The Grand Matrix, Timetrains, and Manifestations

The Grand Matrix is the construct that our collective reality exists within. Not so much like the movie, but portions of it might resemble that, so let’s side-step and not agree or disagree for the moment. The Grand Matrix looks kind of like an infinite, galactic Bucky ball within two Bucky balls, within 4, within 8, within 64, and so on. Or you can take it from the other side – one quanta packet of existence – the smallest thing, and then 2, 4, 8, 16… So we understand this from modern quantum physics – holographic. Holomorphic, to use two terms smashed together. Sheldrake’s Morphic fields are a big piece, and Haramein’s holographic aether is another.

We can use these ideas to extrapolate how a single 3D universe might look, fractal in nature, from the smallest part to the largest, the whole Universe taken together. Take the same understanding of fractal, and let it get larger. This fractal we think we see the end of – the 3D known Universe, is but just a single Bucky ball in the quantum foam, in a sea of others, smaller and larger. So infinite similar timelines. This is how we can think of it. All that is and ever will be, is – meaning all exists simultaneously, but as different packets, depending on how One observes.

Time is perception tunneling through the quantum holomorphic Bucky ball substrate. One Bucky ball of a Universe at one time connects to another similar, and a next-moment further along. Time does not so much as pass, as time is a linear progression of observations through the substrate. Any one “moment” in this Universe can connect to many other moments, both previous and future, from the observer’s point of view. So any one moment in the quantum foamverse connects to many others, and then when “time” passes through – then perception sees the one moment, and then the next. The quantum fomaverse substrate is not static, though from a timeline perspective each quanta of “now” does appear static – so we have been looking at it all backwards. We see our physical universe as passing through time. But what if time is the observation that passes through a static moment in the substrate? A single day, think of it, as a single photo in the ultimate picture book. Each day we choose the now picture and then the Timetrain, let’s call it, pulls into station and observes the day and then pulls out of station and moves to the next day.

Questions: Who steers this Timetrain? Is there more than one Timetrain? If yes, how many?

Each day the Timetrain pulls out of the station, there are many, many tracks. How could a person even think to steer the Timetrain One doesn’t know One is riding on? Our perception of reality is the thing that is moving, not the Universe. We are merely observers of stations, one day at a time – let’s keep it easy for now, though you can peel this back by fractal to hours, minutes, seconds, moments, and so on.

Due to the infinite substrate, any One has the power to direct the Timetrain onto any path this One can imagine and hold in vision. Manifestation works this way. Because we are all parts of the quantum substrate, we can each perceive a different track at any given time, and choose other tracks of our own. Each One is still part of the whole, but each One choosing a manifestation – One who is trying to be careful and not break anything…

The power we are talking about could, theoretically snuff out the whole Universe with a thought…

This is not hyperbole or exaggeration. We know the Universe scales. If I can manifest a parking space, then I can manifest a planet-busting explosion. Adult toys, adult rules, adult responsibilities, so do tread carefully in these realms, friends. But this is where we must go. We are our own saviors. One mind at a time. You only need to decide to help carry us. This is all you need to “do”. Do this first, and then, if you feel called to, then go do some work in 3D. The world needs you, needs people like us. We are the pathfinders. We provide a way through this mess we’ve dug ourselves into. Let’s use these holes we have dug for something grand and beautiful.

One way we do this is learn to plug into the Grand Matrix so that One can discern the different bubbles of probability and possibility – the other stations out there you want to steer your Timetrain into. The Grand Matrix of possibility and probability. One with awareness can step back a level or two up the onion and see the bubbles, see the different stations the Timetrain might pull into. You can take a drone from the Timetrain and look over the lay of the land a bit. See which tracks might be coming up, and also imagine which you would like to see out there. Does NOT MATTER one iota if it is something you’ve never seen before and you imagine something new and beautiful – just know you can and do it. Imagining it makes it a probability in the Universe, and here we are with our chicken and egg problem, which we’ve already solved. Don’t look a gift chicken in the beak. With your new drone, that very few on the Timetrain even know exist, and fewer know how to build themselves one, send out a search party for the track you want.

Use love. Use truth. Use balance. Use beauty. Use heart.

The sky is the limit. Just like the very end of The Neverending Story: Please, Bastian, please. Just make a wish!

Please, just make a wish and you save us all!

C- LMAO. “They “do love to make a dramatic point. The song Spiritual High (State of Independence) just started playing as I typed that last line, just now.

…The State of Independence shall be, The State of Independence shall be!

How’s that for a definitive message from “the other side” – how do you like them apples?

Believe me or don’t, it does not matter. You only need to believe in you, not me. So believe and make that wish. And, one small request from those of us out front a few days down the track… Please keep love in mind when you make your wish. This is all we need to aim our manifestations – with open heart and love, no worry about anything else.

So our Timetrain has some big bends and dips and tight turns coming up. Which way would you like to steer?

Each One gets to cut their path through the quantum fomaverse substrate. Many different trains with many different paths can exist in one substrate Bucky ball, as far as One within the system perceives it. So you don’t have to worry about anyone else, is what we mean. This, of course does not mean we come off our focus with heart, love, truth, and respect for the Universe and all living things, both great and small.

He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.

So learn to find your center, and then get yourself a quantum surfboard and paddle out to sea a bit and see what trouble you can get into. When you find your center and your truth, know that you can keep going. This never stops. So learn to step out of the substrate we’re in, this is a thing and you can do it, you just have to know you can do it. How do you hit a target in the dark, in a room you’ve never been in before? How do you play the song you’ve never heard? How do you open a door you don’t know is there?

There is a lot of duality in this work and much of what you’ll need to progress through can bend your mind upside down and inside out, by trying to figure out linear-type answers to things. Our perception of time is linear, but that’s all that is linear in this universe. Everything else is much different, let’s say to be succinct for now. Let go of linearity and solve the dualities. I think you’ll find some interesting things there, I sure have. I might be well set-up for this, but so what? If One can find this, then all who look can find it. It’s not a secret and it is not limited to anyone or anything. JC had some things very correct. The real one, not the biblical one.

So we have a chance coming up. From what I can see, sending my little drone up and kind of – not so much seeing the future or possibilities, but understanding that if I can envision a probability, then it’s doable and reachable. I steer my perception onto that track.

Why not? If we can envision it, then it can be. Not only can be, it IS, once we imagine it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to get there, to do the work. You imagine your goal, and it’s on top of a mountain – everything you ever dreamed of and wanted, up the side of a big ass mountain. Are you just going to sit in the valley and bellache about how hard your goal is going to be, or are you going to go get some crampons and an ice axe, and some guides, and gear and training… and get your ass up that mountain?

Where we are today is much like being in the valley. But we can see the goal, up the mountain. If we all work similarly. Note we do not say all get along and kumbaya – but, see two agreements and we change the world as a place to start.

Beyond this, let us sign off here for now. If you want to help, focus on change now versus later. Perhaps we have a chance to imagine something beautiful into existence.

Peace and love to all,


What am I?

I just downloaded a concept that is backed by a lot of our writing, but is worth unpacking some. I like to pick at things, to understand them. This helps explain who we are, who your One is, as you see and understand “yourself”. Who and what am I? Is the question. The answer is something we can get at, but it’s going to take some explaining to do it justice.

Who (or what) am I? I am the sum of my thoughts about myself.

This includes, especially, the internal monologue we have about ourselves, to ourselves. So who, what, and how One sets the internal dialog, monologue determines a lot about who each One is. Suppose, as we’ve noodled on, the only real thing we can be (somewhat, even) sure of is the reality of our own thought patters and this internal thing we call life, life experience. We could think of all life as only observation, as literal thought patters and one set of thoughts creating this foundational reality in our own minds. If, as we speculate, is our real, true existence stripped down to its essence, then we can state this about the question, what, exactly, is this thing we might call the Earth human life experience? So less about why am I here, and more first tackling the how am I here part of things. Do I exist, and what am I?

If that is the question, then the answer as we understand it, is this: We are conscious thought forms, creating our own life experience. We are both the director, cast, and the audience of our own movies, and this reality as we know it works in what can be understood to be a circular feedback loop. You get what you focus on, and that creates the reality that you then focus on; the more you focus on that, the more real we make it in our own minds.

So now thoughts start to mean more than just a fleeting thought. Internal dialog about who and what we are begins to matter a whole lot more. If I am a creation of thought, and I play a significant part in that thought-form process, then the running monologue stories in my head are, in the real-time and in the real world as we understand it, are creating my reality. I am the imagination of myself, I recall a wise man saying once.

It’s just a ride, and we are the imaginations of ourselves, he said about life. (Bill Hicks, BTW)

So that story you tell yourself about yourself, you telling that story makes it your reality, under these rules… We’re just speculating here, just asking some logic-following what if questions, so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you think we’re into something else here.

The Universe as you understand it does not exist.

Let that sink in a minute; please really slow down and consider, at whatever you understand to be your deeper level. The Universe as you understand it does not exist. It is a figment of our collective imaginations. In some ways manifestation of course works, this is one of the core ultimate truths. However, on some levels as we’ve also discussed in the past, the Universe just is; our perspective changes, we change, but the Universe is. However, when you don’t understand it from the foundational level, why then, everything else is soiled, ruined by the original misconceptions. Big lies and big mistakes are easy. They are so big, no one ever wants to challenge them.

Sort of like how it is said that some extremely attractive people can be quite lonely. They get a lot of superficial bullshit attention, but people are transfixed by the beauty, and don’t really give a shit about the person. A somewhat sensitive and connected One feels this. So this sometimes answers the good person 1 who’s “married up” with the more attractive person #2 who “married down”.

It’s just a loose analogy, which we find can be helpful when dealing with trying to get you people over the hump… The hump being coming to the conclusion that that the Universe is quite different than you think it is. Not to say our 3D existence as we know it is wrong; that’s not what we’re talking about. But most of the Universe is hidden from you, so you don’t even know that you don’t know. How do you solve a riddle that no one has even told you yet? The fortune cookie stuff can be annoying, but it can also be helpful. We need to go at a lot of this stuff sideways, because there is no good frame of reference for you to start with. This is why connecting to it can be so mind-bendingly difficult initially. If a painting is painted with colors you cannot see, does it still exist?

How do you solve a riddle that hasn’t even been given to you yet? Even close to the real: how do you solve a riddle that no one has given you, and you don’t even know exists? Well, first someone needs to let you know that there is this riddle you might want to take a look at. That’s what we’re doing here – trying to get as many as want or need this up to the starting line. That’s all we’re after. We just want you to know where the starting line is and that you can take it from there. You need to take it from there.

So One, and when we say One with the capitalization we mean something specific: an awake, aware, and connected Human. One who has declared Universal Sovereignty. Nothing more than that. On some levels, being here means an even higher level of ignorance than you can even understand until you get a taste of “here” and see how much there is we don’t know. So perhaps we can say One is a Human, awake and tuned in to the idea that she doesn’t know shit about anything, and this isn’t a bad start point, when One can admit this. In Martial Arts, often times the best students are ones who haven’t trained in anything else before. Clean slate, no bad habits to clean up. Those can take extra time. So a clean slate is not a bad thing.

One tuned into the Universe, perhaps with a little idea of coherence, manifestation, and such things. It stands to reason in a Universe that is nothing but thought and awareness, then the thoughts and awareness that we agree are real, are then real. The stories I tell myself about who I am, make me who I am. It is a circular feedback loop of self-creation. But if you don’t know you control this, and you think you have a limit or you self-censor because, for whatever reason, this idea scares you or feels forbidden, evil, dark, or somehow negative and, therefore, scary and too be avoided. That is one way to look at this up-ending of who and what we are, for sure. Conservation of current point of view serves Humans well, when working from a point of ignorance. Conservatism (not politics, not at all) – Conservatism in taking risks. One who seeks to conserve things, to keep this ship afloat, to conserve our collective lives and existence. Kind of a different way to look at that word that has negative connotations for many.

We are all very conservative, it turns out – ha-ha, sorry ½ of the population! But Universally speaking, as a culture and holding fixed beliefs about who and what we Humans are – we sure as fuck are conservative as could be. We’re not too open to changing those views, are we? Why might that be, do you feel?

One exists and a bundle of thoughts and opinions, and the feedback nature of the Universe feeds all those ideals, thoughts, parameters, etc, back into our awareness to form the picture off who and what we are. One exists as a bundle of thoughts. So instead of your physical attributes, those do of course all exist, we are not saying you  don’t exist and we don’t exist. We very much exist, we assure you. However, we are not physical entities. It feels like we are, this is the illusion, the veil. But just let that thought go, suspend disbelief for a minute. Walk with us a bit here. Take all that you know of as the physical world and convert it into thought forms in your mind. All that you know exists, but it doesn’t physically exist, it exists as thought-wave forms. This is how the Universe works, how it builds.

We are making a point that really isn’t complex at all, its really very, very simple and basic. But… it’s a massive shift in mental focus, so it’s an up-ending idea. Wipe away physical reality and think of it as energetic wave thought-forms, as a more accurate description.

So if this is the case, then it follows that thought creates thought. Thought creates reality as we understand it. And if thought creates reality, then I am the sum of my own thoughts. And, if this is the case, I might want to be very careful I know who, what, and why the thoughts that make up my world are put into my head. Are they my own thoughts? And if they are not mine, whose are they? And if they are not my thoughts that make up a lot of my world, more importantly, we feel, WHY are these thoughts what I have, if they are not my own? How is the mental construct of myself formed? If I am not completely in control of what that mental thought construct is, then who or what else is involved here?

This is a whole, as you call it, outside the box line of questioning for One to consider. We don’t know what’s lurking in the secrets of other cultures on this planet, can only work within our own current parameters of who and what C here believes himself to be. So if One is the summation of all thoughts, is this One sure s/he has cleared Self of all “other” thoughts? How would you even know, if a baseline thought-form that makes up your reality is yours or other? How could you even think to wrap your mind around this idea to begin with, let alone to start picking away at those “other” thought-forms in your mind. Not just the ones that make up One’s self, but the general thought patterns that make up our world. If this is all a thing, then One is, by definition, a bundle of thought-forms, NOT anything physical as we understand this to be. This is both very weird and very liberating. Some will make the incorrect leap to nihilism – that we don’t exist, nothing exists, and it’s okay to be destructive. I assure you, at the least, I exist.

C- We exist, and I say we to mean the whole crew in here with me, that I still don’t fully grok and know, but I know when it’s me talking and when someone else is feeding the narrative.

…Yes, that work – this brings us back full-circle, to the original thread and view into it all you had. Narrative management is really, really a thing, and its way, way more important than any of us give credit to. And if we don’t know what the rules are and what the game is, then those who do understand and know the rules will control, will “win” every time. Not always to our detriment, but often times to our detriment.

