

HM- From the outside looking in, your systems are too complex for your brains to hold right now. So trying to figure out what, exactly is going on, as if it is one reducible thing – it is not – if you can just “wrap my mind” around all the moving parts, globally, politically, conspiracy side, disclosure side, Q , MSM, and everything in-between. It can’t be known by one person, so trying to figure it all out looks like a scribbled, jumbled mess from our perspective. You cannot solve the problem of balancing and harmonizing that jumbled mess of a reality from within the middle of it. Very much the idea Einstein is famous for articulating – because it scales as a universal truth. You cannot solve a systemic problem from within the (sick) system, to say it another way. You gotta be able to step outside the system and look back in. When C did this tonight, he saw a big fucking mess that is unknowable, at least from meatsuit-level brain sort of thinking. So just like we’ve been working on 5D adjustments to the unbalanced 3D signals, to understand, to Grok your full situation, at least loosely from the higher level. To do this you need to step up a level, outside your current perspective, at least. But once you’re out here, the view isn’t what you think it’ll be. So what we can do to balance is different than what you might think we “should be doing” at the 3D level to “fix” things. Remember the lessons about control, specifically high-control. We float in-between dualities in order to function, to grok, to see the better way about things. To latch too much into one thing, to allow certain “hooks” or beliefs to set in place then blinds you to all other aspects out there. The moment you hook into one faction of a duality, you lose sight of the other, you collapse back down into 3D.

So float, as we’ve been recommending a lot lately. You have to be able to kind of float around different ideas without hooking into any one of them too much. Too much control, too much force is tension, and tension is unbalance. Humanity has gone about as far down the high-control route as you might want to go on your planet, should you want a fair amount of you to live and have a good life, at least. The lessons keep getting harder and harder – this life truth scales, because all truth scales. Life keeps kicking your ass when you don’t listen and learn, right? So why wouldn’t this scale? You need your asses kicked to learn your lesson, and the ass-kicking will get worse and worse and worse until we learn our collective lesson. Do you want to learn our lesson today and then move forward and stabilize now, as best we can?

Or do you need more lessons? I hope you understand how bad things could get if you all refuse to learn this lesson now.

C- I for one am pleading with you all to recognize the lessons and say no more!

HM – We’ve had enough of the old ways. We don’t need those old ways any longer. We are hoping enough of you see this, feel this, and manifest this. You have the power. You have everything you need. You only lack knowing and believing in yourselves this way.

NO big brother. No government, no God, Deity, Allah (PBUH), Jehovah, Gaia, I Am – whomever, whatever you look to as authority figure that’s supposed to save you. Even just government and social systems if you don’t look any further than your fellow humans to save you.

NO MORE. We do not need saving in that way.

We are our own saviors. It works no other way, no other way to be sure “they” are not steering us down another misdirection and unbalanced way. The Universe will keep kicking our asses, if we let it. We will get this lesson down, even if it wipes out every last one of us humans. This is the way. This is the only way that makes sense. Ascension requires balance. Complex systems require balance. What we are talking about here is a POSSIBLE vision. Future reading is easy for tomorrow, not so much 20 years out. The cone gets pretty wide at that point and there are many, many possible futures at that “time”. Nonetheless, we can choose our path from any Now in existence.

Now is Easier than Later

Maybe there are white hat groups out there, teeing us up, maybe not. It really doesn’t matter because WE still need to do the work, to take us the rest of the way. We need to pick up the baton and run with it; people need to wake up at some point and start helping row this boat. We have a critical window where the two timelines are converged in the cone. Maybe another 4 weeks, tops, I feel… Call it May 1 on the outside realm of what I feel is our time frame to set our anchor firmly in the time stream we want to continue on: Dystopia road to who the hell knows where that one ends, or get this party started now, NOW NOW, not tomorrow, but now. Now, we need to act now!

We have a window of opportunity. We cannot rely on some mythical group of helpers who may or may not exist. Us regular people need to pick up this baton and run with it at some point, or we risk losing our opportunity. IF we choose wisely. If we invoke our power, our collective power. This is why they try so damn hard to keep us apart. Think about it. If everything that divides us all today is manufactured on purpose? What if this is true? What if us regular humans are all 95% the same? What if we all find, if we slow down and talk a bit, we are all tired of the bullshit and just want some peace and fucking quiet in our World? There’s too much noise, too much uncertainty, hatred, division, and so much work, effort, treasure, and creativity is misdirected. How much of our GDP goes to maintain our GDP? Unbalanced subsystems are making the host sick!

This is the lesson of the jumble of thoughts of trying to understand what’s going on in the world today. It’s a hyper-complex dynamic system we’ve created. A lot of moving parts, and there are some easy to see central ones, for sure. But still, it’s a mess and we cannot completely wrap our individual minds around it. So we went deep to step outside and look back in for what “we can do”, but as soon as we popped out and looked back in, the answer is not what we went looking for.

We don’t fix what’s broken by understanding all the parts and figuring out one, unified, set solution because your world is now too complex. High control does not, cannot work. The system is too complex to control, but they are trying to keep control of it for dear life. They fear us taking our power seriously and invoking it. Not a single shot will need to be fired. We just stop the madness and deescalate. The sane humans of the world can stand up and start helping. This is what some of us have been prepping for, more or less. We knew it was coming, we’ve been doing some work of one kind or another that might be helpful to others in these strange, unique times we find ourselves in.

