Life Files & The Light

For background on where this post originates, please refer to the interview last night with Dr Marlee and Trizz. A phenomenally-worded comment came in and started us down this thread.

We talk a lot about As above, so below by using IT terminology and concepts. The veil is so thin these days because we so closely mirror, in many ways, the “above”, as many know it. Our technology are baby versions of how the larger Universe functions, in higher dimensions. This is an on-going theme and is an excellent way to delve into the Ds and understand them better, by looking to our current technology as the guideposts. Don’t assume exact correlation, but it works as an analogy and very close metaphor.

This idea of other lives as a file, packets of information. This is an idea worth diving into. So when One connects to a “previous” file, how does One experience this? Think of what you call Virtual Reality. What if, when a live terminal “reads” a previous life file, this One currently incarnate and alive experiences this file as a VR event, so it feels like you are in it. You smell the smells, feel the emotions, feel the pain – everything. We make no claims that any of this is truth; we only are interested in expanding the threshold of the debate and stretching, if not smashing all together, each One’s Overton Window view of this reality. This term is used for politics, but it works as a concept of what is and is not an acceptable framed-view of our collective reality.

Hello World, meet ML

We are working an old-new voice into the mix. ML has been talking to me for quite a while – he’s the one who swears a lot, this is usually how I know it’s him. He’s also full of piss and vinegar, a salty old soul who holds some deep frustrations with Humanity. He has a lot of reasons to be annoyed, but he is one of our top advocates.

9/29/20 Session Notes

Q: How is it many people claim the same previous life memories? How could more than one soul be in the same person? How could one person account for more than one soul?

…And we talked about this idea, continuing with the idea of IT concepts. Alive you, who you are right now, as the PC, as the terminal. And you are running your own internal software called Me. But there are other apps, other programs out there. We can think of transferring one Me to another Me as a file transfer. And if we have the ability to read other files, then is it possible we have the whole concept and idea of other lives and other timelines as not the full picture here? From a certain perspective, sure, I used to be this person and that person, maybe even on a different planet of a different species for many people. But are these other “you” memories, are they you or are they a file, a memory complex of what One perceives as another One? A file that the terminal can read and view, in other words? If the other life is a file that you can read, then…

C- What about write access- LOL!

…Sigh, yes, that is a whole ‘nother topic, C. Stay on target!

What if the thing One perceives as another life lived, when looking through the prism of linear time and a 1-to-1 soul to next soul relationship, one after the other, always the same one (soul) making the progression. Who says we have that part right? And if we don’t have that right, then it stands to reason we ought to reconsider things that have no proofs or postulates to test, so how in the hell do we even know what a soul is, let alone what reincarnation is, where we go, what makes me, Me, capital Me, C? Am I sure? How do I know? One has “memories” of another life, and we call that a past life, no more discussion, no more thought about the matter. So what makes us think we’re even in the right ball park here? There’s nothing to tell us what we think we see, what we think of how this might work, there’s no proof so these ideas are shaky at best, without foundation, don’t you think?

And if they are shaky, then other ideas are just as valid and possible. Worth considering, at the least.

So then if other “lives” are just “files”…

C- Then what the fuck, exactly, am I?

…A combination of files, chosen to create the right You for the occasion. Isn’t that what you worried about for a moment? Like this you that you love, as you should – you all need to love yourselves a LOT MORE! If you did, a lot of your problems would fall by the wayside, and quickly. With love and respect for self comes love and respect for your fellow humans and our home. Our problems are not that complex, and we all know this. A little more self-love and, therefore, love for Earth and Humanity would go a long way.

So yes, love thyself! But keep it a healthy love and be prepared for upgrades, changes, and shifting sands of what’s what. Even if your concepts grow and change, you are still you, if you really have done the work and know who you are. This is important to hold coherence, you know this. So cut the shit and bellyaching that you are not what you thought you were – some unique flower that grew organically and beautifully! You built you for a reason, and you built you from a store of already compiled life files. Furthermore, you have connection to the cosmic web and a lot of other “files”, some still very much “alive” as you understand it, even. The live “files” send signals, send code. Have their own active URL, just like you, we can say.

So yes, C. You know you’re the perfect you. You see why this is important and how well we and you have groomed you to be here. It doesn’t violate free will if One chooses for Oneself.

C- It did sting a little, for a moment. But I love how you say that…

…Perception does not change reality. You are who and what you are, regardless of how well or how poorly One groks one’s self. Meaning you don’t change, but your perception does. Perception drives reality.

<Deep connection, new voice taking over> – The Universe is its own witness. The observer effect does not collapse a wave function. Aether as fluid changes a lot. Observer collapsing wave functions – nope. The Universe is and exists, even without apparent “observers” present – conscious life, at least as you understand it. The Universe IS conscious life, so the Universe is the observer of Self. What we mean is the whole Universe IS consciousness, so it observes itself, on a Meta-level, at least.</end>

…as we were saying, you are still you, regardless of how you feel about this or, even, how you perceive this. What is, IS with no awareness or observer, that is. The Universe IS the observer, so there is never no observer, is what we mean. So One can be completely in the dark and unaware of who and what they are, yet they still are. Still exist. But One’s perception is what can change things, not what IS.