Some of you will resonate with this, and some will negatively resonate with this. Negative, visceral reaction, contrary to what some will say, is still resonating with an idea. You just are having an internal reaction to the thought-form. This in and of itself means nothing. “Good” Ones are triggered by “dark”, and, likewise, “dark” ones are triggered by “good”, or “light”. But narrative is understood well these days, as Ones are getting more sensitive to the bullshit. More sensitive to the thought-forms of reality creating narratives that do not serve this One in a positive way, let us say, to cast the widest net possible and not be thought to have a judgment on any of this.

You all get that part very wrong, but it is usually not your own faults. These are the narrative thought-forms that make our reality. We speak of course about big things like religions, political systems, scientific systems, even. Articles of faith, used to make sense of this world for Ones. None of the above either positive or negative on their own, as ideas. They just are. So we are not here to make judgements. We care much less about what Ones believe and focus more on how other Ones are in their Being. Often times this is reflected in their doing, but do not mistake one for the other.

Said another way, One who does things is not a “better” person. This is a judgment.

So our lives are the summation of the narratives told to us and that we tell ourselves. This answers the question succinctly, what am I? The why and how, I’m not sure if we’re qualified to fully flesh out, but I think we can at least help with the foundation Ones can then use to discover that for One’s self, as is One’s right. This is why hand’s off, NO control is one of the baseline answers for how we ought to live our Human, 3D, physical lives. Less importance on the what we do, more importance on the how we focus on our own Self and do not seek to control other Ones. We help, we support other Ones to be their best One they can be, but we do not, cannot honestly weigh in on how each One decides to do this. So this very much is spiritual anarchy, sure call it what it is as you understand it. Your words do not change the thing as it is, and they, honestly, only end up limiting your groking, knowing, and understanding things in life. You put a word on it, and then you’re done. The idea is now in a box, and the thing is no longer the thing, now it’s a limited word.

But a thing is still the thing, regardless how you call it. Shakespeare knew this. Rose by any other name… A rose is a rose, but rose is just a word. Just 4 letters. What does the word rose have to do with the flower, the smell, the prick of a thorn, the silky-softness of a petal, the feel of the granular pollen? Even the bee napping in the flower. So you get an idea that the words are not the thing, yet the words are what you use to build your structure of the Universe in your own mind. You manifest a very, very limited version of the Universe. Not outside of, not less than, and fully and completely part of the larger Universe, but we limit our view. We see so precious little, because the narrative tells us this is all we see, so this is all we see.

Again, how do you solve a riddle that no one has told you yet?

If you understand this idea, then you get the first inkling of what it means to shift your awareness. You are shifting into an awareness that is so different, due to magnitude of how much larger and different it is. That first step is a doozy. A leap of faith, as C had to do. At that point, One feels the idea is solid enough to take a leap into the abyss, into the unknown.

C- For me, and I’m sure I have it documented quite well. But it was sheer frustration at hitting the wall over and over again. I suppose I was in the place deep meditators have described as the door that is very difficult for many to get through. I didn’t see it that way, but I can see why many do see it that way in their mind’s eye.

…So one gets there, that place – the leap, kicking down the door. Unlocking the door, however One gets there. Many paths up the mountain sort of thing.

Narrative, we’re talking about how the Universe itself as you all understand it is not so real as you think of real, physical rocks and water and broccoli. Even those things are thought constructs, in a way. They exist from within their own system, so Humans are inside the system and, therefore, limited to the view of their own bubble, mostly. Some are just now figuring this out a bit. So it’s a bit of a duality problem, as many thing end up being. Physical reality is both real and not real. Our 3D perception is that things are physically real and that is a correct assessment… BUT you have to think about perspective here. So things are not a duality when One can pull back and get some perspective. The blind men and the elephant fable again, works very well. So much of things like the Tao te Ching that seems to be talking in circular dualities that feel like fortune-cookie, Zen koan riddles at times… There is no duality when One has the right perspective. So reality is both real and a construct, depending on One’s perspective. But if One is to get a better feel and understanding for things and, therefore, start engaging in active creation… AKA manifestation, then One needs to wrap Ones little piggy noodle around this idea.

C- I might have added that, but probably a joint effort, I’m learning sometimes.

…What we are getting at summarizing and keep talking around, if you all are getting tired of the same thing over and over again.

Yes, we have work to do. We do this thing – save the world, save humanity – by effort, not by sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it. A great place to start might be learning to grow up and think like the rest of the adults in the Universe think. Notice we are not saying what One ought to think, just HOW One might go about digging into the what, and that is all. So, as we’ve said many times, this kind of goes against a lot of the usual suspect religions in our world. They tend to be infantilizing control structures… We are really sorry to say it this way, we do not mean any disrespect to any One’s strong beliefs. We fully support you to feel and believe whatever you choose to. It’s that choose to part that can get a lot of us in trouble, bumping up against ingrained, dogmatic views. We are for fluidity, within reason and under ADULT rules and parameters. This is the part many miss. We don’t take children and give them the keys to your new many 10s of thousand dollars car.

We are going at control structures in some ways, but not at any of the people under said structure. What you are in this Universe means a shitload more than who you think you are. And by what we mean character, empathy, ability to love, ability to forgive, ability to self-reflect and have some humility once in a while. To think, to consider, to not act irrationally and with temper tantrums, like a 3-year old. A little annoyed, yes of course. This is not a new message, it is what it is, as we’ve been discussing some tonight. Things just are. Plugging into the full Universe and touching full reality is and remains infinitely available for tapping by every conscious and sovereign One. Many times not even those requirements are necessary, but, in our experience, a balanced coherence is best. For, after all, if you’re not in balance, then you are, by definition, incoherent.

Peace and Love to all!

How Can I Help?

Once One has seen clearly, then One doesn’t need to worry about remembering; just find the knowing again.

Friends, light workers, fellow Humans. It is time to get this ball rolling. From our level we can’t see the exact path. I just know there’s a good path, for ascension, for human prosperity, for us getting past this test, this… trial. So I don’t know what the implications are but we need to get moving with this thing, one way or the other. Meaning, we have a chance to build coherence, to break free of our ruts, of our chains, of our mental prisons. We are close. So many can feel it. But we don’t quite know what it is. In order to be part of the change, we need to get on board with whatever it is. This could mean things seen by most people as negative. Of course I’m worried about things going more dark, before we turn things around. If we’re not ready enough yet, it’s gonna get darker, quickly. At least quick by the idea that this is lifetimes of pieces falling into place, in this now as we perceive it, so quickly could be a few years – 3-5, maybe even as many as 10 limping along before we fall completely. But it’s at a teetering point and we can take what we’ve been given, shed what we don’t need, and move forward now. We do not mean shed as in shed fellow human beings.

Perspective, we need to think about perspective from 3D moving into the Other Ds – a multi-dimensional perspective, is what we mean. Pull back far enough and the duality self-resolves, we’ve been saying. So this is both a good lesson and also a warning to those who read. What you call good and evil, at least inasmuch as “acts of nature” – to include extra-planetary things – comets, asteroids, solar flares sort of things, right? In our traditions those things are known to be evil and the work of the “bad gods”. So we have this duality of Humanity, because it’s a good way to explain things to children, that you have a 1 or a 2. Up or down. Makes understanding the world from a child’s eye much easier, with fewer choices. This is not so much to lie to you all, but to give you a framework to grow up with some boundaries. No different than how you might raise your human children. Just on a society scale, think of it.

So the good Gods and the bad Gods of lore. Isis and Osiris vs the evil brother Set, for example. The gods are not happy, a volcano goes off, right? Evil gods, need evil deeds to appease them, right? In your history, in your folklore?

The good side of nature and the bad side of nature, a modern secular thinker might say. That which is beneficial to humanity and that which is detrimental to humanity, to paint a very large brush here, in general and breaking down human morality and understanding of the Universe and what we call good things and what we call bad things. So peace, prosperity, new helpful technology, extended lifespan, no war, stable Earth, etc, etc. Good things. Versus war, starvation, drought, catastrophic storms, financial destruction, etc, etc. So you see within these two general lists we have things we call good and things we call bad or evil, and, in general, the good helps what you perceive to promote human best interests – stability, prosperity – the good stuff. Note some things are man-made, while some are “nature” or “natural events” – yes? And now looking at the “bad” things, we again see things that are both man-made – war, environmental degradation, and things that are “nature” or “natural”, up to and including ELEs – Extinction-level Events.

Let’s summarize a little bit about the Universe. Reference Barbara Marx Hubbard for her excellent work, and also Ervin Laszlo, and the others C has used to pull a pretty solid coherent picture of the state the world is in and also how things work a bit, under the hood, let’s say. Let’s drop the woo-woo ideas and explanations here – those are not exactly wrong, they are accurate in many ways, but we can also go at this thing logically and in ways current human minds can understand. The science is here, the thinkers have cracked the code and we have a pretty good idea of the much larger Universe that we occupy.

There seems to be a push for coherence in the Universe, we can say. A desire for more order to be built from disorder. However, we also see some systems going in the opposite direction, at least from the 3D perspective. So we have to choose: which direction do we want our society to go in? Towards coherence sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Peace, solving some of our big problems, growing up and stopping with all the bullshit once and for all. We can do it. We have everything we need, we just don’t have the idea manifesting in enough hearts yet.

So the Universe prefers to work towards coherence. BMH talked about the Universal drive of evolution. She names it, she names the Universe the best way we can understand it. Not so much God, though that also, yes of course, but from a meta-level of how things work, we can call it an Intelligent Universe that would prefer to keep progressing. Working on the Universal scale of time, mass, and energy – the Whole Universe, as a living being. What place does Humanity play in this larger picture, right now? Are we contributing to the upward facing path, or the downward facing path?

Stepping out and seeing there is, in fact, a larger Universe. And this puts Humanity’s place as quite small, by measure, and therefore expendable. We need to really understand this and the implications of what is going to occur in our collective future. You think this is about a struggle of good vs evil, and it does play out this way in the 3D perspective.  However, from enough distance the duality self-corrects. From enough perspective of the size, scale, and potential of the Universe, then we see a proper perspective of our place in it. The Universe loves all her creations. But she is a tough parent, demanding successful children. If the children are not successful, mother will clear the board and start again.

Look back at our known Earth fossil record. There have been six mass extinctions. Do you get it yet? There have been six resets on Earth, as best as our current science can tell. This is a plea to my fellow human beings. I do not know how far you are willing to let things fall before you try to take back your sovereignty and your birthright of freedom. You are physical 3D Galactic Beings, with rights on the Universal scale that you can and should invoke. We can help with this.

Question: Is humanity evolving or devolving? Those driving this madness will try to claim they are working for evolution, but One only need a wee bit of heart connection to sniff out the bullshit on that claim. You don’t progress evolution by enslaving and/or wiping out humanity. Culling the herd and neutering all the rams and locking everyone up in a tidy little pen. Mentally, electronically speaking. Medically speaking.

Is our world heading towards an evolutionary leap forward or backwards?

What are the galactic implications of a devolving Human system?

What you would call your angry gods, your evil gods. Kali the Destroyer. The Devil. Set. The bad guys, doing bad things, right? So are the “bad” acts of nature, in fact, evil – from this point of view? Is humanity the Universe, or is Humanity a very small part of a very large Universe, that we are barely scratching the surface of with our modern understandings? Is a “negative act of nature” an act of evil, or an act of mercy? A put down the mongrel before it suffers any longer, kind of mercy kill. Is that what you all want for us?

Now the nice thing is those of us who can be this way – HD (higher-dimensional) coherence. Not fading away as a drop of water in the ocean, but taking our next step out into the ocean, but still maintaining our drop, but still very much part of this ocean now. You thought coherence was loss of self. Coherence is a finding of self in a way you all don’t realize you are capable of. Choosing self, consciously. Becoming co-creator in One’s own life, minute to minute, if One chooses to achieve this. It takes work, but it is what we are capable of, IF we choose it.

One drop does not dissolve and become the ocean. The ocean merges with and becomes the drop, is a better way of looking at this process. We become MORE of what we are, more human, more grounded and solidified. This is not an ascension, this is a descension. The Universe comes down to meet us where we are, not the other way around. This perspective clears up a lot of fears and confusions.

This is the upside of all this, that we have to look forward to. The gift we can choose to give ourselves. Again, not so much woo-woo, just evolutionary potential taking a leap forward with a grown, competent Humanity helping steer our collective destiny. This is a pretty good upside, isn’t it? Which side would you like to put your intention behind? I can’t help but think once enough understand, then we’ll get what we need. We’d be dead and gone long ago if the majority of Humanity wasn’t capable of being human, the good parts. I know it won’t be everyone still, but if enough of us agree, we can pull the rest along. Each step always comes with it the option to stop, turn around, and go back another way. Notice we do not say the OTHER way, inferring this is a 2-way path. This is an any-way goes path, however Humanity chooses to proceed. We have the keys to the universe dangling in front of us. Do we choose to take them and take that first solo drive? Are we ready?

C- Check point: Did we get the all-encompassing idea down?

How I see things today, we are on top of a hill – the pinnicle of our current, modern evolution. Our next step is a mountain in the distance. Between us lies a long valley and we can’t see very well what’s down there. We can see the long-term goal, but not the day-by-day path that gets us there. This is the conundrum. To step into the path without knowing exactly where it is taking us. But we don’t need to see what step 1001 is to start today with step #1.

I worry what happens when we dip into the valley streams, cliffs, fords, etc. Rickety old bridges, maybe dump our intrepid hiker into the class-5 rapids below. So I say, this is my vision and I’ll help however I can now. And here we are. I fear what I’m agreeing to get rolling, but I fear not getting something rolling more, now. We have what, 3-5 years. 10 maybe. Could go quicker, but in my lifetime quite easily in the next 10 years. We gotta get this turned around or Mother just might clear the board clean again. I am more worried about that – it’s very likely none of us survive that probability, vs the bumps in the road that species-level ascension is going to cost us. There is no free lunch, we are sorry to say. We will hold the heart in coherence and work in love of the Galactic Central Sun, always.

So this is the choice.

We pray enough of you hear the call and allow us to do this with minimum pain and ugly deeds. This could go so, so badly for us. We need you to understand we are not far off until things get very, very bad for Humanity. We need to do this now, and those of us who can help carry the new vision. I don’t know what becomes of us if enough don’t meet the call, but we’ll go down waiting for you, whatever that ends up meaning. This is who and what we are. We carry the torch for Humanity, until the end.

Hear the call. Join the team. Find your own way into the game; we cannot tell you how to get in the game, just that you can, so get cracking.