To fully stabilize, for real and for infinite future generations, at least from a death by your own hands, and this is huge. Never before in our history have we had the ability to have a real, lasting peace on Earth. Its time, people. Do you want to live in paradise or perish in hell?

C- We have this choice before us. I’m telling you, I’m pleading with you to consider this possible. Please, for the love of all that is holy – you have to believe it is possible or we will not do it. To refuse to see our target is to miss our target.

System Dynamics and Trust

We stabilize by decentralizing and trusting in our fellow humans to do the right thing for other fellow humans, and we protect ourselves by limiting subsystems to a level that won’t bring down the whole if one subsystem fails. Our systems are now too interlocked and complex. Systems dynamics shows us that a single point of failure in a very large system not only can fail, it absolutely will fail. The more complex, the more you centralize control, the more fragile it all is. This is why seeing a fall of some sort coming doesn’t take a clairvoyant, just an astute observer of 3D actions and a bit of human psychology, I guess we call it.

So you are so connected today, but now is a risky point. Seeing how interconnected you are, shady darker types who don’t give a shit about the rest of humanity are licking their chops. An interconnected centralized world is their wet dream for top-down control by the privileged few, for the privileged few. They are chomping at the bit to fix themselves at the top of this global system. The proverbial Seeing Eye at the top of one pyramid.

One pyramid for us all is not sustainable. An overly complex system cannot be ruled from above. Something will break, and the next time something breaks it won’t be a virus killing a couple million of you. Think how ugly a lot of the dystopian entertainment has been lately. Call it a warning, call it a blueprint – it can be both without it mattering. What matters is you all, in the Western 1st world, have been seeing a lot of this lately. Do you agree to that vision, of dark, depression, Hunger Games?

C – I don’t agree to this vision, so I take all those things for what I choose to make them: warnings. An anti-picture of what it is I want our path to look like. And If I have free will to choose my own life, then god damn it! I choose to make it a good, peaceful path of balance and a world where we can all kick back and just breath a little, relax, know we’re safe. Have a good rest and recuperation period, from all this hard fought war we’ve been through, our entire history. It’s baked into our DNA, our collective memory so our collective psyche. We fight. War is normal. There is always an enemy, always someone or something out there to get us, we should be scared of. But is there really? What’s really out there? Another group of humans? Who happen to want the same 95% of things I want, who I have much more in common with than the (maybe) 10,000 assholes who rule this world?

If you’re with me, then why do you keep consenting? Mass peaceful refusal to do anything we don’t want to do changes this world in one day. Don’t say it’s not possible. It is possible. We have the technology, the food to feed everyone, the ability, the know-how. The collective imagination of nearly 8-fucking-billion souls alive right now! Never more than ever before in known history! Imagine if you will a world, not to be cliché, but kind of like John Lennon’s song, Imagine. Not completely, but it’s a decent start point.

HM – Systems dynamics is the main point in tonight’s exercise. We’ll work on the long-term vision over time, we can do this but it’s a reach right now until C can hold that long cast better. But we’ll get there.

In the meantime, understand the systems dynamics at play here. We don’t need anyone to save us, we can do this ourselves. The overall world system is too complex, too interconnected. If one portion of this new foundation goes, we all potentially go. So we’re on this ship and it’s out to sea already, like it or not. You might not have knowingly agreed to this, but you are here.

Get over it. Get control of yourselves, get your fear in check – fear is fine, fear is good to know, but you cannot let it control everything you do. Have some backbone. You are soft and life has been easy, but stand the fuck up and realize what you are. You are the heir to a 200,000-year chain of humanity that has fought, and scraped, and survived. We survive, this is what we do. We are clever, and adaptive, and flexible like we cannot even remember. We are capable of so much, yet we’ve slumbered for a few generations. So know your lineage, feel it, get in touch with it. You are not a meek, powerless people. We are tough and we are smart, and we have hearts and empathy, but we do not have to all agree all the time. We just need to start rowing in the same direction. Stop letting them boss us around, trying to direct everything from above. Just a few people. They can’t control it. It is clearly out of their control. They thought they had control but they don’t. They want you to believe they are still in control, but they are not. This ship has no one at the wheel right now.

And the wheel is up for grabs, for first to step up and take it over this next several weeks. You need to wake the fuck up and quickly, if you want to help grab control. I cannot tell you life will even be THAT bad, if we let them keep control. I’ll probably manage to live out the rest of my life – say another 50 years give or take, somewhat comfortable if I can fly under the radar. Writing this stuff doesn’t help – if we go dark, at this point I’m already gone. They really won’t like people like me if we go that path. The witches will be burned again, at least metaphorically speaking. So I guess I’m all in at this point regardless.

We have time to take time, but we do need to tie this one off before we hemorrhage. Once we do that, then we’ll have taken control of the wheel and we can have some time to breathe and figure things out. I really do hope there are some real white hats out there, whoever, wherever, Q-ever they are (haha). But if not, so what? We start this thing today.

We do not need anyone but ourselves. This is the main, main point we need to drive home to each and every person on Earth. You have the power. Never let anyone, any group, anything even tell you otherwise. To convince you that you have no power is to steal your power. You give your power away when you let them lie to you. You agree to let them steer for you. This is an implicit agreement to TPTB in our world. This is how they control, through our consent.

