Two Little Agreements and We Change the World

CliffsNotes for session notes and annotations:

  • C- Denotes “Me” asking a question or inserting “my” comments. Any text without a C- in front of it is, for lack of a better tern *them* talking through me. Don’t worry who/what “them-they” are – it doesn’t matter and they tend to get annoyed when I ask.
  • // is a section break. These sessions are raw note downloads, so they do not always flow from one section to the next like a good article or story does. The section break is to help you see there’s a break from the previous topic.

However all this *them* stuff is as best as I can “translate” what they are saying at that time I connected. A standard rule for this work – for any and EVERY person who claims to do this sort of work, please trust nothing I say. Zero, not a single thing I say anywhere and at any time. Do not believe it until you run it through your own filter and come to your own decision as to any “truth” that I might have gotten lucky and laid out correctly. All messages filter through Me, a fallible and suspect human. Every single channeling, writing, religious work, or supposed “word of God” anything – yes, anything and everything in our little world…

All of those messages had to pass through a human to be manifest in this world. Nothing manifests without human interaction and intervention. There is not yet a single one of us Human Beings who can claim to be 100% plugged in with zero bias, no ego, and no agenda wrapped around the message. Our language itself is imperfect with bias and inaccuracies baked in! There is no such thing as a perfect vessel for the message, because we humans are imperfect. Any and all messages from “the other side” are, therefore, suspect and should be framed in this context. Up to and including, yes, the biggest of the big religious works and writings. Lest I be accused of being coy, I’ll say it plainly: The Koran, Talmud, Tao te Ching, Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Book of Mormon, and so on. Every single one of them is biased and incorrect, because every single one of them passed through a human to exist in our reality. Even the best-known channel of our time, Edgar Cayce, everything came through with a very obvious Christian packaging. Not because Christianity is the message and THE truth, but because Cayce was a devout Catholic. Even in trance, his base humanity wrapped everything he downloaded with his 3D reality matrix of Christianity.

This is very, very important for all of us to understand, to grok, if we are to have any success stabilizing our world.

And yes, I know full well even saying this out loud is an offense punishable by death in some cultures. You want to burn me at the stake or issue religious death warrants, have at it. We have larger issues to deal with so grow the fuck up if me saying this triggers you into an apostasy seizure and you choose to lose your mind. We need adults in this effort, not little children who can’t control their own emotions and thoughts. If we are to get somewhere EVERYTHING has to be on the table for rethinking or reinterpretation, through the lens of “this came from a human, so let’s be careful how we use it”.

8/30/19 Session Notes

C- I am not trying to gain converts here. Each person can help things go better – and they really don’t have to do much but just agree to shift a few “sacred cow” core truths, and agree to consider than any “set in stone” belief or dogma could use a little updating – just a little smidge of evolution. So much yet so little required to effect change, when enough people hold these ideas in their hearts, then change can/will easily happen.

Simple, but not easy.

So, if there is an “enemy”, it comes as doubt, fear, and… Kind of a heavy-heart sad feel/flavor to it. It can be powerful stuff, self-doubt. Well, the “enemy” out there is a great allegorical story for our own inner self-sabotaging, negative voice that can send us down dark paths, if we indulge it. Is it really “Satan, the adversary” whispering and manipulating you, or is it just our own dark sides?

I propose that it does not matter one bit! Dark done in the name of dark – what difference who or what name we give to it, where the idea or responsibility even matters – evil, dark – what the fuck difference does an academic argument of ultimate fault matter, when we’re talking why a person chooses to go dark? Personal responsibility, I’m talking about here. Many want to shirk it, but I think we all know deep down – hell, I do, so I think I can assume… I think we all know deep down we each really do have 100% responsibility – us adults/grown and adult-brain-functioning humans – know we are in charge of “me”, yes?

I think a lot of ego and mental gymnastics get in the way of admitting it, but it is… I control me, period.

And, if that’s true, then the “the Devil told me to do it” or I choose to hear the devil, or even I make up this story because I want to do X some dark thing…. Then a dark thing/thought/action done is a dark thing, regardless if us humans are the puppet or the puppet master – darkness/evil committed, just is what it is.