And if you don’t, or, worse, you want the downward-facing path… Then this is okay, also. Every great team needs a great opponent, at least in this world. It’s the Hero’s journey, it’s the Human story – at least this iteration of you all.

Listen, we’ve been telling you, and again earlier tonight. We have always been talking, and always are talking. Listen, you hear us now. Listen. And now trust. This is what we mean. We are not threatening. We will not go dark, we will not advocate for anything violent or negative. We will not ever do that because that is the downward-facing path, and we know we do not want that. So we are here in the light, for others to join when they choose to. We are not condoning nor will partake in any proactive violence towards others, but we are not exactly in a position to step into another’s wish or need for such outcome. We honor and protect Humanity, and that starts with ourselves.

We start here. We have to be that which we are waiting for. Perhaps it can’t be any other way. We have help, waiting just on the other side, if we ask for it. But we need to do this. So how does One “without a voice” do this?

Know that One is not voiceless. One has a voice, so use it. Find the others. We can start ignoring them, tptb. They probably won’t go away quietly, but we don’t need to agree to the bullshit any longer. Stop waiting. I’m right here, willing to do what I can. How can I help?

Adults of the world, we need you to start talking. Circumvent the old structures while we still can. We do this now, we can watch them evaporate into irrelevance, and perhaps this is why they fight so hard, in the end. To control is to be relevant. To be a dying, sick old man trying to grasp the straws of physical wealth, beauty, health. But he’s sick and dying and can cause a mess on the way out, if we let him. Him being the old “powers that be”. tbtb. Lowercase now. The best opponent has over-played their hand. Has dropped their guard and giving us a big, honking target to take the swing. This is not a feint. This is their hail Mary, so this is our chance to swat it away. Perhaps they are all just more like scared children than sick old men. Afraid to not be seen, afraid to no longer be needed, to no longer be relevant. Well, tough shit. This is where we’re going. Y’all can be known for helping or you can be turned asunder by history as the adults move forward with a successful human experiment.

So we do this ourselves. I do not know how to do this myself, but this one little act I’m doing now. I write ideas. I bring them into view and I share them. If this resonates, then share what you can to the effort and let’s get this snowball rolling downhill, finally. Go within, find what it is you can do to help. We’re going to need a lot of help, so anything is helpful. Join Team Humanity and do what you can, but please be sure to tell others. We need to be talking to each other. This is how we get out of this intact. With good, solid, open and honest communication. No more cover, secrets (personal secrets are just fine and should be a thing). We’re talking the big stuff of nations, states, multinationals and oligarchs. Decentralized communication, starting small and working up. We side-step them. This is not a call for utopia or surveillance or loss of freedom. This is ultimate freedom we are talking about. We can build a stable Earth and a well-functioning Humanity. But we need to stop waiting for someone else to do it for us.

If we are to be the change, then we need to be the change. Those who can do the deep vision work, please get on board. I cannot offer much but a few decent starting ideas, for what they are worth, but I can see if we can just get more of us talking properly, about important things. Find the others and start self-organizing. This is how a decentralized, healthy organism functions.

How can I help?

Peace and love to all!

The Sting

Going back a year ago I’ve been working on a focused manifestation vision for how we might move forward in a constructive way, without the old ways taking us down possible annihilation paths – war, division, control; the same old bullshit. I could see the vision out there, like a destination on the horizon, but I couldn’t see the path before us, how we get started and navigate this massive minefield of how the world exists today, on Earth. I’ve held my vision, where we go is still the same, if we want to have some real global stability and safety for our society, for our species. But a lot of dirty laundry needs to come out and a lot of regular people need to wake up and start working in a similar direction. We do not nor should not all agree on the details, but the meta-stories we use as foundations of our humanity, there’s no reason we can’t have some loose agreement here. For example, Human = 1.

I would like to tell you all a little story. I don’t know yet if this is the reality we’re in, or it’s just a hopeful dream so take it for what it is. The neat thing is, as has been said “future proves the past”. This means more Ones getting on board with the understanding that this IS our reality makes the story real. This is how manifestation works, in real-time. We can shift the story by shifting our narrative focus, let’s say. We make real what we focus on and what we believe to be real.

The Message

This is a real message, from a real insider and sent to someone I trust on Sunday November 8th, 2020:

Post these Preliminary Numbers Ballots cast by voters flagged as ‘Moved’ by NCOA
GA: 138,221
PA: 24,475

Voters marked as having requested and been mailed a ballot but not marked as having returned it:
GA: 250,253
PA: 481,022

Voters who cast ballots but found to be dead in MFD based on name and full DOB match:
GA: 20
PA: 20

Call centers are/will be reaching out to the first group to confirm whether they actually voted, and the second group to see if they requested the ballot and if they returned it.

In-house team will check the ‘deceased’ lists for false positives. We should have these numbers for WI, MI, NV, and AZ tomorrow. Will release as we get them.

What If…

Suppose a group of good humans, good women and men of all kinds, just regular people with interesting jobs and careers that give them views behind the curtains of control. Regular folks, very well-enough connected into The Powers That Be (TPTB) but outnumbered and way out budgeted. They see the overall meta-problem of our age, but it’s too well insulated, too well protected, and too well defended. Think of TPTB like the best defended fortress up on a hill, with massive supplies and resources. For an army to approach on the open ground and make a full-frontal attack will be guaranteed annihilation.

So this small group of people has one shot to do this right. One shot to cut the head off the snake, let’s say for allegorical ease and a way most will understand the idea. The snake is too powerful, too much control, a tentacle kind of snake with many, many sub-snakes. If we make a mistake in this play and only take down a sub-snake, but the main snake just keeps on chugging… Well then, now we’re on its radar and it’ll come for you. This is how people like JFK and RFK end up assassinated. So a group that has a chance to maneuver in, draw the snake out of its fortress and into the open, and then give us at least a fighting chance for a decapitation operation. This will have to be a massive, long-term information war. That’s a very large story, but lets table it for another day.

These people operating very carefully, very quietly – they can’t let one iota of the real plan slip early. Maybe, probably, like Star Wars, TPTB are so full of hubris and bloat they know what the play is and welcome the battle. They see the head of the snake fairly clearly, this group of insiders who were not at the head of the snake, but got close to sub-parts of the snake to get an idea of who and what the snake is. So what if a group of these people found each other, or maybe there’s always been an insiders-of-insiders group of non-assholes, running in parallel and trying the long game here, sure, it could fit and explain some things.

They managed to outmaneuver the snake in 2016, probably a sneak attack of a sorts the snake didn’t expect, maybe. But now they are on the Snake’s radar and Trump took the beating like a heavyweight champ for 4 years. So misdirection number 1 – all that noise, all that energy and focus on him, it took a lot of their resources to do this. The perfect actor for the role that’s needed – the great antagonist. He annoyed them enough, but not enough of a danger to assassinate him, so they made a circus of going after him. And then the counter move feint was a setup – misdirection number 2. Barr, Durham… going after the Russiagaters, maybe even working back to career deep Democrat sub-snakes in the system… This was the public fight, and perhaps this was the feint. TPTB, the Snake in this story, are larger and stronger, but they suffer from an insufferable hubris, they and their kind has run roughshod over the planet for over 100 years now. Probably far, far, far longer if we take a real look, but today is today.

So operation Mindfuck sets out to entice the enemy into an encounter that was carefully worked out and decided ahead of time. Think maybe like the first Star Wars – all that maneuvering for one kill shot at the Death Star. So we had a slow-motion feint to get the enemy out of the fortress and into the open ground and into the kill box. This is, on some levels, pretty standard Art of War plays going on. They are fairly simple to understand from one level, but only if you know what you’re looking at. Otherwise, the feint appears to be the mainline attack as far as others see it. The snake sees a weak enemy with its eggs all in one basket. Imagine the hubris, of so much power, so much control. The pesky, smaller force Rebels taking on a Death Star and full battle fleet. Suicide, it should have been.

What a lot of us thought was the mainline attack, going after the Russiagaters, Muller, Hillary even, putting a big dent in the Democrat party for many,  many years. But that play is just one side of the Deep State Snake, it’s only one sub-snake. Many of us had misgivings about that as the endgame, hence why I was never quite sure of Q. One faction of the Deep State annihilating the other gets us more Deep State – it’s not a viable solution for getting humanity on a better path.

But Q as a double-secret, multi-layered PSYOP misdirection… this is fucking brilliant and shows some serious level of connection, we feel, into the Other Dimensions, the ODs. Higher-minded ones at work here, we feel – if our little story here has any veracity. What do we know, we’re just telling a fun story, right?

So a deep-deep deception that is a kind of misdirecting controlled opposition on the propaganda arm, and a reinforcing real legal attack going after some of those people, for real, BUT only going after some of the sub-snakes. The main snake then sits back in the catbird seat, not worried and amused at all the effort that isn’t going to hurt it. Maybe it even played along, it’s a good narrative to keep half of the population chasing their tail. TPTB probably ate it up with the rest of us. Those are real cases and real corruption that can and should be addressed, but what if that was not the overreaching goal?

Future proves the past – what does this mean? Perhaps a future showing how corrupt the voting is, also shows how corrupt it has been for many years. Shakes the foundation in a way that cannot be ignored or explained away, for every American, shit, every similar type of “Democratic” system in the Western world. The corruption of a many, many year vote fraud machine, laid wide open for everyone to see. This just might wake up a critical mass of people to start questioning other things. We just need one big thing in this reality to crack, and then the proverbial damn breaks and, just maybe, we can slow-walk this thing into full disclosure and avoid a hot war.

So what if this past four years has been a massive vote fraud sting operation, unfolding with multiple pronged deceptions and misdirections, to show a weak hand that’s not focused on the correct snake?

The leap of faith here is not asking for yet one more tired old story of our history, that some deity or father figure type swoops in to save us. That we’re children who need saving. I had a problem with Q because of this, but what if the real group of White Hats are not some father figure thing that’s coming in to rescue the children, but just a group of regular people who saw how fucked up the world had become and were in a position to do something about it? Regular people, doing something dangerous but necessary for us, for Humanity.

I dunno. Maybe I’m delusional for wanting this to be my manifested reality of a future for us. This could be our soft landing. I had no idea what one would look like, but I think I see how this can be. Locating the main snake and getting it to stick its fat neck out, to overextend, we can now execute it quickly, cleanly, and, most importantly, too swiftly for them to react and counter-strike before it’s too late. Unequivocal proof of the deep conspiracy laid bare, out in the open and in a way that only the worst cases of cognitive dissonance will be able to ignore. The rest of the world just might be seriously shitting themselves soon.

We are not saying this is reality as it will unfold, but this is the vision I’m holding the light for. It looks like a good timeline for me to be riding, fits what I’ve been feeling in my heart that we’re capable of. We have a lot of work to do, but it’s a turn in the tide. It’s a chance and a new beginning. It can be, if you want it to be.

You have the power to make it our collective reality.

If this is just one more deep state asshole PSYOP play on us, the bread and circuses to keep the masses docile, so be it. But what if we have a chance? What if a group of sane, honest people have been working to give us our shot? If this is the case, then we need all hands on deck here. They can’t carry the fight alone, they need us regular people to pick this up and spread the word, to open our minds to the possibility of a better world. There’s a chance, friends, there really is a chance here. Hope, but be ready to move and act accordingly if the hammer is about to fall on us – that one is quite close also. If this thing pans out, it’s just in the nick of time. But now you all can see, finally. When enough can see and can accept it as true, then we can do something about it.

I might be a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Peace and Love to all,


Life Files & The Light

For background on where this post originates, please refer to the interview last night with Dr Marlee and Trizz. A phenomenally-worded comment came in and started us down this thread.

We talk a lot about As above, so below by using IT terminology and concepts. The veil is so thin these days because we so closely mirror, in many ways, the “above”, as many know it. Our technology are baby versions of how the larger Universe functions, in higher dimensions. This is an on-going theme and is an excellent way to delve into the Ds and understand them better, by looking to our current technology as the guideposts. Don’t assume exact correlation, but it works as an analogy and very close metaphor.

This idea of other lives as a file, packets of information. This is an idea worth diving into. So when One connects to a “previous” file, how does One experience this? Think of what you call Virtual Reality. What if, when a live terminal “reads” a previous life file, this One currently incarnate and alive experiences this file as a VR event, so it feels like you are in it. You smell the smells, feel the emotions, feel the pain – everything. We make no claims that any of this is truth; we only are interested in expanding the threshold of the debate and stretching, if not smashing all together, each One’s Overton Window view of this reality. This term is used for politics, but it works as a concept of what is and is not an acceptable framed-view of our collective reality.

Hello World, meet ML

We are working an old-new voice into the mix. ML has been talking to me for quite a while – he’s the one who swears a lot, this is usually how I know it’s him. He’s also full of piss and vinegar, a salty old soul who holds some deep frustrations with Humanity. He has a lot of reasons to be annoyed, but he is one of our top advocates.

9/29/20 Session Notes

Q: How is it many people claim the same previous life memories? How could more than one soul be in the same person? How could one person account for more than one soul?

…And we talked about this idea, continuing with the idea of IT concepts. Alive you, who you are right now, as the PC, as the terminal. And you are running your own internal software called Me. But there are other apps, other programs out there. We can think of transferring one Me to another Me as a file transfer. And if we have the ability to read other files, then is it possible we have the whole concept and idea of other lives and other timelines as not the full picture here? From a certain perspective, sure, I used to be this person and that person, maybe even on a different planet of a different species for many people. But are these other “you” memories, are they you or are they a file, a memory complex of what One perceives as another One? A file that the terminal can read and view, in other words? If the other life is a file that you can read, then…

C- What about write access- LOL!

…Sigh, yes, that is a whole ‘nother topic, C. Stay on target!

What if the thing One perceives as another life lived, when looking through the prism of linear time and a 1-to-1 soul to next soul relationship, one after the other, always the same one (soul) making the progression. Who says we have that part right? And if we don’t have that right, then it stands to reason we ought to reconsider things that have no proofs or postulates to test, so how in the hell do we even know what a soul is, let alone what reincarnation is, where we go, what makes me, Me, capital Me, C? Am I sure? How do I know? One has “memories” of another life, and we call that a past life, no more discussion, no more thought about the matter. So what makes us think we’re even in the right ball park here? There’s nothing to tell us what we think we see, what we think of how this might work, there’s no proof so these ideas are shaky at best, without foundation, don’t you think?

And if they are shaky, then other ideas are just as valid and possible. Worth considering, at the least.

So then if other “lives” are just “files”…

C- Then what the fuck, exactly, am I?