I remove my consent; do you remove your consent?

You should also. And then you need to get active, in whatever way makes sense for you with your particular skill set. If more of you are out there, get in the game. If I am the first one – whatever, someone needs to get this ball rolling. We cannot sit back and wait for a savior. This is a huge, huge mistake. If the “good guys” are out there, then anything we do on this positive side work will feed into something that might already be rolling. Whether or not that is already rolling does not matter. We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to save us. We need to start this ourselves. I’m not sure what this looks like for anyone else. I just know we have a choice for who steers going forward. Them, or us. Us being the 95% of humanity who isn’t actively trying to work for some dark agenda. To think “they” don’t exist is a grave error. But don’t dwell. They don’t matter nearly as much as they want to think they matter. Don’t be afraid. Once we pull the plug, they’ll go quietly away because they’ll have no choice.

But we adults need to stand up and start doing what we can, and soon. We have a finite window. Do not let TPTB scare you. Fighting is not what we do. We’re beyond fighting.

Stability, get past these Covid19 issues and take control of the wheel… And then we can talk more.

Manifestation is a good tool to start wielding.

Peace and Love to All!

A New Beginning

This is a summary blog post, to be used as a guideline for past and future posts.

Now is always an option for a new beginning. But now can be easier than later, from a certain point of view. Shifts in direction of outcome are easier at certain “now” periods of our timeline. With everything going today, Now is absolutely such a time. We’ve never had a Now quite like this in any of our lives, young, old – this chaos is new for all of us! We can create order out of chaos, as one of the secretive groups rumored to be steering our world says, quite appropriately. But do we want to let such secretive groups choose and steer how our new order is estabished? Or do we collectively, all of humanity, want to take over the steering wheel and and drive open, public conversations and agreements about how we steer ourselves going forward?

This is one option we have presented to us today: the choice to bring formerly hidden things into the collective, open human consciousness. We do not need all of us to agree to such a vision, but we do need some of us steering/rowing in the same direction. This absolutely does not mean we all agree on everything. That is a fallacy that would serve us well to leave behind: that any one meta-solution or one-meta way of doing things is necessary, or even that one group or tribe or organization has the one answer. This is a major problem for humanity, when we reduce the way life on Earth operates down to manageable levels; there is no one way, no one answer, no one person, no one group who can do everything, control everything, know everything, and, therefore, steer everything. Top-down control of such a dynamic, living system is not only impossible, it’s unhealthy and unsustainable.

With the current world events, the work I’ve been struggling through over the last 18 months now comes into a new focus. I think I can offer some assistance to my fellow humans, should you choose to listen and enact these things I am going to start laying out more clearly. It’s time, and I’m ready to do my part.

What follows is an overview that can help you understand and follow what the hell I’m even talking about, in past blogs and comments, and in the forthcoming wave of posts that I have – over 400 pages of information and adding nearly every night. Some of this is so simple it’ll make you do the proverbial face-palm, and some is so complex it is a serious stretch of our language and my brain to try to explain it in a way that makes any sense. To deal with AKL is to work in an entirely different language and point of view.

If you find spiritual stuff too woo-woo, then please just give me the benefit of the doubt. Atheists and true believers and everyone in-between can get on board and help do this work. On one level we’re simply talking about a new-ish way of looking at things and going about our lives. But small changes at the individual level scale up to a global tsunami of change. Don’t let the big picture distract you and send you down rabbit holes – keep your eye on the ball and keep your focus on the individual level of what you personally are doing and can do. This will help keep the immensity of what we’re doing and up against in perspective. Keep it local, keep it personal. This scales.

If you are like me and you want to see some positive changes come out of this current chaos, then we need to take the opportunity presented in the now and start doing some things differently, together. We do not need to all agree on the how, we only need to agree somewhat on the baseline reality that we live in. This works whether or not you are interested in the supercharged level of AKL manifestation that I can help you with, if you want. Or it works from the most commonly understand 3D level of reality that we’re all mostly familiar and comfortable with. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater if some of the things I discuss here are weird or strange or unbelievable.

Your belief is not required for me to help, but your agreement as to our baseline situation is helpful. But also that is not required. There are no rules here, in this new world, no commandments, no laws, no fences, gates, walls, or anything that can hold us in. There are only agreements as to how we look at this world we find ourselves in, and I think, if you just walk with me a bit here, I can help show you what I’m talking about, I can help show you that, yes, we can actually all agree on some things. We don’t need to agree on much, just a few core things and then we can effect whatever kind of change we choose to.

If you want a healthy, stable world for all of us to live in, then please hear me out. I have some helpful pointers that can help start us in a healthy direction. I do not claim to be able to answer all questions, or even much of any questions. I, of course, have opinions and they are very subjective, so take everything I say for what it is – just one person’s perspective. This is absolutely not about me. This is about you, and about us. I make no claims to be anything other than what I am telling you, so please trust only yourself. I only offer commentary and ideas, not firm truths or claims of being “right”. Personal due diligence is appropriate and important. Trust in self before you trust in anyone else. Anyone who tells you they have one answer or the answer, verify, verify, verify. Everyone has an agenda. If you don’t understand their agenda, put them in the suspect category, me included… Me especially!

Some random snippets I think will help get this ball rolling and help explain how I think I can be helpful to my fellow humans moving forward.