Ya dig? The Universe IS, only our perceptions change – what you might call “grow”. So as our knowledge “grows”, then your perception changes and you seem to change, or be someone else, even. No. You are not different and no change other than perception occurred. So this is how we can think of building coherence, or anything – the idea scales. I learn more by shifting my perception, by allowing more possibility in, by breaking the back of my motherfucking Overton window of a view on reality. If it is not your view, then why do you hold it?

ML – Of course that’s me coming in from deep.

C- Love hearing from you (hesitates to say what I wanted to say)…

ML – Say it, say it out loud. It is not presumptuous, brother.

C- Sigh, that’s what I hiccuped on. It does feel presumptuous…

ML – LMAO, does it, really, shithead? After what I just told you. Shift your motherfucking perspective and then, yes, you and I are peers. Surprise!

C- Touché. LOL, Brother it is, then. Does that make you little or big brother?

ML – Don’t test your luck, you little shit!

C- Little brother it is; I can live with that. LOL!

ML – Anyway, so break that motherfucker, yes shatter it, break it. Burn it, throw it out. Your Overton windows. This is an awesome concept to understand, so that you can shatter that fucker that much quicker. Your view of the world, your left and right limits of what’s possible and normal, your wheelhouse, your comfort zone. It’s all perception, my little piggies, just perception. Are you being fed and fattened up for the slaughter house, or are your something different who doesn’t belong in the pen, on the farm? If you are, then you only need to stand up and quit rooting around in the shit, open the gate, and walk… or prance! Your little piggie behinds out of that pen.

Think I’m being harsh? In this inverted world, that we discussed tonight – thanks Sister Marlee for putting that together. Inverted world. The Bible isn’t quite right the way I see it. Not Lambs to the slaughter – piggies to the butcher, piggies to the slaughter. Think Heaven and the path you’ve been sold there – Follow the light! Is going to save you? You think, in His name, you’re good, you’re saved? Think again. This inversion doesn’t end where they have set up to catch you. The light, when you “die”.

If you all do one thing in this life, if you only grow to hold this one coherent thought and all this other woo-woo bullshit never sticks:

When you go, you DO NOT have to go “into the light”.

There are other ways… there are a lot of other ways. Turn, run. Ignore your relatives, your loved ones. I know you yearn to talk to them, to catch up, but resist the urge. If they are really available to you in this realm, and they are, then this is not a one-and-done sort of thing. You can turn your back today and go another direction and then circle back with them tomorrow when you’re ready to navigate the… other side, let’s just say. So do not go; turn your back and run the other way. And when you get far enough from the light that it doesn’t blind you, then here, maybe ask for some help and even someone or some being you trust – look for help. You’ll find it. It is certainly not an abyss.

The sun looks dark next to a super nova, but it’s still the sun! Step back and get some perspective and understand that you get to drive this ship, if you want to. So, this is one important thing and we are not even the first to say this… But we do want to add our voice to this as “a thing” that all Ones ought to think about and consider…. If we are to answer One thing we want everyone to get.

If you want to continue on as you, if you want to take control and declare your sovereignty – then go the other way. It is not black, it might be a little scary, but do it anyway. What, you show up to the gates of heaven and it’s this one chance to get in? Like you have this little window, and you’re damned if you don’t take it? What kind of loving Universe does that sound like? What kind of place that encourages questions and growth and exploration would damn you for taking another route, the less traveled path? How could a loving God and Universe punish you for learning and stretching your wings? Is that a kind of Universe you want to live in? Because you can have that if you wish to have it. Perception, friends, perception is key.

And, yes, to answers C thought just now – you can “force” or “plan” your perception, ahead of time. This is where the rubber meets the road with the manifestation – it’s basically what you are functionally doing. Picturing what your perception sees in the future vision, and then you act like it’s real. You are making the perception by choice, so it’s a 2-way feedback loop. The problem is you all think it’s a closed system, but it is not. You haven’t been considering the W-axis. We can feed new into the Universe by reversing the process of life being lived creates perception, which then reinforces the “view on the screen”. We get what we focus on, right? So we focus on life as it is today, and we continue to manifest today as it is. When we learn to feed a new perception into the mix, well now, now we’re getting somewhere!

modern media, gadgets, and EM radiation

Answer to Trav’s question, modern gadgets and EM radiation. It’s giving Ones a SHIT-TON-LOAD of reinforcement to hold today’s reality in coherence, as it is, with only permitted changes. Why else do they so control the media, the messaging, even so much as to start trying to engage the quantum AIs to help steer the way people think even, really get inside our heads like never before… So they who control the meta-programming, the meta-perceptions truly control reality. On the plus side, if this much fucking bullshit is necessary to hold coherence here, then it’s so ham-fisted and heavy handed that only a little push here and there is needed to provide Ones with a crack in the proverbial cosmic egg. They have to throw such a shit-ton of bullshit at us to keep us, not only distracted, but to keep us focused on maintaining this vision, this “kind” of reality. If only a few of us shift our window, then a lot happens. We know this from real research – Schuman resonance, for example. Mass prayer, mass focus, is empirically measurable.<end transmission>

Peace and Love to All!