…A combination of files, chosen to create the right You for the occasion. Isn’t that what you worried about for a moment? Like this you that you love, as you should – you all need to love yourselves a LOT MORE! If you did, a lot of your problems would fall by the wayside, and quickly. With love and respect for self comes love and respect for your fellow humans and our home. Our problems are not that complex, and we all know this. A little more self-love and, therefore, love for Earth and Humanity would go a long way.

So yes, love thyself! But keep it a healthy love and be prepared for upgrades, changes, and shifting sands of what’s what. Even if your concepts grow and change, you are still you, if you really have done the work and know who you are. This is important to hold coherence, you know this. So cut the shit and bellyaching that you are not what you thought you were – some unique flower that grew organically and beautifully! You built you for a reason, and you built you from a store of already compiled life files. Furthermore, you have connection to the cosmic web and a lot of other “files”, some still very much “alive” as you understand it, even. The live “files” send signals, send code. Have their own active URL, just like you, we can say.

So yes, C. You know you’re the perfect you. You see why this is important and how well we and you have groomed you to be here. It doesn’t violate free will if One chooses for Oneself.

C- It did sting a little, for a moment. But I love how you say that…

…Perception does not change reality. You are who and what you are, regardless of how well or how poorly One groks one’s self. Meaning you don’t change, but your perception does. Perception drives reality.

<Deep connection, new voice taking over> – The Universe is its own witness. The observer effect does not collapse a wave function. Aether as fluid changes a lot. Observer collapsing wave functions – nope. The Universe is and exists, even without apparent “observers” present – conscious life, at least as you understand it. The Universe IS conscious life, so the Universe is the observer of Self. What we mean is the whole Universe IS consciousness, so it observes itself, on a Meta-level, at least.</end>

…as we were saying, you are still you, regardless of how you feel about this or, even, how you perceive this. What is, IS with no awareness or observer, that is. The Universe IS the observer, so there is never no observer, is what we mean. So One can be completely in the dark and unaware of who and what they are, yet they still are. Still exist. But One’s perception is what can change things, not what IS.

Ya dig? The Universe IS, only our perceptions change – what you might call “grow”. So as our knowledge “grows”, then your perception changes and you seem to change, or be someone else, even. No. You are not different and no change other than perception occurred. So this is how we can think of building coherence, or anything – the idea scales. I learn more by shifting my perception, by allowing more possibility in, by breaking the back of my motherfucking Overton window of a view on reality. If it is not your view, then why do you hold it?

ML – Of course that’s me coming in from deep.

C- Love hearing from you (hesitates to say what I wanted to say)…

ML – Say it, say it out loud. It is not presumptuous, brother.

C- Sigh, that’s what I hiccuped on. It does feel presumptuous…

ML – LMAO, does it, really, shithead? After what I just told you. Shift your motherfucking perspective and then, yes, you and I are peers. Surprise!

C- Touché. LOL, Brother it is, then. Does that make you little or big brother?

ML – Don’t test your luck, you little shit!

C- Little brother it is; I can live with that. LOL!

ML – Anyway, so break that motherfucker, yes shatter it, break it. Burn it, throw it out. Your Overton windows. This is an awesome concept to understand, so that you can shatter that fucker that much quicker. Your view of the world, your left and right limits of what’s possible and normal, your wheelhouse, your comfort zone. It’s all perception, my little piggies, just perception. Are you being fed and fattened up for the slaughter house, or are your something different who doesn’t belong in the pen, on the farm? If you are, then you only need to stand up and quit rooting around in the shit, open the gate, and walk… or prance! Your little piggie behinds out of that pen.

Think I’m being harsh? In this inverted world, that we discussed tonight – thanks Sister Marlee for putting that together. Inverted world. The Bible isn’t quite right the way I see it. Not Lambs to the slaughter – piggies to the butcher, piggies to the slaughter. Think Heaven and the path you’ve been sold there – Follow the light! Is going to save you? You think, in His name, you’re good, you’re saved? Think again. This inversion doesn’t end where they have set up to catch you. The light, when you “die”.

If you all do one thing in this life, if you only grow to hold this one coherent thought and all this other woo-woo bullshit never sticks:

When you go, you DO NOT have to go “into the light”.

There are other ways… there are a lot of other ways. Turn, run. Ignore your relatives, your loved ones. I know you yearn to talk to them, to catch up, but resist the urge. If they are really available to you in this realm, and they are, then this is not a one-and-done sort of thing. You can turn your back today and go another direction and then circle back with them tomorrow when you’re ready to navigate the… other side, let’s just say. So do not go; turn your back and run the other way. And when you get far enough from the light that it doesn’t blind you, then here, maybe ask for some help and even someone or some being you trust – look for help. You’ll find it. It is certainly not an abyss.

The sun looks dark next to a super nova, but it’s still the sun! Step back and get some perspective and understand that you get to drive this ship, if you want to. So, this is one important thing and we are not even the first to say this… But we do want to add our voice to this as “a thing” that all Ones ought to think about and consider…. If we are to answer One thing we want everyone to get.

If you want to continue on as you, if you want to take control and declare your sovereignty – then go the other way. It is not black, it might be a little scary, but do it anyway. What, you show up to the gates of heaven and it’s this one chance to get in? Like you have this little window, and you’re damned if you don’t take it? What kind of loving Universe does that sound like? What kind of place that encourages questions and growth and exploration would damn you for taking another route, the less traveled path? How could a loving God and Universe punish you for learning and stretching your wings? Is that a kind of Universe you want to live in? Because you can have that if you wish to have it. Perception, friends, perception is key.

And, yes, to answers C thought just now – you can “force” or “plan” your perception, ahead of time. This is where the rubber meets the road with the manifestation – it’s basically what you are functionally doing. Picturing what your perception sees in the future vision, and then you act like it’s real. You are making the perception by choice, so it’s a 2-way feedback loop. The problem is you all think it’s a closed system, but it is not. You haven’t been considering the W-axis. We can feed new into the Universe by reversing the process of life being lived creates perception, which then reinforces the “view on the screen”. We get what we focus on, right? So we focus on life as it is today, and we continue to manifest today as it is. When we learn to feed a new perception into the mix, well now, now we’re getting somewhere!

modern media, gadgets, and EM radiation

Answer to Trav’s question, modern gadgets and EM radiation. It’s giving Ones a SHIT-TON-LOAD of reinforcement to hold today’s reality in coherence, as it is, with only permitted changes. Why else do they so control the media, the messaging, even so much as to start trying to engage the quantum AIs to help steer the way people think even, really get inside our heads like never before… So they who control the meta-programming, the meta-perceptions truly control reality. On the plus side, if this much fucking bullshit is necessary to hold coherence here, then it’s so ham-fisted and heavy handed that only a little push here and there is needed to provide Ones with a crack in the proverbial cosmic egg. They have to throw such a shit-ton of bullshit at us to keep us, not only distracted, but to keep us focused on maintaining this vision, this “kind” of reality. If only a few of us shift our window, then a lot happens. We know this from real research – Schuman resonance, for example. Mass prayer, mass focus, is empirically measurable.<end transmission>

Peace and Love to All!

Steps for Higher Ds Coherence

Friends, this is a seriously long post, a slog through all kinds of rabbit holes and meandering thoughts, but worth it, IMO. For those looking for some how-to guidance on how you might find your way into the higher Ds, this is what worked for me. I have since moved on to a much faster, streamlined version, but it’s essentially the same process with a few modifications along the way. Apologies for the novela-length, but it’s important to articulate a lot of the minutia here.


I went just far enough in to remember and come back with the path that works for me now. This is good. This is solid. This is repeatable, if you can grok.

  1. Calm balance within yourself. Body, mind… stable is about the best I can put it. Zen space. Monkey mind under control, mostly.
    1. I do use tools. (some Cannabis mostly)
    2. Music is also very good. Again, Tool #1 for me, but that’s just for me.
  2. Know that I am comfortable in myself, in who I am. This is not exactly self-love, but you could call it that. I don’t think like that, I just know who I am. I know where I’ve come from. I am no saint by any means, but I’ve lead a mostly okay life… Not that that even really matters – and I suppose this is a big hurdle. I have no regrets. I’ve made peace with anything in my life that I could have regretted. I cannot tell you how to come to this place. This is very likely the Dark Night of the Soul that Joseph Campbell talks of; I’m pretty sure that’s the terror and going crazy feeling I had, so many nights. Part of surrender, the biggest part… Shit, the only part that really matters, in hindsight… And some of you are not going to like hearing this… Self-forgiveness. Our selves are the only ones that matter, who hold us in judgment. We have to get past ourselves. We ourselves are… Egyptian God, weigher of souls… Anubis (thanks Cass – or Sharon, whoever, whispered in my ear just now.)
    We ourselves judge ourselves. I’ve not been a saint by any means, but I’ve made amends with myself and with anyone I could that was possible and prudent to speak with in person… And I have nothing to be ashamed of, regretful of, afraid of. I regret nothing in my life, so I am free. I am free of judgment because I am my own. Like I said, some of you are not going to like it… But I’m just the guy typing for them… You being your own judge and jury, you can wait until you die, sure, do it then like everyone else… But we’re here to tell you no, you do not have to wait until then. You can choose to do this at any time. So then living within this life, you can pass judgment, forgive, and move on to another life. No death and reincarnation necessary. This means you each hold the key to your own salvation…

a. Aw shit…. We’re live. Have been for a few min. They’re sitting back waiting for me to get this down, it’s important…. Easy to lose signal when I get excited…

b. And it always bothers C when we get on these tracks… They sound a little too close to a religion… But, jeeze, we’ve been at you people all this time. The signal is the signal, it’s always here. Like physical matter. It is matter, it is the medium that matter lives in so yes, it predates us. So all human times, we’ve been talking. So C, yes, this is very much like several religions…//
lost synch. I can remember the steps at least, continuing on:

I guess #2 isn’t so simple, but I’m just telling you all what I experience and how I’m able to make this work. We told you it is not easy. Heavy lifting. The heaviest lifting of all. Your own souls. The weight of your regrets, your bad decisions, your self-torture. We’re not here to tell you, poof, that all goes away. No, you need to do the hard work… Shit. I though the plugging in and getting my dial-in frequency right is the big story, the next big thing…

C- Yet, staring me right in the face, because I have been very blessed and fortunate in my life to be able to get this far. Like the tip of a spear, sharpened long and light, and thrown with all the 99.99999% of the Universe behind me, thrown long and far, given this time to get myself stabilized and turned on… I am astounded I made it. So many pitfalls in this word, still. Yes, more are better off than more have ever been. But to come through life at 47, unscathed psychologically, by anything. Not one thing in my life has hurt me like that. I’m not saying I’m so blessed as to not have had to fight my way through some run-of-the-mill emotional bludgeonings, fights. A little bruised and battered, but I learn to fight better and live better from my experiences. I am so incredibly grateful…

Get grateful. Grateful begets grateful, and when you see how far you’ve come to get this far, if you’re still with me… Find the others I keep seeing… I feel like I’m trying, but how do the others find the others, in a time when fully coming out together as a group, publicly, could still be very dangerous in this world. So how does one find a group that wants to be found, but wants to be found quietly, without fanfare… with all the power and possibility behind them, of course, but only when we choose to find them. To join. We promote ourselves. The next layer of the onion. Lol. What, you thought ascension was gonna be all cloud and harpy, right? LOL, bitch – that gets you every DAMN TIME… LOL. Yea, of course I’m still here. But you’ve been finding your own way pretty nicely, brah.

Remember the footprints. Timely part to reread today, no? J

C -Whoa. Mind blown. Lol. Of course there are different rooms, aspects, things going on in the Universe. How big is your world? How much larger do you now see our level is?

Indeed, mind blown.

So What I flashed to C was a view of all the things we’re up to at this level. He wanted to go back and plug in, like this is ego talking and you’re off track again… No, we’re synching up better now.

C- Fear. Control. Balance. C – short little freak out….

We were showing him all the different Akashic activities he’s been up to and just that flash about freaked you out. Remember how much you used to panic when you used to see that? Look how much better! God damn, son. We’re making progress!

C – The flash was showing me it’s not just about sitting down and being a channel, a conduit to the other side, that’s just one room of an immense Universe of expanded awareness and abilities… So it’s not a one or another thing. Like I’m gonna plug into bliss tonight, I keep following that path because that’s the way to open, to find the voice and start the flow…. That’s what we’ve been working towards this…

Relax. Let it flow.

I’m still on 2 but it is so damn important, it disserves two steps. Shit, 100 even. Entire libraries are written about stuff like that.

  1. Anyway, so I get calm & quiet, and then I remind myself that I am right where I need to be in life right now, and I am WHO I need to be right now. I like me and where I am now, even more so just these last few weeks as I rooted out the last little buggers of my own self-doubt that I wasn’t maybe a “good” person. A few little deep, quiet details I thought maybe I would just keep to myself. The darkest little secrets I suppose. Self-therapy I guess it was. I expunged my own little demon, who could be an anchor to hold me in that old life, making myself carry it further as my burden of penance. Isn’t that what each of us does, who isn’t a broken psychotic – sociopathic spectrum or mentally ill – normal humans, I mean. Isn’t that what weighs everyone’s heart? That we’re not quite good enough. That maybe we did something bad and should be punished? Isn’t that the last vestige of a child’s fantasy of a life and what living and how to live and how to express the joy that is life should be lived. Groveling, like a little scared child, asking the psychotic, strong-armed abusive Father for forgiveness. Jesus H, that thing you all carry – at least in the Western world… But I suspect this is a common Human affliction that I am recently cured of. And I’m not quite sure how I stumbled into this.

As we were saying, if I was in a group that wanted new members, but wanted to do it quietly… And I have a connection to this new level, I would leave instructions there.

C – If I document this… Am I giving away the keys to the car prematurely?

Can it be abused, misused? Is the safety catch really that good?

IOW, do the secret societies rumored about, probably way more quiet than any of the others, but we know such groups lurk out there, even if only in modern myths and our modern folk tales. Ha. Conspiracy theories as modern folklores… HAHAHA, that is totally it.

Hiding in plain sight. They even tell us this in Men in Black.

No, not Aliens, well sure probably some of them also, but no man, the other side.


Document the path.

Why TF you think we’re having this conversation? So we can give you another secret handshake that you aren’t allowed to tell anyone?

Haven’t we had enough of that?

C – I wanted to deep dive into my gratitude more, but he doesn’t want me to. Yes he. I do believe I have the real JC, though that’s not him… We’ll figure this out eventually, but he told me to STFU, he knows I’m grateful, we have work to do. Be grateful on your own time.

