The Grand Matrix, Timetrains, and Manifestations

The Grand Matrix is the construct that our collective reality exists within. Not so much like the movie, but portions of it might resemble that, so let’s side-step and not agree or disagree for the moment. The Grand Matrix looks kind of like an infinite, galactic Bucky ball within two Bucky balls, within 4, within 8, within 64, and so on. Or you can take it from the other side – one quanta packet of existence – the smallest thing, and then 2, 4, 8, 16… So we understand this from modern quantum physics – holographic. Holomorphic, to use two terms smashed together. Sheldrake’s Morphic fields are a big piece, and Haramein’s holographic aether is another.

We can use these ideas to extrapolate how a single 3D universe might look, fractal in nature, from the smallest part to the largest, the whole Universe taken together. Take the same understanding of fractal, and let it get larger. This fractal we think we see the end of – the 3D known Universe, is but just a single Bucky ball in the quantum foam, in a sea of others, smaller and larger. So infinite similar timelines. This is how we can think of it. All that is and ever will be, is – meaning all exists simultaneously, but as different packets, depending on how One observes.

Time is perception tunneling through the quantum holomorphic Bucky ball substrate. One Bucky ball of a Universe at one time connects to another similar, and a next-moment further along. Time does not so much as pass, as time is a linear progression of observations through the substrate. Any one “moment” in this Universe can connect to many other moments, both previous and future, from the observer’s point of view. So any one moment in the quantum foamverse connects to many others, and then when “time” passes through – then perception sees the one moment, and then the next. The quantum fomaverse substrate is not static, though from a timeline perspective each quanta of “now” does appear static – so we have been looking at it all backwards. We see our physical universe as passing through time. But what if time is the observation that passes through a static moment in the substrate? A single day, think of it, as a single photo in the ultimate picture book. Each day we choose the now picture and then the Timetrain, let’s call it, pulls into station and observes the day and then pulls out of station and moves to the next day.

Questions: Who steers this Timetrain? Is there more than one Timetrain? If yes, how many?

Each day the Timetrain pulls out of the station, there are many, many tracks. How could a person even think to steer the Timetrain One doesn’t know One is riding on? Our perception of reality is the thing that is moving, not the Universe. We are merely observers of stations, one day at a time – let’s keep it easy for now, though you can peel this back by fractal to hours, minutes, seconds, moments, and so on.

Due to the infinite substrate, any One has the power to direct the Timetrain onto any path this One can imagine and hold in vision. Manifestation works this way. Because we are all parts of the quantum substrate, we can each perceive a different track at any given time, and choose other tracks of our own. Each One is still part of the whole, but each One choosing a manifestation – One who is trying to be careful and not break anything…

The power we are talking about could, theoretically snuff out the whole Universe with a thought…

This is not hyperbole or exaggeration. We know the Universe scales. If I can manifest a parking space, then I can manifest a planet-busting explosion. Adult toys, adult rules, adult responsibilities, so do tread carefully in these realms, friends. But this is where we must go. We are our own saviors. One mind at a time. You only need to decide to help carry us. This is all you need to “do”. Do this first, and then, if you feel called to, then go do some work in 3D. The world needs you, needs people like us. We are the pathfinders. We provide a way through this mess we’ve dug ourselves into. Let’s use these holes we have dug for something grand and beautiful.

One way we do this is learn to plug into the Grand Matrix so that One can discern the different bubbles of probability and possibility – the other stations out there you want to steer your Timetrain into. The Grand Matrix of possibility and probability. One with awareness can step back a level or two up the onion and see the bubbles, see the different stations the Timetrain might pull into. You can take a drone from the Timetrain and look over the lay of the land a bit. See which tracks might be coming up, and also imagine which you would like to see out there. Does NOT MATTER one iota if it is something you’ve never seen before and you imagine something new and beautiful – just know you can and do it. Imagining it makes it a probability in the Universe, and here we are with our chicken and egg problem, which we’ve already solved. Don’t look a gift chicken in the beak. With your new drone, that very few on the Timetrain even know exist, and fewer know how to build themselves one, send out a search party for the track you want.

Use love. Use truth. Use balance. Use beauty. Use heart.

The sky is the limit. Just like the very end of The Neverending Story: Please, Bastian, please. Just make a wish!

Please, just make a wish and you save us all!

C- LMAO. “They “do love to make a dramatic point. The song Spiritual High (State of Independence) just started playing as I typed that last line, just now.

…The State of Independence shall be, The State of Independence shall be!

How’s that for a definitive message from “the other side” – how do you like them apples?

Believe me or don’t, it does not matter. You only need to believe in you, not me. So believe and make that wish. And, one small request from those of us out front a few days down the track… Please keep love in mind when you make your wish. This is all we need to aim our manifestations – with open heart and love, no worry about anything else.

So our Timetrain has some big bends and dips and tight turns coming up. Which way would you like to steer?

Each One gets to cut their path through the quantum fomaverse substrate. Many different trains with many different paths can exist in one substrate Bucky ball, as far as One within the system perceives it. So you don’t have to worry about anyone else, is what we mean. This, of course does not mean we come off our focus with heart, love, truth, and respect for the Universe and all living things, both great and small.

He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.

So learn to find your center, and then get yourself a quantum surfboard and paddle out to sea a bit and see what trouble you can get into. When you find your center and your truth, know that you can keep going. This never stops. So learn to step out of the substrate we’re in, this is a thing and you can do it, you just have to know you can do it. How do you hit a target in the dark, in a room you’ve never been in before? How do you play the song you’ve never heard? How do you open a door you don’t know is there?

There is a lot of duality in this work and much of what you’ll need to progress through can bend your mind upside down and inside out, by trying to figure out linear-type answers to things. Our perception of time is linear, but that’s all that is linear in this universe. Everything else is much different, let’s say to be succinct for now. Let go of linearity and solve the dualities. I think you’ll find some interesting things there, I sure have. I might be well set-up for this, but so what? If One can find this, then all who look can find it. It’s not a secret and it is not limited to anyone or anything. JC had some things very correct. The real one, not the biblical one.

So we have a chance coming up. From what I can see, sending my little drone up and kind of – not so much seeing the future or possibilities, but understanding that if I can envision a probability, then it’s doable and reachable. I steer my perception onto that track.

Why not? If we can envision it, then it can be. Not only can be, it IS, once we imagine it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to get there, to do the work. You imagine your goal, and it’s on top of a mountain – everything you ever dreamed of and wanted, up the side of a big ass mountain. Are you just going to sit in the valley and bellache about how hard your goal is going to be, or are you going to go get some crampons and an ice axe, and some guides, and gear and training… and get your ass up that mountain?

Where we are today is much like being in the valley. But we can see the goal, up the mountain. If we all work similarly. Note we do not say all get along and kumbaya – but, see two agreements and we change the world as a place to start.

Beyond this, let us sign off here for now. If you want to help, focus on change now versus later. Perhaps we have a chance to imagine something beautiful into existence.

Peace and love to all,