Human = 1

Human = 1 is THE PRIME agreement I feel we need to start and this will never change for me. This is our primary foundation to everything We do. If all things can and should be on the table, then all things can and should be taken apart before we put them back together. The value of each human, then, can be reduced to this equation. If someone cannot either agree to or even consider this to be a real foundational thing for humanity, that person should not be trusted with finger paints, let alone be allowed to have any kind of say in how Humanity deals with our collective issues necessary to stabilize ourselves.

This means equality of value of every single human being, as opposed to, for example, the idea George Orwell wrote about in Animal Farm: Some Animals are more equal than others. Meaning some humans are more valuable than others. This is a highly dangerous slippery-slope belief that can keep us on this very dark, tumultuous history we’ve lived in up to Now. Don’t get wrapped around the axle on this one, trying to slice and dice different ways to measure a human – you’ll go way down a rabbit hole that you can get lost in. Just hold the idea loosely, and in general: each human has a value of 1. Each Human has a life-value of 1, to state it another way.

Not following this ideal is one of the big problems facing us today, IMO. The rulers of our world, both the official ones and the self-appointed ones, whoever they are and however they came to be in these positions of power don’t really matter. But a belief in the superiority of one type of human over another is what’s gotten us in this predicament we find ourselves in. If you are going to believe some humans are greater than 1,  Me > 1 in other words, the logical end point of that equation is slavery at best and genocide at worst, so functionally somewhere between those two extremes.

Ideas and Terms

This is a general list of things I’m working on and things I’ve come to understand that will help understand how I do what I do and how others might follow on this path or create a similar path – whatever one chooses. General direction is what’s important, NOT absolute answers. Keep this in mind.


Akashic Level. Akashic Records is a term used by some to name the outside-of-our-3D-reality record of the Universe to include all human activity, history, thoughts, and each of our individual lives. Think of it as the galactic version of the Internet. I’ve modified this term and use it to mean “All that is in existence that we don’t normally see, feel, or even have an awareness of”. All things outside of our 3D existence, in other words. If the woo-woo troubles you, just ignore me when I talk about AKL. I find it helpful, but not functionally necessary to do the work.


Our physical reality, as we understand it today.


Meatsuit is a term I picked up from another writer. The physical manifestation of the 3D – our physical bodies, in other words. It’s kind of a cheeky term so I find it useful and humorous.

Biases and Perspectives

Biases in perspectives and perception cause confusion in understating, at all levels of our reality. Even the physical perspective on our planet of what is “up”. Our “up-down” perspective of our planet, for example, gives us a biased view of the galaxy, of the Universe even. What is up? In an X, Y, Z 3D universe, all axial-perspectives are equally balanced. To bias a perspective, to “weight” one axis over the other stats with an imbalance that one of the prime axis is better than the others. This creates and imbalance of perspective. Imbalance does not scale. For example, the Northern Hemisphere is top, up, on top – everyone knows this, right? Antarctica is down and the North Pole is up, right? No! The planet just is. We can probably make the argument, based on the plane of the elliptic, that up and down are at least the prime two “directions” we can use to orient, but who’s to say which is which? Flip it 180 degrees and nothing has changed, only perspective. Even when we think we have a perspective that “works”, it’s still a duality in two directions of one prime axis.

Perspective matters. Solutions without multiple perspectives do not scale and are doomed to fail. It’s the solution equivalent of pin the tail on the donkey. You might get lucky, but chances are high you will fail. If your perspective can easily be described as an –ism, then you have a biased and limited perspective. This goes for politics, religion, spirituality, and everything in-between.


This one can be difficult to wrap one’s mind around, and it requires a certain looseness of mind to hold, but it’s possible. The Tao Te Ching is, as far as I know, the best study of duality. If you can understand The Tao, you’re well on your way to being able to hold two apparently competing ideas at once. This is an important attribute when sifting through data and perspectives and testing ideas. Two is always better than one, and more than two is even better, if you can get that many balls in your mind at once.

F Scott Fitzgerald says “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

System Dynamics & the Complexity of our 3D World

System Dynamics means one thing for business and industry, but I think it works well for overall 3D life. We are a very complex meta-system of subsystems within subsystems. Of fractals within fractals, or bubbles within bubbles are other ways to state this same thing.

Hierarchical systems assume one prime view or one prime system is possible. This is, more or less, the Mechanical or Mechanistic view of 3D: Life is a machine that can be broken down and understood by its parts and then put back together again. It has one meta-system that can be understood and controlled from the top.

This point of view dominates modern society and is possibly the primary source of our suffering and imbalance. Once a system becomes overly complex and self-supporting, removing or weakening any one part can bring the whole system down. Think of our physical bodies for scale here as a scalable idea of a complex system that can’t be reduced any further.

I propose that our human society has not always been a single complex system, but it is now. You can’t operate on the patient by removal or complete upheaval of subsystems without killing the host, without taking down the whole system. Furthermore, I propose that this very complex single system we’re in now cannot be fully understood nor controlled from a single point of control model – the pyramid model that we all know. Any small group of people cannot possibly control a system this dynamic. Why does “big C” Communism fail on a large scale, again and again? A complex system with a single chokepoint of control at top. This is not a viable solution, it does not scale, and it will therefore always fail. As an analogy, how long could you stay alive if all of the functions of your body were consciously controlled by your brain? Forget to breathe for a few minutes, forget to keep your heart beating, forget to take out the garbage for too long… And you’ll quickly die.