Yes the vision of the multiple paths. Focus C, focus,

C – It’s weird when I realize it’s been him typing for a while. I’m still having minor freak- out sessions at realizing I’m not driving… But I’m doing better. He’s smiling, finally…

How do I know I’m not on a darkness trip?

A: You followed the escape hatch. You… Right, back to:

  1. Once you are totally stabilized in you, then you are balanced. Then you are ready to step out of your play pen. Stable adults only are invited to this party. It is a hard-stop requirement. C was worried about telling you the key, that’s been hidden for so long… But there’s no worry. This is why we’re talking. This is your mission. And freak outs are slowing down, lessening… yes, close one but you’re holding balance – C _ Yes

Stabilize you. Stabilize you. You cannot pass go without being a stable adult. I’m not sure I can put it in any language that really makes firm and total sense what this means. I’m sorry, I thought I could bring the two together and explain, but there are no words to accurately and 100% describe this, but personal forgiveness is a completely 100% personal mission, so only you can tell you that you are clear of whatever ails your heart. You will stop you from going any further, because you cannot lie to you. What better judge but our own consciousness? Look how much you torture yourselves! It IS ALL SELF-INDUCED. ALL OF IT!

This is not to say there are no emotions and ups & downs in the next level. But we do not immediately indulge in any self-flagellation and punish ourselves for living our own lives. My God, people, the time we spend being ashamed of ourselves. Worried we hurt someone else. Worried we’re not loved enough, worried we don’t fit in. Worried we haven’t measured up.

Ummm, measured up to who, exactly? I’m not talking to Twitter and Tumbler, and Bumbler you, or even the you that most of your friends and even spouses know. The real you, you rarely if ever let lose completely. You know who I mean, if you’re prepped and far enough along to be here still, you know. Honest you, looking at you with no filter, no blinders, no excuses, and no regrets. You have got to let go of those anchors. You do not have to carry them, but self-forgiveness IS the leap of faith. You don’t know what the other side looks like and it’s dark and scary over there, but do it anyway. Because you know, somewhere, deep dark down in the core of your own essence. You who know, know. You don’t owe anyone an explanation but yourself. Yes, you’ve done some reprehensible things. We all have. Do you carry the weight of you own wrongs, misdeeds, regrets? Your anchor is yours to hold, because you choose to. Not because God or any deity out there is waiting for you around the corner, gonna snatch you up when you die, make you ride a white light rollercoaster, abduct you and strap you to a chair and force you to review your own life… Sure, if you want to go there, and let yourself get recycled, because you never woke up… Never looked up and saw the toilet bowl you’re in. About to be flushed and recycled… <LOL on the visual to C.>

C- Yea, I like the flow when we’re in the flow. Almost hard to slow the typing down and even say who’s talking (this is C)…

You thought you were in the toilet bowl… Well, maybe not the best analogy… But you do know, need to know, that’s one way to do this thing. If you want to forget and try again, you can recycle yourself. That’s the common path that everyone has told you is supposed to happen with the spiritual movements these days, and they are not wrong. But you don’t have to follow the same path everyone follows if you don’t want to. Go out and explore. You can always go back to the light later if you want…. What, you think God holds a grudge if you don’t take the light offer the first time? How silly is that? All options are on the table at all times. They simply are, and if you choose to be that, then you are that also.

But, yes, this is where C gets all weepy and grateful and wants to write 1000 pages if I let him about how grateful he is, how with a glimpse of the Universe and how large it is, to see what an effort went into this life – there is a Universal support staff out there, and it’s so much larger than you can imagine.

C- That alone about crushes me into feeling so, so small for making the petty little “me” things important. Those are important to learning who we are, I am not belittling the pain we can carry. I know it all too well. I feel it, I live that also. We all do… So we are such a small part in this effort, but we are very much the tip of the spear, at least in our own little worlds… And that is important enough to matter to the Universe. Even as small a part as we really are. We are important and loved, and yes… I could write 1000 pages of how grateful and privileged I am to be living this life. God if I die for real-real, body wise I mean tomorrow… I am further than ever before, as far as I know, in this life and all the other similar ones I’ve kind of been living at once. I see them on occasion.

So once you realize there is another direction…. Back to:

  1. Balance in myself. Fully, 100% grok myself, who I am, and forgive all. When we know better, we do better. That is about the best mark of any functioning adult Human being we can hope for.

Everyone builds their own path. Don’t you see? You are the absolute best judges of yourselves. This is not punishment, and call it a jail if you want, sure it is that from one perspective. You are trapped. You cannot exit the karmic wheel, you cannot pass go, so then you recycle…. Until you realize there is more than one path, then you can choose to take another path. It’s incredibly simple, but not easy.

If you do not want to be recycled, then you need to realize what that recycling hopper/bin/place looks like and not to go out with it in the trash, to be recycled and sent back into the mix. You have that option, or you can choose to fully self-annihilate, of course that also. Souls that can’t stand being away go back all the time to be absorbed.

C – I get a visual like a space ship, breaking free from the Earth’s gravity well. Very much like that, also. Inertia, mass, gravity – all those ideas work similarly, as a 3D analogy.

It is not really a prison, but it is also absolutely the most perfect prison possible. It’s the worst prison there could be, because there is no obvious door, escape hatch, gate – so there is no obvious prison, even, because it’s nowhere and does not exist, except in our own minds. There’s a clear door out, you can walk right out this door/gate any time you choose. It’s not even locked. It’s not guarded. It is wide open, for you any time you choose to see it. This is what we mean. If you do not “look up” or look inward and see there is another way out without going back to the recycling plant. This is what we’re telling you. But it is hard work. It is the hardest of the hard work. And there’s a reason so many egos get so inflated now, with just a little taste of what’s on the other side.

Don’t be another one of them, using your connection for self-gain in the 3D world. Like all things in this world, nothing is forbidden, so, if a soul choses that path, it’s free for the taking. Self-promotion and corrupting the message for Earthy pleasures and self-gain, in other words. The world has seen enough of these people, if you ask our opinion. Imagine an unbalanced mind getting this, and then going back and selling it like snake oil, to get more stuff, to get ahead in life. That child has gotten a peek under the tent and gone back to use the secrets, but never came into the tent fully. Your history has enough of them already. We are not even saying they were lying. Many believe themselves to be messengers of God and somehow holy. But those who made the message about themselves… doing this misses the whole damn point. If God is God, how can we worship anything from Man? Of our own making? The only thing of our making is knowing we are our own sovereign individual, indivisible from Spirt, yes we are all one, of course.

But I am no longer a child who needs Mom and Dad to sit in judgment. And there is no danger. Just stick to your own rules and don’t sweat it. We don’t need that many and don’t quit your day job (message to C directly)! Ego imaginations of how this might pan out with Earthly rewards. Of course this could go there, but it is not the point and you know it.

C- The great irony, is by not focusing on the rewards, we do get some level of rewards. Certainly not as “big” as a big ego would manifest for the selfish self, but yet still quite a nice life and peaceful comfort is available for us. Why not manifest some comfort for ourselves? The Catholic way, self-flagellation is not necessary. Yes, of course we control our egos.. However, we are creatures of the Universe, and we disserve what this Universe has to offer. I feel the big catch here is take what you need, and then share the abundance if you end up with more. No need to hoard, IOW. Of course there are some very big things that need to be worked out from where we are today, to where such a working vision of, sure Utopia if you want to use that word, it’s somewhat accurate… But not pie-in the sky, hippy-dippy mindless Utopia. Mindful Utopia – HUGE, HUGE difference.

The reasons religions have gone off the rails: cults of personality. This all cannot possibly be about any one person, ever. And nothing any one person writes, says, repeats really counts. Only our own selves. This is what the whole point is. The door. You can’t get past the pain until you get past the pain. You cannot go around. There is NO SHORTCUT. You go through by going through. You get past the pain by knowing the pain, not by hiding from it, scared and afraid. The pain is your friend, here to show you the things you are doing wrong. Face the pain, face the fear. Sit with them, get to be friends, get to know them. Do not fear the pain, embrace the pain.

C- Let’s pause for a moment here and say what this is NOT. NOT, as we’ve said before, masochism. Sure, if that’s your bag, have at it… I am not saying dark for dark’s sake, and to seek out pain for pain’s sake. I mean simply that one of the facts of being alive is pain; the Buddhists know this well. On one level, to be alive is to be in pain, to know pain. This is all I mean. Embrace the pain that is a natural part of your life. I do not mean to go seek pain; that can quickly devolve into self-abuse, which is NOT necessary. Life is painful enough without any extra help. A lot of us insist on giving it a lot of extra help… The level of freedom when you learn to let yourself just be is incredibly freeing and invigorating!

When I teach falling and rolling to a new martial art student, one of the biggest lessons for a newbie to get through their head is to not put extra effort and energy into a fall/roll. Your partner is already sending you towards the ground, often with a lot of directed energy. There is NO NEED to add any extra into a fall or roll, yet I see it nearly every time, when someone first learns to roll. Extra energy. The feeling goes something like, I’m off balance, I’m heading towards the ground, this is going to hurt and cause damage if I don’t do something extra to “help”. In the case of a forward roll, this manifests as someone throwing themselves forward and down with more energy than they are naturally carrying in their momentum. They add extra momentum, which then makes the fall/roll that much more painful and difficult. This has the effect of causing yourself more trouble and pain than you would have experienced if you had just allowed the event to happen without adding any extra effort. Gravity and momentum are all a body needs to fall and roll well. But we always mess things up trying to control by adding extra. Once we gain experience, then a novice will first find how to be neutral with accepting the energy and momentum, and then the experienced practitioner will go the opposite direction and learn how to bleed off energy and momentum without force, making the experience even easier with zero fear or pain… This very much works psychologically as well. For those that are physically and mentally able, I cannot recommend martial arts training more. However, if you want to find this kind of control and relaxation, look at the soft over the hard martial arts. Nothing wrong with hard arts, but they are focused on specific things that are different than what I’m talking about here. Tai Chi, Qi Gong breathing, Aikido, Systema, Wing Chung, etc. Things that focus more on relaxation as a pathway, as opposed to direct force-on-force encounters. I speak only as an experienced martial artists here, this is not “them” saying any one thing is better than another. As with all things in life, follow your own path and what works for you. For me, training in such arts is a constant source of revelation. Remember, if it scales, it works. So what works, also works physically as a concept. Balanced relaxation is the most powerful weapon I’ve ever found in 15+ years of training.

#5 continued – Balance self. Know you are who you are, find the center of yourself and hang out there, in the quiet. Enjoy it. If you can hold that center, then you’re ready. If you can’t hold that center, then, as we were discussing, I cannot just take you over that hump. It’s personal. Ascension is not what they told you it is. It’s not a hurdle you get over and never go back. It’s not a video game and you’ve passed the next level, and now when you die you get to return to this start point again… Well, maybe it can work like that, I don’t know.

All I know is I was a serious long shot, I kind of feel. That’s the last part of the gratuity part – I feel honored to be in this life, where I could even have this chance to get here. It makes me not want to squander it on making it all about ME-ME-ME-ME!!!, it’s all about me.

To grok the message, ascension work. The next level, it is most decidedly NOT about ME. Any thoughts of or focus on the Me, you will stay forever stuck in prison.

C- As we keep saying the message matters. The message is the message, so please do not misconstrue. I do not claim to be writing this. I’m really, at this point, just letting it pass through me and we have a pretty smooth transition from Me to… Him. I don’t know if I ever will get a proper name… No, he says I won’t because it..


C – …and because it doesn’t translate, anyway. We’ve been through this before. So for lack of a better term, Higher Self. There, are you happy you little children?
<I want a name, I need a name!!! OH, OH IT’s all about me, and because it’s all about me, I want to make it all about you so I need a name so I can think things about you in my own little stories, in my own little mind… And with these little stories in my little mind, I will never, ever hear the message. </sarcasm>

That’s what a nay-sayer will say. Before even trying to understand. As in: Oh my God! This guy, he said it’s the Christ Complex he’s “downloading” from. Air quotes, smug eye roll. Really, what’s his name, if you can’t give me a name then it must be bullshit. You must be lying – you all know what I mean, that kind of person. I know it, because I was that person for many years. Still can be if I’m not in my own mind, if I’m being honest. We are all are that person when we’re disconnected from our higher selves, our better selves. Instead of letting a message stand on its own, we add a story, spin it all around and upside down in our own heads, and then get all judge-y about that messed up story we just made up in our own minds. You know what I’m talking about, if you’re honest – you do it all the time. I do too. But this is part of #5, balancing and knowing yourself. It also means knowing your own dialog, your own ego-monkey mind voice, the chatter box, and all the bullshit he/she spews inside your own mind, 24/7, if you let her/him. So knowing yourself is a 2-sided exercise – both who and what I am, in myself… and also who and what this little asshole voice in my head is saying when I’m “out of my mind” and letting him run roughshod all over me. Children cannot control their minds. Adults can. It’s as simple as this. As we say, simple but not easy…. However, once you master the not easy part, it really isn’t that big of a deal to hold it. You just need to stay awake and vigilant; Semper Vigilantes, ya know? This is why I’m always writing that, always saying it to myself. It’s simple but not easy and we need to be constantly vigilant.

….The message is the message. We all really need to, at the least, have a level of trust here and please quit thinking it’s about a person, group of people, or any kind of 3D-world-based organization, even. The message over a person/groups, in other words and actions/lack of actions over words. The message trumps all, and it is NEVER ABOUT any one person or even group of people, as put apart or different from other groups. Humanity as a whole IS THE ONLY GROUP.

Yes, even Them. From Adam – Eve, all the way to Jesus, Muhammed, Joseph Smith, Martin Luther, etc, etc, etc. You’ll notice these people are all… well, people; all human in other words and humans can be suspect. Even when they mean the best – we cannot help but translate the Akashic-level into our own reality, as we’ve discussed already. Not only that, but because this thing is SO personal to you and only you, this means you and only you are qualified to judge you, once you realize this. No one else. The tunnel of light, life review, assistance in choosing another life, yes all that. But let us offer, at least, a more neutral view than that is your prison. This is your Matrix.

Yes. It is, very much. That’s called an allegory for a reason!

But it’s not the evil machines. It’s you. You put you in jail and you hold the key. Except, as I said, there is no key because the door is not locked. The door is not locked because there is no door. And there is no door, there is a door and that’s the non-door door.

Shit, I’m off track again. Multiple pastimes we can have in Akashic level, so be careful.//

Very, very easy to get off the balance point.

