Team Humanity

We were thinking perhaps now would be a good time to send word to others, before the shift that is either coming or it isn’t, but if it comes, and this is our intention, then being prepared makes good sense. This is not a lost effort, even if just for One to experience what it is to operate in a little more open ground, let’s say. But if/when, our manifestation vision is we save as many as we can. We do not see how this can work any other way. There are a few of you watching, and maybe a few is all One needs to get something rolling.

We in the truth-disclosure-ascension, even so-called patriots, of which is there is a lose gathering mostly on Twitter from what I’ve seen in a few short months. I’m sure there are plenty more lurking and not trying to make a name for themselves, or, if they are paranoid enough, still hiding. People like us used to get burned at the stake. Make no mistake, if this thing goes ugly sideways – not the Corona BS, this will work itself out just fine with a little pain and suffering and adjustment, but you all know this isn’t really a big thing. So we still probably need a Big Thing, in my estimation. This will be “the event”, more or less. I make no proclamations as to what that might look like. I suppose this might be the compression event, or something like that I’ve… heard around. This makes sense to us, plugged in now. Difficult to see too far in the future. We discern meta-probabilities, not personal things like next week’s lottery numbers.

We have those of us who are on board and ready, and there are those who are afraid and lost and scared, and they are dangerous to us all – themselves and the progress we can make when “it” happens. And this is where we need to be absolutely fucking clear with you people, my fellow “light” workers. It stands to reason that our lose group of bandit, outlaws, free-thinkers and early adopters is infiltrated. It is incredibly naive to assume we are all clear and clean in our light work. The worst that could be done in our future very well could come from our own kind. No one gets a pass here, me included. Collaborative, reinforcing visions are going to be important.

There are Ones who seem to be advocating for sweeping half of humanity off the chessboard; as if this is an acceptable way for us to ascend. We do not progress by sacrificing our fellow humans, no matter how far they are gone. It is our absolute responsibility to give as many as we possibly can time and latitude to adjust and get on board. If we do not find a new model and we revert to more standard human historic answers, things such as the holocaust come to mind.  Some of you out there are dancing around very, very dark solutions these days.

I too am so, so ready for whatever it is that is coming. I’m tired of waiting and I am, as far as I am able to know and see now, prepared for it when it comes. I know who I am and I know what I have to do. The rest of you, have you done this work yet? If you have not, then you are not ready for the event, IMO, of course – what do I know? If you are who you say you are, there is absolutely positively no other way forward that is not a regression. You know this. You know this in your heart if you go in and ask it of yourself. We have a chance, we have a very good chance, but the path of what you call light and the path of dark are not so far apart that we are free and clear of the other after choosing the path. This choice is a constant choice we must make, in every moment that we exist and every moment we remember the choice. This is Semper Vigilantes. Always vigilant. If One is to operation as MTO – More than One, One needs to learn some self-control.

A Word of Caution for Light Workers

You of the light, working for the light – at least as far as you know. You know exactly what I’m talking about, even if you have not yet considered the downstream implications. But better now than too late when you are looking down the barrel of a gun wondering what the right choice is. Know what your options are and make a choice now. If we do this right, then most of us can make it. If we do this wrong, then what is the difference between us and any other shithead psychopath of current or past human history? What exactly do Ones mean when they say “the others will be removed from the planet”? There are many ways from acceptable to completely bat-shit evil insane for what this could mean. So which is it?

We have considered this, and believe this is what we’ve been talking about recently. The decision point. When One learns to swim in the deep end, that first plunge is a leap of faith. You cannot see into the darkness – not evil dark, just dark where One cannot yet see, it is a leap of faith. Choice is only as good so long as One remembers it. So choice must be constantly re-established, when One cannot hold the wave function, the idea, the super position, One forgets until next time, and then One needs to reengage and recommit. It’s quite easy to remember all this now, plugged in. But you unplug, go back to your 3D life… and it can be very difficult to remember One’s established standards. No one said this was going to be easy, and I have no idea what’s to become of us. We make an effort, and maybe enough other Ones will make a similar effort and we can nudge this thing back onto a safer track, steer the ship into calmer waters. I don’t expect to be out of the woods in my lifetime, but we can stabilize, if we choose to.

It has come to my attention throughout these sessions that Light and Dark are more complex than this simple-minded binary thing that’s so easy to just choose the good one and fight the evil one. The Universe is a more complicated place than that. Let us not be naïve and childish.  Let’s just be clear what exactly it is we’re all doing here. The ball is rolling, so what is your Intention now? You, who work in the higher Ds, especially I am talking to you – what is your intention for Humanity? Because if you don’t have some idea of where this is going, then your intention is squandered… Or, worse, misused. If you want the connection, you need to assume the responsibility for your adult status. Your intention matters. It matters a lot. If you do not know this, please for the love of all that is holy, do some work on this topic and get yourself ready!

Maybe we get a slow burner that takes decades, maybe not. If you think we can do it fast, then you better damn well be able to prove and convince us with that model before you roll it out… Do you want to take the chance we go dark again? Do you know what the implications of that really are? Have you put some thought and work into this yet?