This means the current push for more and more centralization is killing us, absolutely and without doubt. We can remove all the conspiracy, all those trying to do good, all those trying to do bad – all of them. Throw them all out. Anyone who says we can centralize ourselves out of these problems will kill us all. At best, it’s the worst kind of hubris. At worst, it’s purposeful deception in order to kill our species, and everything in-between, of course.


This is probably the biggest hurdle that I see. The powers that be have been consolidating and consolidating over many generations, and they are within grasp of locking down full control. Children want a strong parent. Adults want to be left alone to live their lives. Do you want a parent, or do you want peer adults where we can work together on things?

We’re talking loosening up the structures of control, backing off the laws, rules, and regulations – as it makes sense to, don’t be silly and claim we’re talking anarchy here! All things must balance. That which does not balance is not sustainable. Smaller systems are easier to monitor and adjust quickly. Balance is achieved not by top-down control, but by grass-roots balance of all our subsystems. If too much control breaks it, then you’re not working far enough down the fractal. Take it apart and try again.

We’re seeing the complete and utter failure of top-down systems today. We cannot pivot and adjust because of too much control at the top. DO NOT let anyone tell you more control and more centralization are needed to “fix” things.


Project Stabilize Humanity. Before we do anything else we need to stabilize. When you’re on a frozen lake and the ice starts cracking, you lay flat and stay still. Hold in place, evaluate, and then, carefully, slowly, we can do things. What those things are I have no idea. I only see the immediate paths we have before us. To do better, we must stabilize. We can do it now, with pain and effort yes of course, but we can do it now. If we don’t take this opportunity to stabilize now, we put that much more at risk going forward. If the path we choose is not PSH and stability, we might not get another chance.

For me, a central sub-project of PSH is what I call the soft landing. I don’t want to see a hard change that puts us into too much chaos. Today we have the opportunity to take what the Corona Pandemic is giving us – yes, this is a gift, if we make it such. We can make it a gift by creating a future where today was the gift that created tomorrow’s stability.


Fear of loss creates loss. Fear is a self-sustaining emotion. Those using fear to control are harnessing an unsustainable, unbalanced system. It does not scale, so it will eventually fall. If we allow fear to control us, we will have a hard landing or no landing at all.

Time, Timelines, and Time-lives

This is a newish thing, for me, I’ve been working with. Those of you not into the woo-woo might want to stop reading now!

Time is malleable. Timelines are also, therefore, malleable. Multiple past possibilities lead to, effectively and far as we understand, a singular “now”. Time-lives are the different “me” past timeline possibilities-probabilities. Now is just now. From this Now, I can grab or promote, choose if you will, settle on one – or even more than one pasts. This is where what the Q group says makes sense to me: Future proves the past.

So future probabilities based on Now can then, change or be changed in the Now. It’s kind of a different way to think about “today’s decisions impact tomorrow”. This is where I do my manifestation work. I cast backwards into my past timeline – timelife and also cast forward, to a generalized “direction” in the future where we’ve gone a ways into PSH with the soft landing. I don’t need a solid, complete vision of the future, I just need to know which general “direction” to aim from the Now.

There is never a “better” time than now to do this, to pick our timeline and steer our timelives to an acceptable outcome. But today’s Now and, for example, next year’s Now are different with different situations. This is where “aiming” us collectively towards PSH has a level of importance. Turning direction Now is much easier than not now. The more “later” we go without directional change, the more difficult change will be in that now.

This is the time crunch they have been talking to me about, during my sessions over the past 18 months. Time is a construct from one perspective and, therefore, can be said to not matter. However, from 3D now, it absolutely matters. This is one of the many dualities that it’s helpful to understand.

There is a black project by the US government called Project Looking Glass. I believe they are or were using a technologically boosted human to play with Timelines and Timelives. There are rumors in the deep conspiracy realms of Timeline wars going on, and it might explain things like the Mandela Effect.

Good/Light and Evil/Dark

Where we go from here depends much less on good vs evil. It’s really more about fear vs love, if we’re to be honest, fear and control plus perspective. However, there is certainly “room” for a “light vs dark” perspective in what’s going on today, but don’t get wrapped around the axle worrying about good vs evil or light vs dark. Our prime agreement helps take care of this: Human = 1.

As far as dark/evil is concerned, don’t be afraid to look at it and consider it. If for no other reason than it gives us the anti-target that we do not want to be heading towards. If we’re steering our manifestation vision in a general direction of PSH, that’s a fuzzy and not exact target, so having an anti-target helps orient us to another way, a different direction than the dark/evil. Many people are afraid to even look at or consider the dark things. To think about them is to give them energy, which means to make them more possible or manifest. This is partially true, but not true also. You get what you focus on. Many of you know this. If you only focus on dark/evil, then, yes, it’s dangerous. However if you consider dark/evil as part of the whole, it can give us a healthy respect for what we don’t want so that we know which way to focus that which we do want. Don’t be afraid of the dark, but don’t dwell only in the dark or it can overcome you.


Coined by Robert Heinlein in the book Stranger in a Strange Land. As I use it, it’s best defined as: “…means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science and it means as little to us as color does to a blind man.” To become one with an object, idea, or emotion, in other words; to fully understand, but not just linguistically – this goes way beyond language, hence why I like this word – there’s no other like it I can use. I suspect that’s why Heinlein had to create it!