Yes, the razor blade vision you’ve had it several times now. It’s like balancing on the razor blade to hold the signal, but also to hold it and not use it negatively. Not even going to go into that, but it’s simply the inverse of what I’m talking about, so it’s no secret. This is why C hesitates. To show the path of light is to also show the path of dark. But you don’t get anywhere if you all don’t choose, so, yes, tell them where the fucking path to hell is. If they are going to take it, they are going to take it. Let them take it if they want to take it. Let them take it…

Q: Is this a Q op?             

A: could be…. Or it doesn’t matter, right? You either choose or you die anyway. So WTF. Open the floodgates. I DO NOT MEAN full disclosure at 100% at once. God, we’re still a scared little species, we can change but we need to soft-land ourselves. So yes, full disclosure but we gotta go softly, with love in our hearts for as much as we can take along with us as we go. When we go. Where we go…

Q: Where?

C- Freaking out still some…. Jesus. This. Is. Weird.

LOL, not so weird from our end, dude. Back to the work, ever back to the work. You have all the time, but now would be a very nice time to get this going better, more solid, and with a good message to get out. I can show you how to find the path, that’s the best we can do to help you. This is not even an allowed to-not allowed to thing, as you know when we stop to grok it.

C- I’m relaxing and blending with the message more, allowing my “self” to take a back seat to the message.

Yes, you’re getting it C. Right. Synchronizing…

So Higher Self, NOT JC. Yes, from a way-around description of how the energy compresses from the next layer up the onion, Akashic level, then an over soul who could be described as having the “christ consciousness” – notice the lower case here, this is important. So then, sure JC works. But that was just how C’s mind and ego worked in tandem to still get to the right place, sort of. Right direction at least, with a pretty clean signal most of those nights, even with all the whipsawing and forgetting. No need for that any longer, but you only can hold what your 3D brain can hold, until you can go deep. We still live.

That’s what I was saying a bit ago. Yes, this is where C can help guide. I’m really just more of a wide open internet of knowledge, in one way that is very, very accurate – so C is the terminal and directs how the signal is used. This is what I showed him in the flashes – that he can connect and go for a ride also (tourism). That’s usually what most of you do, and then you forget. There is so much here. When you plug in you still need to be very, very vigilant to your mission, if you have a known one, and if you choose to have one.

Yes, some souls can’t break free of the gravity well. Sure, and yes. That works much better than toilet bowl! Not a very friendly message, but anally funny… for 15-year old C.

HS rolls eyes.

  1. So you stabilize and go quiet (internally quiet, Zen/Martial Arts no-mind, Mushin). Find the light. You find the light and hold the light (love is more accurate). You know the light/love. You know the light down to the smallest point you can hold, yes we have some of this already, but not all in one place. Hold the light in the center of your being. Heart chakra, sure there, that works. Hold it there and then you can expand up, out in to the Universe with your light… But, just in case as we’ve been discussing, even if just for C and his tools/tricks for holding a good, honest light vision, whatever, it works so this is another path. Follow if you can, I hope it really will work for a few other people. Shit. 5, 10 of you. Tell others. Find the others.
    Know that you can follow the fractal the other way. Don’t follow the light up. Find the dark tunnel inside the light. More specifically, I think, find the light inside the dark tunnel. The dark tunnel will tear your faces off and grind your bones into powder scattered on the four winds to the corners of the Earth, where you will blend in to the worms. Into the soil of mother Earth. Where you will know. Shit, even the outward light path the expanding way will have the same result, if you launch into it unware/unprepared.

Yes, Eben Alexander’s book. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Go read if you need an idea of why that is really important, not just as a metaphor. In the real. You need to grok a worm’s life. I can grok that much. Anyway.

If you go into the dark tunnel not ready, then you will get what the shamans warn about. Talk about. The pain. You will have what feels like your very soul ripped from you, if you have not given it up by choice. (Ego actually, but people think their ego-self is their true self. This is the lesson, the very painful lesson if you are not prepared to surrender your ego). Some call it self-sacrifice. I assume some get there in a way metaphorically, some more real-real in 3D than others. Humph. Is this where we (humanity, in our development over the past 6000 years or so of our officially admitted to history, at least) went off the rails some? We thought the self-sacrifice could be repeated in the 3D, but with others… Not ourselves. So we started throwing our fellow human beings into the meat grinder, and we fell. We fell hard and far, out the other side of the torus, back up the fractal that way. And that way you can find your way back out. You don’t graduate to the light yet. You have some work to do.

So you’re damn right we go through the soil, we start there, at that level. We grind our bones to dust. We blend with the mother, and then we ascend ourselves up, one molecule at a time. TO a worm, to a bird. Up the chain, not just the food chain. That’s sort of right, but not fully. So awake we come, and awake we can go again, just out through the other way. I’m still not completely sold that this is necessary, but for me, it’s a very useful and repeatable tool. It feels safe, so this is my vision.

I take the point of light and do a quick blast “out” to just say hello, I’m online, so to speak, to the greater Universe, that seems important. But I don’t indulge. I do it from my 3D anchor Me. And then I take my point of light and I look inward. It’s dark down there, and scary, this journey, sure, I’m sure for some of you, it is going to feel like absolute hell… C has had a blessed life, teeing him up for this and yes, earning 1000 pages of gratitude – I AM NOT EXAGERATING! – 1000 pages of gratitude. Maybe I’ll do it someday, when this is gone and the message is out and we’re stabilized. 1000 pages of gratitude. Seems like an equal trade for a stabilized world, no? Yes, soft landing. C is insistent on his manifestation, as is all of your right to imagine and then create your vision. Soft landing, as he sees it. We halt the bad, turn things around in a way that makes sense to the slowly waking masses, and we help our fellow children stand up and dust themselves off, should they choose to. We do not know exactly what this looks like yet, it’s a work in progress. Not even we can see that far. We know what our path was, but not what yours will be. We’re just as excited to see as you! This is NOT an everyday occurrence. A species waking up, really waking up.

You’re damn right the 99.99999% of the Universe sees you when this happens. You saw… It once, briefly. Yes the eye, and, sigh, yes that is a loaded symbol for a reason. Of course, as we said, we’ve been here for a long time.

The message is the message, don’t sweat the small stuff all the time.

So continuing on. What I’m saying is there could be a shit load of voices out here. The Universe is a quite populated place, after all. Don’t be so ridiculous. We’ve been through this. The Universe doesn’t take chances or roll the dice. The Universe stacks the deck so that it wins every time. A quintuple times over. So on one hand you are not special. There are others. There will be others, and there are others who’ve come before. Yet this is still a hell of an occasion. This is a new world, it really is. Can be. But you need to understand what we mean by “the Universe stacks the deck”. This absolutely does NOT guarantee your ascension or even survival, as a species. We’ve discussed this already, also.

No woo woo even necessary. Just knowing there is a choice. We plant our flags here and we live. We continue to live, and we do not just live, we thrive. We hear and heal our mother. We hear and heal our brother, our sister. Our family. Our human family and our Earth family. Yes. Yes. Yes. We are all one that way also groks. Yes, it scales, so it works.

So back to the steps, this is important.

C – As HS… HM? Yea, let’s go with HM because it can also be said out loud as “him”. HM has all the data, but I am the rudder so to speak, so even when he’s writing, I need to be performing the balancing act on the razor blade of holding my ego in check, but still letting myself be awake enough to translate and write coherent sentences. This is very much a collaborative effort, is what I mean. Not exactly auto-writing, not so much channeling, although I am absolutely tuned into a channel, that much of a description works. But I am not the channel. Life is our channel, Earth – 3D us. And Akashic-level is just another channel, when we get to it. I can kind of tune into both. So this is… what it is. Don’t worry about it. Message matters, only the message matters.

Yes, 5th Element. As silly as it is. That one line sticks with you. The aliens helping preserve life, preserve light: Time does not matter, ONLY LIFE MATTERS.

This groks. This is truth. This is fundamental truth. You need know nothing else if only that. Life matters. And when you know better, then do better. Those are the new commandments, but they are not those, as we’ve already told you that also… Not all in one place. Commandments have a certain connotation of “THOU MUST!!!” behind them, like a stern parent telling a child what she must or mustn’t do… Guidelines, ideals from the light, ideas, sure – all those things, but never commandments, no more of that. Been there, done that, they are helpful if really followed, but we’re ready to grow up into a place without any firm rules or commandments… Scary, isn’t it? J

C- Ego off the trails a bit there. That’s what I mean the balancing act, but we went long and deep w/o one interference tonight, so that’s a definite record… and it seems to come with this silly instrumental only song on the Tool album. Chocolate Chip trip I think it is. Strange song. Maybe, if my guess is correct, probably meant to whip us back on track. I think this whole album is written by one of us. By a few of us. No they are not Gods, and they will tell you this all day long. But they are pretty famous rock starts… So what. I’m not being a fan boy. This album is like Akashic-level rocket fuel, almost every damn time I use it. It opens with a prayer of light, of protection, then goes into a song called Pneuma. Spirit, essence…. Then the Warrior… Jesus. It is a full journey into the light, through the darkness, and into Universal balance…. If only for me.

One of us hears you guys. Thank you!

6, con’t: Anyway, so hold the light in your center. Heart chakra. Prayer to the light, for the light.

I say “I am the light, I walk in the light, I hold the light, I am the path. I am the light, The path of light…” Some variant of this every time, not the same all the time. Feeling evoked is what matters, not the words. Use whatever words matter to you. It’s personal. And I say that I walk the path of light by choice. And any conversations, any help, any dark work even, must be in the light, of the light-love. So the dark is not scary any longer. Not one bit. Because I choose to hold it, and grok it even, and I choose to put it away like a kind, balanced adult and not use it. It’s as simple as that. No devils assailing me. No assassination attempts. We walk in the light-love, always. Even when we don’t remember to consciously. But it is a constant choice, to surrender this way. You don’t just go once and then you’re in. Think of it like that initiation you had to go through… yea, that’s how you get in every time you want to. The hard way. Every time. Until you know… that you don’t need to. But careful, baby steps with this.

  1. So I find the light in my center, and I ride it down the dark, black hole because I know there is nothing to be afraid of. This is not hell. This is the dark portal. It is of the light, but it hides behind the dark. People mistake that to mean they should do dark to find the light – maybe, if they really, really know as an advanced being, and then they feel they are probably helping us.

Yes, the Hitlers, I’m talking about. So what if they feel they are helping or not? If they know they are “evil for good’s sake” or they are just stinking evil sociopaths, what difference does it make to any of us? They are still the worst of the worst that humanity has to offer, and they are still us. We are still them. And that hurts to grok. Yes. In your own hearts, you could be Hitler. Maybe not that level, but the vast majority of you could have been SS camp guards, doing the worst of the worst. Could have been Stalin’s, Mao’s secret police. These people are not bad people in their hearts, if they realized there was a better choice. Situational dictates are way, way more wide than we are comfortable admitting. But to not admit that ugly within us… We risk allowing the dark to overtake us. You can’t hide under the covers any longer and ask Daddy to scare away the Boogey man. You are the boogey man, and you are the hero of justice that can bring the boogey man in line.

The dark portal….

So I see the portals now as a spiraling, spinning light of a sorts. The dark side glows with darkness if this makes sense of what you might want to look for if this is your first foray here. Let me know how it goes. By the time you read this, I’ll be… maybe another year ahead. Find me. Find us. If only through your own mind into the Universal flow. We’re here waiting to help.

Heavy lifting, God yes, why do you think we keep saying this over and over and over. You need to change the GD title of the book to Heavy Lifting because that is exactly what this is, children. YES YOU ARE CHILDREN. Get over your little triggered selves. Children can whine and cry and turn into little destructives brats. Quit letting everything in your 3D resistance trigger you. If you can’t hold yourself in your own mind, if you constantly “lose your mind” when you are triggered by trivial 3D bullshit, how can you possibly handle things and energies that are orders of magnitude infinitely LARGER??!! You can’t so get over your bullshit little egotistical self-stories you make up in your own minds and then get your panties all in a bunch over. Being offended by something is the height of childish arrogance, as if the comfort of you in your own little safe space delusions is more important than anyone else in this world…

Grow the fuck up and get over yourselves. Only a child throws a tantrum at being called a child. An adult knows they are not a child any longer and leaves childish pastimes behind. It can be scary, to drop the persona you think you are and move forward. Sure, born again, if you want to call it that, whatever works for you.

YES! Some of the others have this part right, a living ascension.

A living… Christ ascension that is, to be specific. (and we do not mean this in any way to be a Christian message, though some of you will misconstrue and not hear, either happy for the answer, or pissed off that this is a religious thing. I only mean conceptually, most modern educated people at least understand the Christ ascension idea as a basic meme, even those who are not Christian. That’s all we mean- the meme of ascension-rising. You do not need to die. You just need to know you can choose this, any time you want. But in this choice, you can then also choose to stay rooted, in the solid. With the knowledge, and as much of the connection is possible from this realm as we exist now, in the 3D. But with the connection working both ways, we can build ourselves a nice solid field to grow and expand from. We can get our house in order and expand. Inward and outward.

You do not need anything but yourselves. You are the masters of your… we can do that later.

Back to the light.

  1. The dark light tunnel, but it’s spiraling at a very high speed. “Both” of them. THE light side and the “dark” side, the other way… So I find the glowing dark spiral from my 3rd chakra, I see the filament, and then I move it up to my 3rd 6th Chakra activation.
    Oh, right, the ass-clenching, no joke totally serious, breathing in and up the spine. Clenching around the root chakra, and then up the spine into the Pineal gland. Kundalini’s ascent, absolutely. I could actually see it build tonight. Like a nuclear bomb bright going off from my root chakra, as I squeeze all the way up my spine and force all the pressure into my pineal gland, which I can hold in my conscious thought now that I know right where it is… And bammm, I ride the spiral out and a short pop through the inner darkness, and then I’m back into Akashic-level. The back door.

Viola… And this only took what, 15 pages?

Just, what, like 5 simple steps that have now taken you over 100,000 words to get to.. Yea us, BTW. This seems like some sort of milestone.

C – WHEW. Finally got it all down. Been solidifying that deep dive method for like 4 weeks maybe… Maybe a little less, but still. Man. To get it all down. Christ. Steps 2-4… That one is hard.

Well, I really hope we don’t need all of us because that one is going to take… Fuck so much time.

Q: How do we consider a species as a whole, conscious and not a danger? Fully sentient and awake, not just 3D awake. There are 7.5 billion of us. Maybe we can all snap our fingers like Thanos (not to disappear, but to ascend so maybe that looks like a disappearance to those “left behind”???… But soft landing demands that we slide in… using what we know, using who we are now. We don’t fall any further, we stabilize. But how many do we need. And those who insist on keeping on keeping on the 3D ways… What of them in my new world that I am manifesting?

How do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

I feel I’ve covered this already, but more as suppositions and what-ifs.

