I am American, born in the early 70s and raised in the Midwest, growing up the middle of three boys in an intact, loving home. I am a college graduate, an Army veteran, and a senior martial arts practitioner and teacher. Professionally I work in the IT field in an ancillary role. It’s a good career and I have a comfortable, quiet, upper middle class life. I was raised Lutheran but I have moved on from that. Most importantly I am a life-long seeker of knowledge, where ever that path takes me. As far as I know and am qualified to self-identify, I am well-balanced on a rock-solid center: physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

I’ve known since I was a kid that I have “something” I’m able to do. When I was a child my mother, who dabbled in the Psychic world, was told that I could be “…like an Edgar Cayce.” I dabbled in “psychic” stuff on and off, but mostly kept it locked away. The handful of times I tried to bring that out, in my teens and 20s, it was too much, so I shut it down. Over the years I occasionally wondered if there is any “there” there, and what I might be capable of. In the winter of 2019 I asked a question to the Universe and I received a very definitive answer. What follows here, in my blogs and in the in-progress book, whatever form that eventually takes, is that story.

Who I am and what I am does not matter.

Only the message matters. This message matters, and I fear we are under a limited amount of time here, on Earth, for humanity to wake up to the message. I cannot claim that any of this is new; it’s not. This message is around us and available to us in hundred, thousands of ways even. What I offer is a modern voice to an age-old message of peace, of growth, and, most importantly, of nothing less than the survival of the human race. We are in a very delicate, precarious position, and we need to be very careful how we go forward.

What I do

Let’s get this bottom line up front out of the way:

I am here to help change the path that we’re collectively on in this world, to act as a scout as we move into uncharted territory.  Who the F#($& does this guy think he is!!! You might ask? I assure you, I am no one, in that way. I’m just a regular dude. But the nature of life and the Universe and all its awe-inspiring expanse is here, available for the plugging into, for any and all of us who make the effort. I am not special, and this thing I have to offer is absolutely not about me, personally.

This is a hell of a day for me to have this thing ready to go live, even in its infancy, not quite ready but we’re plowing ahead anyway. Maybe I’m too naive to know better, but I’ve learned that doesn’t matter so much. 11-11 is THE day for this. I feel it in my soul, as deep as anything I can connect to and know. I am here today to kick this thing off.

You might laugh, roll your eyes, or maybe you’re here with me, cheering me on… But it doesn’t matter because me speaking my truth and moving forward with my Manifesting vision for the world is important, if only to me. But I suspect this message and methods I’m working with are wanted and needed by many of you.

Where We Go From Here…

I don’t not know exactly what to call this thing I can do. It’s not quite channeling, but it easily meets that definition at times – I have a couple of connections that I think I know by name; you’ll get to meet them soon. It’s not quite clairvoyance, but meets that definition at times. I seem to know things I shouldn’t be able to know on my own. At the end of the day I’m comfortable letting this kind of float and for us to find our way without a label or expectation. I have this thing I can do. I have some very important information to share with the world. Whether I’m insane or a visionary, I honestly don’t know. I’m both, I’m neither. I am the balance between the two. I invite you on a journey into my mind, and through my mind to a connection with the ineffable, the Universe, God even if you want to call it that, for some answers to life’s big questions, and a path through this mess. Just a little bit of your time is all I ask, walk with me. Don’t fight against me, don’t try to pull yourself off our path and in another direction, just walk with me for a little while – that’s all I ask, for a little bit of your time…

What do you have to lose?