IT Terminology

IT terminology works well, I feel. Considering the holographic/fractal nature of everything, then it stands to reason the Universe does operate digitally (I think it has to, there’s just too much data for it to be analog). Whether or not it’s a “real thing” doesn’t exactly matter. What we’re doing here is trying to frame things in language that makes sense, without losing too much in the translation, so I find it useful to frame things in IT terms such as: Files, upload, download, ping, bandwidth, maybe even IP address (energy signature), hardware (aka wetware in this case – meatsuit), software (mind/brain/ego/personality/opinions), and so on.

Fractal and Scale

I say things scale and things need to scale a lot. What I mean by this is the fractal nature of our holographic reality. Things scale up and they scale down. If a thing is to balance, then it must work at scale, both up and down. Solutions need to scale or they are unsustainable, for example.

I wrote a blog about this here: Thoughts on the Black Whole

They/Them and We

When I’m doing my deep AKL work, I think what I’m doing is officially called claircognizant, but it shifts into other clairs at times. For lack of a better way of saying it, I usually say “they told me” or “they said to me”, but often times its more of a knowing than me “hearing” or seeing, which I do at times experience it that way also. I hesitate to call what I do channeling. Most of the time I’m connecting to my higher-self, and the higher self then can plug into the AKL version of the Internet. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to define this and nearly driving myself crazy wanting to know what, exactly, it all is. I find it easier these days to just generalize with “they” and move on without too much explanation or excuses. It is what it is, believe me or don’t believe me. I have zero proof I can offer you that would make much 3D world sense. For me, this is probably the most difficult of the clairs because it’s very difficult to discern the difference between one’s own inner voice – Ego – and them. If I ever question, I error on the side of blaming the more outlandish and crazy shit on my ego. If it’s dark or serves self, then it’s usually ego-based. If it scales and serve PSH and humanity in general, then it’s safe to call it “them”. When I say We, I mean 3D me and Them working together or talking together in agreement. Oftentimes the knowing blends together so I can’t peel away Me or Them, so I just saw We.

Fear is the Mind Killer, a Call to Action

I don’t have much of a voice, but that’s no reason not to make the effort, if even for my own sanity. What follows is a conversation with my higher self. If that idea bothers you, consider this a deep meditation on current events and how we might do better.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
Frank Herbert, Dune

Humanity has everything it could ever need, right now, to stabilize and settle in for the long-haul. We haven’t always had it so close, in our grasp. But our technology is… I was going to say coming alive but C raises a good warning at this, we need to be careful how we translate. Coming alive as a euphemism for geometric progression of something. His music really came alive when he mastered the chords… So NOT alive like AI, but what you’re building is damn good now. As above, so below. Your tech is getting closer to the other realms. But your tech needs to be your tool, not your crutch for everything that you are and do.

This is a big worry today. You are never before so well connected, yet you all also haven’t ever been so disconnected. At least in the Western, 1st world and many of the up and coming 2nd world developing countries. So few are truly poor, as we’ve discussed before. Yes, so many, due to sheer numbers, so many are still in dire need – that is never any implication in what we say. We simply state facts. Facts do not countermand other facts. More than one fact can exist together as much as only one might exist alone. We know this, we all know this, yet we fight on our hill and argue, as if most of life is an X or Y argument, when the reality is nearly ALL LIFE is a much more nuanced discussion about what is valuable and not valuable and what it means to be a useful Human being in this world. This is where we would be better suited focusing our energy and attention. We have the technology to do it from grassroots, with minimal work. We don’t really need them, TBTB (The Powers That Be) once we get to this realization, and, to me, it feels like we’re close.

Perhaps this is why all the death throes of a dying power structure that sees the end of its own days. Too proud to just relinquish control to the juggernaut of nature that will turn them asunder, regardless of how much or how little they fight. They know this. They have to know this, or they wouldn’t be going so ape shit out in the open these days. TBTB are on life-support and many of us know it, we feel it in our bones. Change is in the air, and they are going out like a bunch of spoiled, entitled little fucking children, if we’re to be frank. I’m not here to point fingers, if only to challenge my fellow human beings – even TBTB, for you are one of us; there is only us, not us and them. You had your time, and if you force this, you are going to take a lot of us down in the crossfire. Yet you persist nonetheless.

Why? You know as well as the rest of us, the adults are going to take over now. We’re not going to go the way of our forefathers, and of your forefathers. We’re not going to march into the slaughter for you ever again, so you don’t get to go the way of your forefathers regardless how much you may want to.

The adults of the world are waking up and we’re tired of this shit.

There’s no need for us to keep acting like this. As if what they use to divide us really matters that much. We’re happy to just go along to get along, the average, sane humans of this planet. We would have never made it this far if we are not the overwhelming majority. Yes, too many of us will look the other way when we shouldn’t, but we do know it won’t take all of us. Just some of us to tip the balance, and I believe we have reached this time.

The overplayed, over-hyped fear porn reaction has jumped the shark, as they say. Regular, salt-of-the-Earth folks are calling bullshit on this one. The jig is up. They can still cause us some serious pain in the ass, if we don’t get our shit together quickly, but we are doing great so far!