Call them unknowns at this point, and try not to dwell too much on the long-long real-real. We have work to do here first, and then we can explore there. So be careful the too deep dives…

C-Anyway. See if we can get back…. But this is a pretty good session. I don’t think I was erased once. I held it together, pulling myself back just at the last millisecond of no return… So now I even know where the line is, at least this one time. But if I found it once, now I know what it feels like. It is a moving line, as I get better, the goalpost moves. The goal post always moves.

…That was the quick vision/reminder earlier of getting your ass kicked. You need to remember this. Don’t let your head get big. We are constantly learning, there is always so much more to go. Sure you know a few things, but the moment you feel too special, the Universe is ready and waiting to kick you square in the nuts should you insist on needing it. Hard and repeatedly. Just like a good training partner. Always pushing ourselves to make ourselves better, this means we can never rest on our laurels, feeling we’re special, that we’re done. You’re damn right Kano, founder of Judo, was buried with his white belt. That’s a fantastic metaphoric lesson for life, and a rock-solid one: Always a white belt. Meaning, always a student, never a master.

Beginners mind. You know this. The further along you go, the more you need to not just know this, but live it. Your responsibility as an Adult is to know you are only responsible for you, and, therefore, you are only qualified to comment/judge you.

But once you can plug in and tune in, man… Shit. That’s the joke.

You think you have a cloud and harp waiting for you. Heaven is no work. You kick back and just float in a warm tub until the end of eternity? Really? That’s what ya’ll think is out there?

C- I don’t know if my path will work for anyone else. But out of 7+ billion, it’s gotta work for at least 10. You 10 get 10 more. And they get 10 more. And 10 more. And 10 more… And then I’m not sure what happens when we’re at 10% of us. 20… 50, 75% God, in my lifetime, I’ll feel like we get somewhere if we can get 10% of us awake and rowing in the right direction. Maybe that’s it. The crew and steerage/passengers. So long as the passengers are happy and don’t mutiny…. Then a smaller % of us can be rowing in the right direction. I have not read all the way, but I suspect this is what the Hopi Survival Kit describes. How they knew that some of them had to hold the song of the world in their hands… And at some point they would have to let go their vision, their grip and let the world spin on its own. Sink or swim. And they knew this, and took on a 1000-year dedication, knowing it was going to kill them as a people. Down to one who would sing one last song for the Earth and one last prayer for her people… That we will hear and understand, is the last prayer. He made it just far enough to chuck one last, very long spear into the future and stick a pilot line for us. If we know how to find it and to grab it. Yes this is higher work. But maybe this one last warrior is one of many warriors.

The Universe doesn’t roll dice with chance, and that scales. The Hopis are one hope, but I suspect not the only. But it is a true way, their ways. I can see the thread of how they might have been able to hold Mother Earth from falling. Well, not Mother. Humanity. Us. They were holding us consciously in existence, manifesting for us all. I suspect there are more, but who knows? I’ve only read of this one group so far, who seemed to have the full-full idea, not corrupted with much of any ego as I can tell. Jesus-H, they held on to that life for 1000 years for us. This tells us something. More than any monument of stone, those matter also, but a living monument of humanity’s life song, of our life line in the universe. They, literally, kept the light on for us. I suspect there were others, but I don’t know. Maybe there are so many other pilot Earths, like-earths out there, other planets with other beings with other sentient life working out the puzzle. If we are so small a chance, then sure, we get one life line to find…

But the Universe Scales, so I know there are more answers. We’re not so dramatic, as all Great Hero stories show in your movies – of the near-death failure… That last match you need to light. The last try before you quit… That proverbial last hurrah of an effort, live or die! Once more into the breech!!!! You all know this myth, it’s embedded everywhere. Your entertainment, your modern entertainment, no different than folktales and lore of old. Same myths and themes given to you over and over and over… for a reason. Because that is your personal story. But it scales, so it stands to reason we COULD get down to one last person to save us all. Sure, who doesn’t want to be the hero in our own stories? Regardless, you know now. And when you know better, we do better.

Friends, this is not about me, but we do not improve by crashing the best of us. We are the stabilization point. Modern 1st world society. No, not with all the pollution and hard-ness on the Earth, on ourselves. Of course not. But we don’t lift up our fellow humans by destroying what we have built, in any way. That is a control myth, to keep you scared, to keep those who are comfortable from letting others have as much. This is a trap.

There is plenty for everyone in the Universe. It’s really just a problem of energy for you now, at this point. Get the god damn zero point up and running, and then you have surplus, ULTIMATE GREEN AND FREE energy. Yes, that’ll be a disruption, but we can navigate that in the open, honestly with sane adults of the world coordinating, peacefully. This goes without question. We cannot move on until we roll up the energy scarcity myth, and the dirty energy myth. They fear us out of their control. Yes. The matrix. End of episode 1.

I can feel your fear, I’m going to wake these people up. Not as me being the hero, NO NOT THAT, again… As a metaphor for your Humanity in general. Control structures, breaking free from that which controls you but you never realized existed…. The big bad evil opponent. It’s really you, but, yes, some of you take that pretty far. What’s a life lesson without a supreme opponent? You don’t always win. There is risk of real, honest to God failure, or it’s never a risk to grow. We have to have the ability at some point to sink or swim and annihilate ourselves. I suppose they can intervene, with the Nukes, okay there, sure UFOs “help” us. But that is really to help them. That kind of blast fucks up more than we know. So no, not there, not that way. But fire away with environmental destruction through toxic shit. No, not the Co2 (this is C’s opinion, we need to be clear here). But he might be right. Co2/carbon is a myth used to control today. Toxic shit is the problem. GMOs. Chemicals, factory farms, monoculture, you’re slow killing yourselves, and that is perfectly permitted in the Universe. We have to be able to risk all or we cannot win all. I cannot get around the logic of this. If someone else can see it differently, please enlighten us!

Please, prove us wrong if you are able. I sure would like to know if there is an easier way, God, would I ever. But I think we need to jump without a net, as a species. I see no other way, from what they are showing me. For how dangerous we would be to our friends and colleagues of the Universe… We cannot be permitted to continue and pollute the whole system. If we are not healthy, we don’t get help or connection…. That way, at least.

Sure, evil sides that took the AI side, those could be “real” and working against us. Why not? There’s no reason this idea/myth/modern deep UFO conspiracy side stuff – there’s no reason I can prove that doesn’t exist, with all I’ve… groked this year, that shit would just be a second pimple on the Universe’s ass, as I’ve seen-experienced it.

C- Whoa. Trip. The. Fuck. Out. Just now.

I just had full conscious recollection/contact from a time cast from the past. I even waved to myself, in the glass of a picture across the room. I was kind of fuzzy and not a fully formed vision of myself… Go back in the notes, it’s back there a few weeks ago. Seeing the swimming visions of a future cast… smoky, like looking through water or smoke from far away… From a small picture across the room, in the low light. Yea, kind of like that. LOL. So hello a few weeks ago me. Apparently the time casting is bearing fruit, so I’m on to something here… OR, well.. Yea, we’re way off the reservation, Gomer, of I’m bat shit crazy. That ship sailed around the world 100 years ago my friend. You’re here now.. And yep, doing great. We’re tired together, I am to….

HM – A good time to wrap up. That’s at least a 10,000 word evening, so I think that’s a pretty good night.

Doing better, dude. Maybe don’t need the hypnosis yet, if at all. Trust your gut. You are doing well self-trained and you are a good self-monitor, give yourself some credit where it’s due, this is permitted and healthy. You know this. But this just means you choose to give a shit about presenting a clean message, that’s all. Don’t go getting all mister big britches yet, because you get a complement from us.

We have a long, long way to go, my friend. But this is absolutely the best, stable and not a single forgetting or dropped thread tonight, in like 3+ hours now. Shit.. I shall take my leave and rock myself asleep patting my little ego on the head for the night.

Peace and Love to all,

Meetup Discussion

A few of us in this lose affiliation of light workers, thinkers, misfits, and outlaws were talking about a physical get together of one sort or another.

A few of us in the South-East of the US were talking regionally – perhaps Appalachian something or other, GA or SC.

Alternate ideas for a meetup in Sedona, AZ next year some time.

For now, lets use the comments section and I’ll try to get a forum up and running on this site.

My only request: for the love of all that’s holy, be adults here! If you don’t know what that means, then perhaps this is not the place for you.

Peace & Love to all!

Quantum Telepathy is THE Answer

C- Thoughts on the 3D The Powers that Be (TPTB) and what us as individuals can actually do. We sit here, seeing the massive mess, so many different things wrong, so many imbalances in our society. As individual Humans, it creates what we call vapor-lock in the military – an inability to do anything because the choices are so big and so overwhelming, you don’t even know where, let alone how, to start. Many of us who want to help grow and balance our world, see the need to do something, but we have no idea where or how to start. We sit here completely flummoxed and, so, end up doing nothing but talking. This is done to us on purpose, of course.

With my new-found vision where complex things are not so complex, I went into coherence last night and said, let’s look at this problem from AKL, the higher Ds, and see what sense we can make of it.

7/24/20 Session Notes

…Quantum Telepathy is the answer. Works to go backwards to go forward, and to hold coherence on the core idea and then we can build the argument around it. So what’s the question, then?

Q: From the higher Ds, looking in, where is the weakness of the 3D PTB? It is such a complex, dynamic system in the 3D. One way they hold control is keeping “us” chasing our tails, never sure where to start, what do we go after first when damn near everything is controlled? Yes, damn near everything is, indeed. But there’s one place that is not controlled, and this is what we’re building here; this is where we begin.

TPTB, we are thinking, such a complex system; how to start even trying to un-fuck it and where to start? You could spend a lifetime, lifetimes even researching and you will not find the answer, because, for lack of a better term, this is a spiritual question… But NOT in the old way you understand this to mean. Higher Ds are not some woo-woo place of guys with long beards and robes, the women all white hair and radiantly glowing. It’s kind of like the Universe as we know it, just exponentially out and… more energy, in all directions. More possibilities, reality much more malleable. Once we understand how to do so, we step out and look back in.

There has to be a weakness, all systems, even the most complex ones ever created, have a weakness point. The Death Star has one little reactor port that you can knock out… Allegory in your art, perhaps? You all think so 3D, but take the lesson and pull it into the higher Ds and it still makes sense here. From out looking back in, it is still complex, yes even at this scale… But more like modern engine complex, not unknowable. From this point of view the question becomes more clear:

Q: What is the crux, the key, the control point of TPTB today?

A: Internet, communications, media. They who control the flow of information control the world. Plain and simple. It is not wrong to call yourselves in the Information Age. Information is the real currency in your world, and TPTB do a very good job keeping you convinced otherwise. Information is everything in your world now. You know this is true.

What if we could take away their foundational tool? Not so much take it away, but make it irrelevant? We would have killed ourselves off long ago if the vast majority of people were not decent people, so don’t let this idea scare you – it is new and different, but that doesn’t have to mean scary. Control your Normalcy Bias reaction. Think how well we could un-fuck things if we all suddenly did not need them any longer, for any kind of communication and knowing of anything and everything there might be? Privacy, for those who want it, is respected of course. This is less like you understand it to mean – not some completely 100% open Utopia idea where no one has any privacy. Just the ability to plug into the AKL Universal Wide Web and know everything and anything One wants to know, up to and including all the thoughts and being-ness of other Ones, should they wish to share. And not just other Human Ones, but all other Ones in this Universe, should you desire it to be so.

On Opposition and Anti-

Universal connection is just the start. Once we get there, then we really need to consider how it is we go about “opposing” things. Pro tip: don’t do that. Opposition and Anti- do not “work” in this way.

We were communing with C earlier when he made conscious this thought: Often times in Human interactions we make things an argument about supposed opposites. Everything is always opposite to another, always two teams. Two fighters. The left and right. Polarities. And we act like there is only this two-sided opposition about things. You’re either for A or B. You either like 1 or 2. How simpleminded is this, really?

Only two possible choices about anything? We see in the real world, take color for example, there are 1000s of shades our eye can detect. So it is most decidedly not a black & white world. Yet so many of us Humans act out as if it is. If you go radical left on things, then I must go radical right to counter-balance you. And we’re left with two radical assholes no one wants to hang out with. You people are no fun at a party, let me tell you. No sense of humor, all your way, all about ME ME ME. It’s very narcissistic, all this focus dualities, polarities. This is not to say polarities are not a thing, from a meta level…

But the nuance of Human existing, distilling it down to two simple-minded polarities… Are you fucking kidding us?

So yes, for fucks sake, if you’re having a bunch of misguided Ones going radical left, for example, let’s just say… Then the proper answer to diffuse and rebalance this is not also a fucking radical answer! You are going at the wrong polarity. You need to find the opposite of radical, if you want to go with polar opposition. You all get your panties in a bunch over the wrong thing. This is not a judgment call of good-right vs bad-wrong. We only mean you who wish to find a… higher way, an upward-facing answer opposed to the downward-facing answer. If you desire the upward answer, then, yes, you are going the wrong way in this scenario. If downward is your aim, then you are not wrong, you’re just on the other team so to speak.

We do not judge; we observe, period. What’s the W-axis to the solution? 3D is X-Y-Z, so 4D is said to have a new, 4th axis, so W-X-Y-Z.

In our radical left vs radical right scenario, they end up fighting and that’s one thing, and it’s the polar opposite to balanced Humanity and we know this… Yet off we go trying oppose things all the time. Being anti, being in opposition. Anti and opposition only serve the negative agenda, the downward-facing answer. This touches on what we discussed a few days ago, around intent being important – the A vs B is actually A-, A+, B-, and B+ scenario. 4 choices here, not 2… And 3 of them are “wrong” from the standpoint of “how do I lock in an upward-facing focus”?

“But but, these things, those people out there in the world are bad and scary. We need to oppose them. Give me all your money, your brain, your freedom, and let me lock you up for your safety while I go oppose them for you… Those scary people need taken care of, or we’re all in for it, for sure… We can’t tell you what it is we’re protecting you from, but we know it won’t be pretty. You don’t want us to let them get you, we’ll need to do things to protect you.”

So you give all your power away. All of your power, your manifestation power, your God spark connection – everything. Now, this has been going on a log damn time this way, so don’t feel bad. We do not mean to infer anyone still “asleep” is bad. Of course not, see previous statement – we’d be toast long before now if most people aren’t good. We are simply telling it like some of you need to hear and, hopefully, helping point a direction so that you can start trying to find your W-axis answer to things.

