Cosmic Lessons, Timeline Manipulation, and Q

I have two topics here that I’ve been afraid to admit openly, but I’ve decided to plow ahead. Feel the fear and do it anyway, right? Gotta crack some eggs to make an omelet, even if I lose or annoy people, or put myself on certain lists that I would rather stay off of. I can’t do my work without talking openly about these things that I connect to, even the crazy-sounding stuff.

1/30/20 Session Notes

Just now, before sitting down to write, I received a lesson-vision, in how we see other species, other galactic sentient entities IOW, as not hideous if/when we ever meet outside of this galaxy. Life is always a function of the love/effort of the compression of the Universe (that holds physical reality in place), so you must see an entity from this level  – the geometric 4D/5D is the same, anyway. But any non-star pattern – bipedal, two arms, 1 head – it’s allegedly the base pattern for our… system? Galaxy cluster? So non-5star pattern is bound to look ugly, scary, demonic even to us. But remember – from their frame of reference we would represent the same to them.

No idea why that popped in as a lesson, but excited for the implications of this lesson.//

PN (Personal Note) – I haven’t admitted this to anyone yet, but I believe I’ve stumbled on to timeline manipulation and forward planning, how it can functionally work as a tool to ensure we are in control of our own destinies. Just like with climbing or with one ship towing another at sea: I use pilot lines. I fire a pilot line off into the future, as a manifestation vision, AND ALSO then in the future, you fire lines into your past validating the future as you’ve made it. In deep AKL meditation, I seem to be able to navigate around and agree to accept or reject different future probabilities; different pilot lines, IOW.

As Q says, Future proves past. This of course has multiple meanings, but I think it works here also. I believe this is Project Looking Glass type stuff here. I’m having good results just on my own, so imagine if the oculus devices rumored to be a real thing are, in fact, real things? Someone has been dicking with our timeline probabilities, if that is the case. And, if that is true, then us functioning Adults need to get that Pandora’s box closed back up as best we can manage.

Maybe this is functionally a real thing, time-casting forward AND back in time, or maybe it’s just a mental construct tool that helps me build my own vision for my future. As with all these things I fool around with, if it works, it is what it is. If no one gets hurt, then we leave it alone.//

PSH must be us doing it for ourselves, and it will be hard work for now. Because any other way sacrifices to an unknown vision of a savior of some sort, and I cannot trust that vision to not wipe out a good number of us. The only measurement that makes sense in this world, to me, is this:

One Human Being = 1

No ifs, ands, or buts. We all equal 1. Ultimate parity. If this is a core Universal truth, and it feels as such to me, when in AKL, then the only fair solution to PSH is to start today by stabilizing so that every 1 can have the best world to try to make their way. This means any manifestation I agree to – Yes, “they” are peppering me with probabilities; different futures, IOW, different “pilot lines”. But they all jump from here to happy ending in my lifetime – which would be SO cool!!! But I don’t see how we can stabilize that quickly without cutting off a lot of 1’s from the equation. You could DMT-shot the whole planet, I suppose… But even that is against many 1’s free will. For it to be honest, and ascension is about absolute accuracy – honesty and truth, of a sorts. And it kills me to not to agree to the ego-based “we win big and quick” vision. Full disclosure tomorrow will rock the world. We are so goddamn propagandized, we MUST function under the Precautionary Principle. Survival is of utmost importance, as many of our fellow 1’s as we can carry on this ark. We can’t throw half of our passengers overboard, not honestly.

Christ… How many cliché stories are there like the modern Avengers movie series, where Thanos snaps and wipes out half of life in the Universe, to save the Universe? How perverse is this? I would rather annihilate trying to save us all than bump off half. Even (bumping off) any, if we can possibly do it…

Yes, given a choice I will sacrifice us all to save us all. Anything else is NOT scalable… Or is it? How does nature handle this equation, of species survival? I’m not talking natural selection and natural disease, death cycle. I’m talking putting a gun to some-1’s head and pulling the trigger, if it’ll save, for example, 10 more. In those games, I choose to not play at all, like the old War Games movie. The only way to win is to never play.//

For our own self-preservation, we must prove our civility and stability. For our own survival, it’s necessary also, so I see it as win-win. You can keep killing yourselves for only so long with revolution after revolution. It’s time to try something different, don’t you think?//

I recall writing this already, I think… Maybe. Einstein said “give me one miracle…” (regarding how the Universe first kicked off with the big bang. They need a miracle to get over the initial just before the big bang part, or it doesn’t work.) Shit, they all still do today, the Big Bangers, whatever they think of themselves (the physical materialists): give me one miracle.

For me, I do want one little one…

Q I think is it for us, but I still worry at the entrapment game at play here, somewhat against my own principles. If Q fits what disclosure information is starting to hint at, then it’s possible… Gotta make it believable to be possible; this COULD be the start if we make it so. I’ve been receiving Q references in my deep AKL work since last summer. Not a ton of them, but enough to scare the shit out of me at first, and now to consider the possibility/probabilities at play here. I am still not sure it’s not, as they say, a LARP, a misdirection… But I’m hopefully optimistic, enough so that I’m willing to use it as a foundational manifestation point for now.//

Perfect love for a manifestation vision isn’t a mindless anything goes sort of thing – it’s NOT being a True Believer, a zealot and non-thinking. Use your minds and souls, ALWAYS uses your minds and souls. This means even when standing at the foot of the Creator of the Universe itself, ask for proof. It would expect nothing more from an inquisitive child. I was fearing if I don’t “100% believe” then it’s not a clean cast/manifestation, and I might do more harm than good. But, upon further reflection, that’s silly. I can love a plan and work for its manifestation while still keeping an eye for the exit, should the path ever feel wrong. Mistakes happen. Even in mystic time-casting land. True believers are dangerous.

Trust but verify and be ready to run for the exit should we need to! What this means for me is I choose the pilot line very carefully and hold it until I do or do not need to let go. And then I choose again when necessary. Regular course corrections are necessary.

Peace and Love to all!


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