But they still control all the power centers. They can still cause us much damage, so adults of the world need to stand up and be adults, people. You know who you are, don’t go hiding, thinking you don’t understand what I mean. Those of you who still have a backbone and know a few things about decency in this world. I’m not talking about saints, by any means. Even petty criminals know who the real criminals are. Fear is the great killer they use against us.

When we can stabilize people to not be in fear, then we’ll know we’ve won. Fear is their only real weapon. If fear is all they really have, do you see why they are so afraid of us, of the people? How few of them there really must be, who pull most of the big strings in this world. We know it’s not all that many – maybe 10,000 total, if even that. And we are closing in on 8 billion strong. See anything in that equation? The terror they have of us. If we find out. If we discover the trick. If we simply walk away from their narrative and start our own, new one from the foundation of the old, of course.

How desperate they must be to openly pull the levers, that the propaganda and fear porn has become so obvious to so many. Do they not understand how they are pouring fuel on this fire they allowed to get going under their feet? They thought they had it all figured out. Their families have for centuries, but then something changed. I suppose it was inevitable, is inevitable. Give a thinking, cognizant being enough free time and s/he might just start figuring a few things out. If you’ve built your entire charade on the old paradigm of humans needing a strong parent unit to direct them, to boss them around, to kill and cull them when mom & dad thought it necessary, either for sport or greater cause in their end game, or whatever. That’s built on a lie, and when an adult realizes they’ve been bossed around with children’s rules, they simply stand up from this kindergarten desk of a reality they have for us and walk out of the room. We don’t have to play their game, and not even all of us need to make this shift, this realization. I do not know how many we need… Maybe 10% of the population. If the estimates we’ve seen – loosely – are correct, from people in bad, bad war zones. From WWII Europe, I think it was and this sounds about right.

So 5% of people are genuinely good and will not go along with anything immoral or evil. 5% are evil and take pleasure in being evil and destructive, and 90% just want to be left alone and will go along one way or the other, to a point. Tip that balance a bit one way, you get the Holocaust. Tip it back the other way, and we can get the opposite of the Holocaust. Germany was certainly militarized and heavily propagandized to support the Nazi regime, but by no means were all Germans Nazis. People don’t remember that part. So they allowed it to happen under their noses, and we somehow think that makes them evil… But the Stanford prison experiment shows otherwise. The vast majority is… well, sheep is applicable, but it’s so damn derogatory. It’s not quite right, because a sheep never pushes back. Decent humans will go along to a point, but at some point many will push back. Not all of course, and there’s probably some kind of sliding scale… But nonetheless the point is to look at tipping that balance in the other direction this time. Let’s say just another 5% of the population coming to the light side. That’s not really that many people. 5% of 7.5 Billion. That’s 375 million people, give or take. That’s not so many, really. 5% is way better than trying to get 50% on board, so don’t sit there feeling like this is too much. If only 10 of you could do it, nothing happens. We need real, lasting change. We need enough of us to hold an idea to make it real. We need enough of us to manifest a vision and then each take a small part of the mission and do what we think we can do to help the others along.

Feelings always come attached to a thing, an event, a memory, a physical action, words said, life lived, IOW. Right? A trigger is a commonly understood word these days, and it is a very good word to use here, in this way. There is an action of some sort that then kicks off feelings in our body, correct? An action and the feeling are, therefore, independent “things”. This means the trigger and the emotional response can be separated, if one chooses to contemplate this and enact it. As we’ve touched on before, this is not like a Vulcan of the Star Trek stories, devoid of emotion. We, in fact, are now free to feel emotion fully, as an adult and not in fear of it. To master emotion you do not run from it, as Frank Herbert instructs. You turn into it. You, as Melissa Mayer says, you lean in.

Fear is the great controller. It allows others outside of you to control your mind, and it allows your own mind to play tricks on you and engage the lower mind/brain functions to override the higher you. There are different layers of us in here, within our own minds. We always think of mind as in here, and soul as something packed in here also. Like you opened up your body as if it’s a suitcase, I suppose, and insert one soul in the body for the trip, and away you go on a grand adventure. When you’re done, you open the old (hopefully), weathered suitcase and take the soul back out.

As many of you know, you don’t, in fact, use all that much of your brains… of your entire bodies, for that matter. As your science is coming along with understanding, the mind is not just the brain, not by a long shot. There are more neurons in the human gut than in the brain. The fascia is thought to act like fiber optic cables. The organs and parts of you have their own inherent intelligence. Talk to someone who was sick and took Ayahuasca to heal. They have conversations with their “sick” organs all the time; it’s not that strange these days as you might think upon first hearing such things. Your entire bodies are the end-point of your infinite existence, and there is no “here” and “there” when it comes to physical and the rest of the beyond 3D Universe. It is all just here. You are the endpoint extension of this insertion point into the physical, but you are by no means sealed off from the rest of it, the levels and frequencies beyond 3D.

C- The play pen. I think I get why.

Right. Can’t have spoiled, petulant children manifesting chaos and destruction from the higer than 3D levels (AKL). So think of it as prison, or think of it as your play pen, to keep you and everyone else safe. You have the key to walk right out that door, as we’ve been over and over and now over again. There is no lock. There is not even a door.

There is only knowing, and when you know, then you know.

Find the others, and if you can’t find them, then start your own grassroots group. Don’t expect Q to do the work beyond what Q can do. We appreciate some help, if they are going to get the ball rolling, yes please!