Meaning, I think if we’re to have any rules here moving forward, then we need to collectively agree on a few core, common ideals. NOT rules, NOT religion.

  1. All functioning Adult Humans are responsible for their own individual actions and words, period.

It seems so painfully obvious and reasonable… Yet this is a fucking controversial idea! Personal responsibility for self through self-actions and self-words – that’s all!

God Damn, and to think we fight against this idea!

Even shorter ideal: I control me.

So if each one of us (functioning adults, again for the yea but’s in the back, FUNCTIONING ADULTS) if we all are ultimately our own puppet masters, so to speak… Then there is ultimate personality responsibility inferred with any and all activity of every single (functioning adult) human on Earth, every thought, action, deed, and word. If no blame for darkness/evil in the world can be blamed on anyone outside of ourselves, collectively even, then – and I think I have sound logic here, but maybe I’m not conveying the abstract idea so well… I’m having trouble, because personal responsibility does not mean bad things don’t happen or bad people don’t behave badly. It’s admitting ownership of our own actions/deeds/words. Self-accountability – being an Adult, IOW.

But it means you can’t lay your problems on anyone or anything’s doorstep, and that is a very tall order for someone who has been deeply wronged/hurt by another person or group… But I don’t mean fault for the evil/bad/dark things that happen to us.

Even now, I’m having to flesh this out and be careful articulating what is and isn’t “I control me”. I should be painfully and blatantly obvious… and that’s a core reason we are so fucked up. But I really feel, if enough people wrap their minds and hearts around this and agree to put it into every day practice, then we can indeed transform the world, for peace and our future.

C- And I don’t need any channeling or muse to know what in my heart feels right and necessary, and I visualize and focus on manifesting that reality. AKA, I hope & pray!!! HAHA, spiritual joke. (Hope and pray is kind of pissing into the wind, spiritually speaking, as I understand it – passive and not helpful, in other words).

//… connecting to a higher-level soul complex, what you might call a mentor of a sorts, in the Akashic-realm. But felt from a higher/next level, if you will, not in time but in energy and love vibration, for lack of a better term, closer to the light. Spiritually more developed than us spiritual bottom-dwellers – and make no mistake, humanity is barely above shit-flinging, cannibalistic chimps. You really are barely-functioning little babies, spiritually speaking. It’s how you are capable of so much fucking purposeful destruction! WTF! Man, you people got some issues! So, yea, big fucking headline if you didn’t know – you humans are some petty, childish, brutal, evil, spoiled and entirely too self-entitled little bitches… spiritually speaking.

The ideals professed are more of this spiritual complex than any one person/soul you humans want us to name. We are trying to draw parallels here in your language, but it’s not easy. Language is such an imperfect tool, but it’s all you have for the time being.

C- Frustration, I feel what they mean, but it’s hard to translate, even just kicking back and letting them talk through me, more or less. I think channelers call it a group of souls or “soul-complex” – that feels like as good a term as any; much better than any one name in our language – that’s just a rabbit hole, so worry less about “who/what” is talking, and just listen to the message.

So don’t take the above admonishment as you’re all bad little shits, spiritually speaking. You have incredible, unbelievable potential – shit, you all can’t even dream of today… but you are young and naïve, and a danger to yourselves and your planet, unless you get past your terrible twos, spiritually speaking, and grow up a little. Some self-realization and actualization would go a long, long way for you people. There is so much more out there if you just stay curious and open to change and evolution. You all can choose to change, and then you will. As we say – as you all say, C and his martial arts buddies say all the time – simple, but not easy. So, you do need to get off your ass and mentally in the game, but it really isn’t that much each person needs to do to help. It’s really nothing more than a shift of internal attitude, once you agree to be in control of yourselves, coupled with a knowledge of and feeling of connection to all your fellow humans, animals, life of the whole planet. Put those two little things together in your mind, and we change the world. We take a collective step in evolution together, and we totter forward one shaky step to adulthood at a time.