Whose side, exactly, is each One’s intention on? If you hesitate and are not immediately positively sure you are 100% with Team Humanity, then you might want to rethink who is steering who and what, exactly, is your intention. Dark can hide in the light, and light can masquerade as dark. How is One to know which is which, if you have not plumbed those depths yet? This isn’t a simple little binary choice. So if One has not fully cleared as One, as far as I know, then how do you know your ideas are your own?

Forward-thinking vs Regressive Thinking

I am not stupid and I am not careless. I am not advocating that we let the dark ones continue to run amok. We have allowed them to push us to this precipice. We protect ourselves accordingly, as humanity moves forward. But, for example the indictments Q talks of coming. Let’s say that comes to pass. Some of those people can and probably should, based on regressive thinking (meaning thinking only with the past history to bring you to this point) be executed for treason. This is regressive thinking. Forward thinking is what we need, not regressive. We choose to do better because we can, because ascension brings a love and respect for life. Especially towards those who would seem to deserve it the least. Every living thing in the Universe is part of the One.

We live today as the summation of our whole life until today. Each day we are the end result product of this thing called a life in progress. When a being in this frame of reference makes a choice or a decision, it can only do so by looking back in its own history. This is what we mean by regressive decision making. But One with MTO awareness, operating as more than 3D self, we can sort of feel out the different time-lives of certain decision and ride them further out to see the implications of certain paths. This is why we are bringing this warning now. We’re getting pretty good at reading the probability tealeaves, from a meta-space and ascension flavor, and we are very troubled by some of the chatter these days.

I propose that we first need to slow-walk this carefully, and the implications of that terrify me more even than just giving in and saying fuck it, let half of ‘em go now and the rest of us can get on with our ascension. But I wouldn’t be able to move on, with that kind of abuse of sovereignty of other Ones. We have no right to take the choice or make the choice for any One. So yes, I suppose this means a lot of more complicated little problems are going to have to be un-fucked. And before we can un-fuck a lot of what is going to kill us, if we don’t un-fuck it soon… We can’t do the work until we have an honest accounting of how fucked up things really are in this world.

If we pull the rug out now, what kind of pathfinders are we? What kind of light workers are we, who seem to be here to help show the way, to help ease with the forthcoming transition? And if you are not here to help, what the fuck are you doing with your connection? I propose if even for nothing than covering our own ascending asses and you only do it for your own selfish self-preservation, I suggest you do some work into this topic and lock-in your intention for Team Humanity.

So pick your poison – invoke your intention to help others, or you might as well just kick it off now and fire a few nukes. Get the gas chambers in Europe dusted off and ready. Get the guillotines sharpened. This is not hyperbole.  These are options. The oldest story. Hiding and not taking a position in this is not helpful and could even be misused, so I feel strongly these are a kind of hard requirements. Not commandments, but call them an oath of service, if you will.

Join the Team

Get on Team Humanity. We are part of our environment, the biome is us and we are, of course, part of Earth. When we save ourselves, we save Earth, for one is interconnected with the other, in the real-real world. Not this make believe world that succeeds on only lies and deceit. We are only sure of a few things, but we feel this gives us a good foundation to begin, should others want to join Team Humanity:

Human = 1 and all One’s are permitted to make their own choice.

Awake Ones cannot, must not use force or cohesion of any kind, regardless of intent. This is a leap of faith, and this is terrifying. Trusting other Ones, other Humans, to make the right choice and not send us all into the abyss. But better the abyss for the right reasons than anything else for the wrong reasons, IMO. Do what you can to save as many as you can, and I know this is a sticky, sticky problem that is going to be a big thorn in all of our sides going forward – if we happen to get somewhere one of these days.

What any event might be doesn’t matter. We ensure we stay on the correct path, whatever that ends up being, by preparing ourselves now. Know what your intention is. If you get that which you’ve been working towards, please do be ready to take that swing when the Universe gives us the choice. We will need to leap without looking, at one point collectively. Again, I cannot know if that will be conscious or sort of slid into comfortably without thinking too much. Either way could happen, I suppose.

…I just trust that I am a Universal Sovereign being and I have called upon the Universe to allow me space for my vision to exist in a 3D reality. We make our call to the Universe, and then we kick back and float and do what we can. This doesn’t infer no heavy lifting. On the contrary, making a call to the Universe is the easy part and then work is necessary if One wants to be the engineer of their own reality. If one wants to be One’s own Chief Manifestation Engineer.

To be sure we’re clear: by Team Humanity I mean we are here to try to save as many as we can. I’m not sure what that means, what that functionally looks like. We need to be wary of any One who claims to have it all figured out. But I absolutely know what the opposite, even just one tiny little step in that direction looks like. Adult control means holding dangerous lines, we know this. But it’s not so bad. The teen learns to drive and becomes an adult adept on the highway.

All Ones have value, but sometimes that value is nothing more than a reminder of who I am not. We are not stupid and we are not advocating for letting the dark ones run amok. We are all for defunding, defanging, and neutering those that would annihilate us for their own greed, stupidity, or something worse – allegiance to the other side. Of course there is another side, there is always “another team” right? Or is there? New story, new rules, perhaps. Things to think about. But we do need to do this with love and respect for life, as best we can make our way in this messy, exciting, beautiful life on Earth, with Earth.

Please be careful as we move forward.

Peace & Love to all!