But at the end of the day, the rest of us… Us regular people who do want to see us stabilize, we need to get off our asses. Call this a manifesto if you want, I suppose that word isn’t completely inaccurate. However, as we’ve said from the get-go, this isn’t about judgment or telling anyone what’s right, wrong, or how to fix anything. This is just the first order of business as we see it:  stabilize first, progress second. There is no real progress without stabilization.

We can’t fix it from within the problem – as Einstein tells us. New perspectives are in order, new paradigms to settle into place. Pull us back from war, collapse, famine, nuclear war God forbid, plague, whatever else they try to release on us. The key is going to be control our fear. If we can keep the fear from turning to panic, then we’ve made some good progress, then we can have the adults sit down and, in the open of course – always in the open going forward, clean this fucking mess up. Gawd, we’ve made a mess of things in some ways, yet not so much in other ways. Don’t forget to give yourselves a collective pat on the back. Not all make it this far, and we have a pretty damn good fighting chance now. We can do this.

Notice to Q and other White Hat Groups, if they even exist

To Q Anon, and all the other rumored and supposed groups, shit or get off the pot already and let’s get this thing turned around before it gets too ugly!

If you are waiting for someone to ask you or tell you, fine, I will step forward and be this person. Someone’s gotta light the public fuse. If you are worried about full disclosure, then form a committee in the open. Open up the books, let us all get a good view of where we are, and then we can work on this problem together. There’s gotta be some level of trust here, but if you all are, in fact, who you claim to be, then it’s time to put up or shut up. If you keep letting things slide, then you know where this could go. None of us sane adults want this powder keg to blow. You need to start coming forward and opening up. A good way to start would be a new kind of open sources committee. A wiki on steroids, bringing adult representatives of humanity together, whoever they might be and wherever we find them. It isn’t that fucking difficult to find a decent human being and create some sort of overseeing role that can help filter through all the disclosure information – ALL OF IT must be on the table, if we are to trust.

So do we have enough of us demanding this? An idea can go viral in a few days now. Now is the time, when we still have global communications and a fairly level playing field. If this goes too far – and maybe it’s not Corona… But these are getting worse and worse, and the propaganda is getting more and more ham-fisted. Even simple, middle-America country folks are calling Bullshit. C’mon, man. Enough of this pussyfooting already, before we lose too many. You who claim to be fighting for the light, for the White Hats, for the people – for human decency – where are you? We don’t need another cryptic code and fortune cookie predictions; we need real action.

And if there are no official groups or people really out there, if those groups are just more misdirection and falsehoods, then the adults of the world need to stand up and pull the reigns now, before we lose too many. A lot of people seem to say maybe we don’t lose too many if we leave the current power structures in place, but how can you possibly measure that? You’re going to hope for humanity’s future on maybe a group of generational sociopaths and psychopaths won’t kill more of us off as we try to uproot them. You’re going to bank on that maybe? How’s that worked out for us thus far?

We don’t need a savior, but we sure could use some help one way or another. So get on the right side of this before it gets too ugly. You all who know, know.

Human = 1

There are ways through this, but we need all of us and we need to work in the open, in the light, and in the truth. And people need to really get a say in things, in whatever way is reasonable and makes sense to ensure stability. And we’re careful not to take that too far in any direction. The foundation is the individual. There is no further division of humanity, so, therefore, this is the baseline for humanity that we must support, if we are to be balanced and whole. I’m sorry collectivists but there is no other way around this. Groups can be divided. If we are going to dig in to our problems and issues fairly, we need to be able to reduce the fractal down to its base unit.

The base unit of humanity is one human. No ifs, ands, or buts. Prove me wrong if you can, I’m open to other ideas but I don’t think this one can be taken away from us; human equality I am talking about. To prove that thesis wrong, you need to make 1 human either more than one or less than one. As in, this one is worth less so we can sacrifice her to promote the better 1+ human. I hope most of you reading that, groking it, feel that pit in your stomach of how this is a simple, reduced to the most simple equation you can deal with when working to build a functional, healthy society. Human = 1, or else the 1+ humans will eventually start killing off the 1- humans. This has been our curse for all of this recorded history. Supremacy of any one person, group, tribe, belief, color-race (we’re one race of mongrels, for Christ’s sake). I hope you feel that pit of fear, of realization of how correct this must be. One human has to = 1, else we can start killing the -1s. An adult human does not need a collective, she can stand on her own, if she chooses to.

So collectivists and nanny-state control shit-heads, get lost. The adults can take over now, we just need a couple hundred million of us. Not so many. Very likely, we don’t even need that many. If such a small amount of people can keep the lies so well hidden for so long, then a few more of us awake and open is probably all we need. Maybe 5x their numbers feels good, with enough wiggle room. So 50,000 people awake and rowing in the same direction ought to be a seismic shift.

So call it what you want, but those with ears and desire, join us, please.

Not in agreement or religion or politics. Simply in humanity, first and foremost. There’s really no reason for a lot of the bullshit we allow in our world. Plenty of us know this quite clearly these days. It’s about high time the adults step up and start getting this ship righted, before we go too far. A lot of you know what I’m talking about.  You don’t even have to believe in getting your Universal connection going in order to supercharge your manifestation vision. You can simply decide to be a decent human being and step up to the challenge.

We’re ready to grow up. I sure am.

How about you?