Note to clarify “Soul Complex” in your world/reality, a soul can be plugged into their “Soul Complex”, while on your 3D plane is their own Human persona. So someone claiming to be the savior or a savior is both telling the truth, but also not telling the truth. You gotta drop the idea of your prophets and wise people… It’s one thing to talk to/hear/channel from another soul complex, it’s something else entirely for someone to claim to be the flesh & blood embodiment of a soul complex. Be careful around those people. Beware cults of personality, IOW, in real life, we’re not talking writing/history/scripture even. There is a lot of good and truth in your religious books, so they are in part ALL correct – some parts – but they are also all wrong… again, some parts.

C – I think just now I see what’s going on, since I recall this idea from earlier today… For lack of a better way to say, it (new ideas manifesting in my mind) feels like maybe I get a file dumped in all at once, and then it takes a day or two – or even longer – to digest and decompress the file that comes from a much higher speed, let’s say… Processing speed, maybe. So then the weed, maybe, or maybe just time (passes) and then I can flesh things out…

//All holy works, scriptures, “word of God” are both right and wrong. If we can’t agree on that as a base idea, we will have trouble moving forward. Even with universal connection, without a base agreement that people keep their religions and beliefs, but they gotta be willing to let slide a few things out of their dogma – just a little, and then can choose – scholars, sages, priests, whatever – they can evolve their own views of religion, but we just gotta get them to agree that some parts can go, in principle, chalked up to human frailty and interpretation flaws – whatever. God, I don’t know how we get much of anyone to agree to that. Even though it’s from a place of love and respect for all life that drives this. A way to fix what is broken, to make a better world, and I’m not asking anyone to kill, hurt, lie, cheat, steal, or do any one dark or violent thing. I’m asking you to grow up, be self-responsible and pick yourselves up by your boot straps, and we can modify our beliefs by choice, willingly and together… And you’d think I’m another Hitler. He really got a lot of people to kill a lot of other people, and I lament/worry Hitler would have had an easier time doing all that evil that he did, that’s easier than what I’m getting down here. Radical peace and love and respect, because we’re all in this together, we really are.

And this is such a radical concept? A clean, healthy and safe world, for everyone? That’s gonna invoke cries of bloody murder, blasphemy, apostasy (punishable by death in some corners of the world – and people still think we’re not children?) Peace, prosperity, health, equality – as we choose to peacefully talk through and decide what that even means. All these things are possible and inevitable if you can all each do these two little things, in your mind and hearts. Two little changes.

Two little agreements and we change the world:

  1. All functioning Adult Humans are responsible for their own individual actions and words.
  2. All written word, scripture, holy books, “word of God”, etc come through Humans and are, therefore, open to interpretation.

And now we see the prison, both physically and mental/spiritual. If you are open to change, you are guilty of sin, if change involves any portion of the sacred system, so you bake in a subservience to a control system (with those no progress/evolution allowed religious laws/dogmas). Physical death, Islam, for example, but also spiritual death, damnation, or even annihilation – all held over those that dare evolve the “truth” too much, right? So you have a pretty good mental prison, as people tend to hedge their bets and not risk the damnation part and push too hard against those that set the rules for damnation; if we admit to a level of human fallibility that creeps into the holy works, then we can start to question from a higher, loving and interconnected level the “truthiness” of any written word of God. Doable, of course, but it’s not gonna be easy.

Am I wrong here?

Missing something?

For humankind and Earth’s sake, I don’t see how we can save ourselves if we can’t get folks to agree to a few ground rules, based on love and agreement that we talk things out, peacefully. Moving forward, but that we gotta open everything to reinterpretation and debate. The sacred cows have got to be slain; if not, I don’t see how we can save ourselves, long term. We’re on a precipice here.

Prove us wrong.

Is there another way forward through the darkness of our souls, long term for humanity and Earth? We are not in a good place.

Prove me wrong these two things are not 100% necessary for long-term evolution.

NO MORE REVOLUTIONS; we’ve gone around and around long enough! Just 2 agreements and we change the world!