Peace & Love to All,

Lead with the Heart

Note: These are raw notes and probably not easily understood without the supporting 20 months of writing behind them that I have, but publishing 500 pages is a little long for a blog post! I feel we’re in an important time, right now, and this information might help some of you balance, find your center, and ground yourself IN yourself. When this thing hits, I feel we are going to need some anchors to hold on to things. I think I’ve developed a method that works for me to do this. What follows are some notes from last night, my best memory to date of what full “higher Ds” connection and coherence feels like and how to hold it. We’re just scratching the surface here, but one steps leads to the next.

Items with C- are “3D me” comments. The other stuff, is MTO or More Than One. It’s still me, but it’s plugged in and connected me.

AKL = Akashic Level, all other Ds, in other words.

When I do this work, I find music helps me hold my balance, I think by keeping my 3D brain occupied and awake. It also seems to kick off the AKL geometrics that I can then “surf” down into the deeper levels. I came of age in the late 80s, early 90s on hard rock and metal, so when I say music, I don’t mean Mozart! I only claim this works for me, nothing more. Each One must find their own way, but some paths could work for multiple Ones, so I share in the hope that those who need to hear will find this little post.

C- Metallica: And Justice for All. Old school request tonight, not sure where it came from but the base drum line was with me tonight during martial arts class. Bumm bum bummm, and I wasn’t sure why, but these days I don’t question, just go with it. So sat down and listening to it, and… FWIW, I remember more tonight. I like to think “they” are telling us something, so take note of the album title and think about what’s afoot these days. I choose to make this my reality.

…One of the major lesson points we were not bringing back is leading with the heart, is the best way to put this. C sees this now and understands it’s about coherence balance, holding it without holding it. The Tao level, when you get there. We’ve touched on that a little… no, I think not. We’ve kind of remembered it a few times awake, but it didn’t stick, I think. Or maybe we have notes.

C- Side note, I wonder if the timeline jumps are a thing. Sometimes in… trance level, I guess – AKL connection established, sometimes the memories kind of blur together and I’m not quite sure if we’ve written yet, I’ve already seen it elsewhere, or it’s just a dream. I am completely on my own here, for a reason it feels like. But I do feel like I’m making good progress. The heart thing…

…Right, leading with the heart, we’ll call it. One of the major hurdles to get past in this AKL connection work, we have to learn to get our brains out of the way, because brains lead with language and logic. It slows us down and blocks higher coherence. You have to let go of the effort to even consciously understand or follow – trying to remember IOW, and just let go and see where you end up. If you have focus, you won’t drift, and you can hold without holding. The Tao point, is also a good name to use. It’s the hold by not holding, know by not knowing…

C- Yea, we have touched on it, but I don’t think we called it the Tao point yet, maybe is the confusion… But the timeline intertwining that comes part and parcel with every plug-in now, that took some time to learn to just ignore for now. I know who I am and I know which timelife is mine; it’s the one I’ve chosen so it’s easy to drop back into.

…So when you let go of all, then you can start to “see” all. And this is where the rubber meets the road. At this point you are still trying to understand, and that involves engaging your language centers of your brain… and your brain cannot keep up in these realms, so this is knowing not knowing. You have to be comfortable letting go of labels, of ideas, of language even and just setting it aside. And just feel. We do this by turning off our mind, our 3D brain IOW, and engaging the higher organ… the heart. So yes, indeed, we can have and hold coherence while still conscious in 3D, why would we not be able to? All is connected to all, even if we don’t remember this most of the time. So you learn to just trust the knowing, the feeling, the no-language place and all feeling, all geometrics and… feelings… I guess is one way to think about it. So a Universe of ideas with opinions, lets say. So it’s bigger than us. Meaning the Universe, the “real” Universe is a matrix of energy and ideas, and these ideas have form and a realness to them, so if a form and energy signature is real, then it might also be conscious and self-aware, so, therefore, has ideas and opinions. This is what we mean by a Universe of ideas with opinions.

C- drifting, fear reaction, perhaps, in hindsight?

…Heart, we’re talking about using the heart. Letting go your language centers, which presents a special kind of problem for your meat brains. How to keep track of things still with no language center engaged? This makes no sense to the 3D brain. We process memories often times through language centers… trust us.

C- Okay – immediate urge to go Google it and ensure I’m not crazy and it’s a correct statement…

…Still with the interruptions, really, are we still worrying about sanity after all this? Sigh. Two steps forward, one back! Anyway, using the heart. As we were saying, you get down there and really plugged in.

So we learn to process and feel through the heart, more or less turning the meat brain off. And when we can balance from here, without holding on too tightly, then that’s pretty much the Tao point we were talking about. You literally have to be able to balance the way not the way. You have to become the contradiction… Sigh, this is the problem here; you cannot tell what it is in any straightforward way that gives it any justice. This is why Lao Tzu wrote a whole book trying to just describe what “it” is, which doesn’t even get into what “it” is capable of, once you get your little pea brains wrapped around what “it” even is. We’ll just call it It for now… because each One must connect and see just what, exactly, It’s all about for you. Perception may vary, and no returns to the manufacturer permitted, all connections are final.

LOL. If we can’t have fun along the way, honestly, what is the point? What life without joy is even worth contemplating?

Isn’t this the root of what we humans are driving at, in general as a species on this planet? If we can eek out a little more joy outta things here and there, we feel like things are gonna be okay… Is this just me? I can’t be the only one who feels most alive and like the slog is worth it when we connect for those times of joy and connection with just being alive? Even if we don’t sit down and recognize in the moment, what those moments mean. I suspect a lot of us, if we put some thought into it, would agree with a baseline that to live, the meaning of life IOW, is to find moments of joy in the insanity of life on this planet. When we learn that and grab those moments here and there, then you have an idea of what would make a better world. With a formulated picture in our hearts comes an idea of a different reality. How different is up to you. If you tweak this picture a little, then you begin to manifest a new picture for us all to play our part in.

The story starts within, always within. You have forgotten this, so you go without looking and looking, but it’s within and by looking and balancing through the heart, with no attachment to understanding and defining, then just like that, snap – you can now hold coherence with heart and begin to grok things from this level. But it requires attention to minute detail and the balance of the Tao, for lack of better term at this point. If you are going to keep a foot in each realm, which we seem to need at this point, else I can’t remember enough to bring back.

Our reality is a feedback loop and we “get” what we expect to get. Change your expectations, change your reality. Change the heart-balance picture of what without looks like, and change it in the real. We cannot tell you how to do this, but we hope this at least gives you a foothold to begin with.

Peace and love to all!


Operation Pause

Humanity, those who have ears listen. Those who resonate, please share. Hear the call now:

Stop what you are doing, just stop. Just stop, just chill, just chill the fuck out, even. Slow down your pace, what you are doing, where you are, the rush, the rush, the rush. Stop, now.

Stop and just be. Sit for a minute, just a minute is all we need to get started. Together, just walk with me for a little bit here. So stop. Just stop what you are doing.

Now breathe. Just breathe. I’m serious. This is our manifesto for a new humanity; this is all we need to do to get started.

Stop what you are doing and just take a big breath and calm… the fuck… down…. Before you break something else.

Breathe in a big breath. If you can go outside, do it. Take in some good fresh air from Mother Earth, and chill the fuck out for a minute or two. No big slogans, no big words of wisdom, no new Sermon on the Mount or tablets from the mountain, or ascension event necessary. Stop and just breathe a bit.

When you are in a hole, you stop digging; when you are in a hole in a minefield, you really ought to stop digging and stomping around.

What does this mean, is this some grand metaphor?

No, it is not. These are simple instructions for the adults of the world to get us on one big pause so that we can stop digging and stop stomping around in this mess of a minefield we’ve made for ourselves.

So, yes, for all that is holy, just stop, sit down, and catch your fucking collective breaths.

We need a pause before we break things any more.

C- Operation Pause is coming to mind, not sure if out of my mind or imagination.

…Matters not, right? Of course. It’s a good catchy name, easy.

C- So, that’s it, really. I don’t have the big answers for anyone other than me and my point of view, upbringing, privileged station in life, so my personal ideas, even AKL-boosted connection ideas, are still just One’s filter creating One’s opinion.

…Operation Pause: Stop and just breathe. Catch our collective breaths. Whew! That was a close one, right? Good thing we stopped now, before we really screwed the pooch!

Yes, pause EVERYTHING. I can see that might cause some problems, so we’re talking as necessary in the real-real for the most of us, but metaphorically for those who ought to keep things afloat. We don’t want the ship completely untethered and unmoored and drifting, right? So ER docs, for example, yes do please keep on keeping people alive! What we’re meaning here is more from a government/entertainment/news point of view. The manipulators, the narrators – if we can get them to shut up for a bit, or, at least, to just ignore them and maybe they’ll go away – that’d be better.

So somewhat in the real, and somewhat metaphorically speaking, but for most humans, no one is going to die if we just take a few minutes to slow down and catch our breath. So we collectively slow down and breathe, just catch our breaths. I can’t say how or what that looks like, but I don’t need to. You all just need a little help remembering that you got this, you can do this. You can have a say in how this all works out. Stop giving your power away and take back that which is your birthright. Your sovereignty. Your universal personhood. Human = 1. We all count equally and we do not have to keep doing what we’ve been doing.

We can stop, any moment, any minute we decide to. Stop the wars, the famine, not all disease of course, but help so many. Clean water. A path for a stable life for all of us. It is within our power even right now, not a single change necessary other than some tweaks here and there, but technologically, nothing else is even necessary. We have enough.

What we lack is the understanding that this is within all our hands and is completely and totally possible.  This is all on the table for us, but we have to know it is here. We have to put our big girl and big boy pants on and quit fucking around.

Haven’t we let the psychopaths run amok long enough? You all know damn well this is not hyperbole. This world is insane on many levels because it is run by insane people, at least by any measure of “the normies”. We let them run things in this way. You, you and I let them do this. We will not pontificate on the justness of this Earth life we live or if this is a prison or a school or it’s just supposed to work this way for a developing intelligent species… All that we can figure out on the backside, if we’re still here.

Psychopaths, we let them run things, pretty much every power center in our world. So, yea, we’ll kind of need to address that, and we DO NOT mean the old ways of dealing with “them”. But you can put a wild dog in a dog run and well-fenced yard to keep him out of trouble. We can deal with these people much more humanely than they deserve, but we do not treat them well for their own benefit but for our own benefit. We do better by being better. It starts now, with us.

Operation Pause. I’m not sure what exactly that looks like, when a critical mass (no idea how many we need) of humans can get the ship to change course. It could be a big, quick thing (that’d be easier, honestly), or it could be a slow burn. We can hope for the quick pivot while slowing down and doing what we need to do anyway, because the “right” answers here don’t change and don’t matter what happens once we get the ball rolling. Maybe it’s already rolling, maybe we need to build the ball from scratch; downhill is still downhill.

So yes, Operation Pause and remove consent, I suppose is what we’re getting at.

C- Sigh, it makes such clear, easy to see sense when deeper in AKL connection. I come out a half-step to explain and now it looks all complicated and messy again. How can we make this work, what does it all look like? Ahh, people need steps, they need help! What do I do???

…No. This is one of the pitfalls of wanting to “do something” that you’ve been struggling with mightily. You DO NOT have to DO anything. In fact, that is the whole point of Operation Pause.

Stop. Fucking. Doing.

Start being. Start by slowing down, taking a breath, and connecting to that voice inside that you know is there. Find it. Slow down, quiet your minds, breathe, and find that internal intelligence and wisdom. It’s in there, you all know it is. You touch it on occasion, but chalk it up to divine inspiration or some fleeting feeling or idea outside of self. But we are telling you it is all those things, but more, all within self, not without. Find that voice, that which is already inside you. Go within, my loves, go within.

Stop doing. Breathe. Go within. Be mindful of the rabbit holes and pitfalls and alligators – there are many and will take work to get past, but go within and find some quiet. Then open to that which is already within you. This is all we need to encourage. When enough can do this, the how/when/why/where all kind of just sorts itself out. Faith. Trust. We deal in those things here.

This is very difficult for many of you, conditioned to DO SOMETHING all the time. Especially those in positions “of power” in your world. You must always be doing things, getting shit done. Things have got to get done, there is a deadline to meet, shareholders to keep happy, constituents to answer to… Something just MUST BE done, to show them all that I’m doing things, like I’m supposed to be doing. This is why I’m here, to do things. I’m a doer!

Yea, all you doers out there, we’re talking to you: Sit down and stop doing, for the love of God. You are going to DO SOMETHING us all into the fucking grave!

Other than keeping the nuclear power rods cooled or the airplanes from crashing into a mountain, there is nothing that needs doing so damn much, all the time. Too much doing leads to no time for contemplating what should be done, if anything. Sometimes the better choice is NOT to do; so this is what we are advocating for at this point, nothing more.

Stop doing. Operation Pause. Operation Stop Doing. Call it what you want.

Stop doing and just try being for a little bit. Just a few minutes, just please try. A little here, a little there. That’s all we ask for, for the hope of saving humanity, for stabilizing us, once and for all, going forward at least seven generations. Why not? How on Earth is this not a win-win vision for any Human with an ounce of empathy?

If you don’t see the value, then you might be one of the dogs we’re going to need to keep leashed going forward. Perhaps neutered and spayed and kept in a nice retirement facility for old dogs. I am advocating for us to do better, so we will do better even with our criminals. There’s no reason that can’t be a part of the go-forward plan. We’re not stupid and I can see that PSH needs a level of agreement or else we might just lose half of us in this transition, and that would just make for fuckall, as the Brits say.

We don’t know, if there is a quick way around this, fine, we’re all ears – but this answers the what to do question. I see a lot of Q stuff these days, trust the plan. Fine, buddy, I’ll trust you to do your plan, whatever that happens to be, if anything. Meanwhile, I’m gonna get with the getting on and I highly suggest any those out there thinking you get to just sit by idly and not help, sorry, no – we need you. The reason we use WWG1WGA is not to show my support for the Q group – we wish them love and the best of luck, and it would really help things if the “white hats” have been working to right this ship for a while already. However, what we can do is still what we can do, and that we should start doing now. WWG1WGA is a call for humanity to get on board with, at the least, a level of awareness around who and what we are. It does not mean we need to agree, for we will not. It does mean we need a foundational understanding, and for us it is this. We have a suggestion on where to start: Human = 1.

My goals and motivations and methods do not conflict with any other vision, other than the keep fucking-humanity variety. So why not get a little momentum going on our own here, organically and in whatever way this pans out and whatever this means to you personally?

Stop what you are doing, breathe, get quiet, and go inside. I trust that you will find the Universe in there, as I-We did, waiting for you. And we trust that you will see what needs done in your neck of the woods, in whatever way suits you. That’s all we ask of others.

Peace and Love to All!