The Eagle and the Condor

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I feel I’m here to help on two fronts, should you choose to participate by reading.

  1. Pathfinder: Call me a scout if you will, trying out a path that, while known to many, is new to me. I suspect my path might be helpful to show others how to get from point A, where you are today, to point B: connection to the higher Dimensions.
  2. Different Perspectives: From my deep work some interesting things are coming out. It’s not really anything new. This message and information are everywhere, for those looking for it. We are not separate from it; we are it. And this is kind of the main point “they” would like to impart.

We have a choice available to us today, but it is a choice that has a finite time attached to it.

4/8/2020 Session Notes

Note: Working this deep can be difficult to explain, but not impossible. Think of what follows as a dance around an idea or group of ideas, to trace out what’s there but difficult to name with any one word or even entire books of words. So I must rely on a lot of allegory, metaphor, and simile to try to paint a picture that’s a somewhat accurate representation in 3D language. This is thoroughly inexact, so take it all as general words of guidance. As with anything in this world, if you want to find truth, you must find it on your own. I aim to help give you a bit of a path, but you must walk it yourself.

Humanity has a choice, as it always has a choice. The Eagle and the Condor prophecy, is a good place to start. The metaphor works well, so we’ll use this because it is already known.

C- <side conversation, removed>
Before we forget, the deep message for the night: the choice. The Condor and the Eagle. The rest we can come back to.

Who is steering whom here? Haha! We. We are. And this has been one of the largest hurdles. This need to separate and not know source. As if you go forward into a new life, a new Universe, alone! You pull all that you are along with – in fact, I do think we’ve already told you this, but it’s been a while. So yes, C realizing there is some good work in that old rambling bullshit, as we’ve also told you this several times now.

C- Sigh. Surrender issues, control issues. Story of my life!

Patience love, patience. We get where we need to be when we need to be there.

We were saying, humanity has a choice. We can clearly see the paths, but not in the way that you might think what this means. We have two meta paths we’re faced with now. We’re in the cone, we still have two paths. What we can see is the path of life in the Universe encompasses much more, we’re sorry to tell you, than just you humans. This does not mean you are not relevant nor worthy; on the contrary, you’re pivotal!

But you are not all there is in this world, in this 3D. There is an order to the natural world. Humanity has taken the path of the Eagle for so long, you are now faced with a choice – to kill the Condor and take your chances with the way of the Eagle, forever more until you make it or you self-annihilate. Perhaps you don’t annihilate, we cannot see this. We can only tell you there is a convergence point where you may choose in this Now, this timeline, but there is a finite amount of time to make this choice.

The choice between these two has always been on the table, but it won’t be at some point. At some point, too far down the path of the Eagle becomes a one-way, no probability to change paths as that new cone of expansion out the future side of the decision point. The way of the Eagle is more of what got you here. Maybe the tyranny that sits at your doorstep can save you as a species. Some must think so, for even the most dark entities seek to perpetuate their life. Ironic, isn’t it? No thing is so far from the light that it can’t decide to turn back… But the deeper you go, the more difficult the journey back. The path of the Eagle may or may not annihilate you, but it very well could.

However, the path of the Condor offers you refuge and stability for a future,  not absolutely guaranteed, but much more the opposite of Eagle’s path – highly probable to have a stability for human expansion and, maybe, even a graduation out of the playpen of the Universe, of the galaxy even.

From the outside of your fish bowl looking back in, we can see there is a natural order of balance to this world, and that balance, as many of you suspect, is laid out very clear in the models of nature. Not at all evolution and survival of the fittest – that is a perversion of the light for the use of dark. No, we mean that the model for balance is all around you, right in front of you all this time. You try to escape nature, escape the natural world and your part in it. You try to escape death and life and all that in-between, but divorcing you from your source. From your brother and sister, from your mother the Earth. From you father the Sun… Sound familiar?

What you might call Ancient Wisdom these days. Balance with your environment is what we’re talking about. Control by not controlling. If you can make it to 5D you can see. If you can find your way here, you can then look and see for yourself. We are not talking any human politics or angling from anywhere in your 3D world. This is about looking at things from a different perspective, nothing more. A new perspective gives new… perspectives.

C- I was so trying to find a better word there, but you insisted – lol!

Well, it works, doesn’t it?  You see for yourself and now we remember. Dissolving the boundaries of self in your own mind is all it took – no biggie from my perspective, massive leap from your perspective.

So the path of the Condor. There is a balance in the world that you have tried to remove yourselves from. You took your energy path and peeled it away from its natural place in the order of things. This creates disharmony. Our perspective can, hopefully, give you a new way to think about this problem. We are not offering a single solution, just pointing out this new, call it the W-axis perspective if you want, so it’s a new perspective never much considered by humanity. This point of view affords the ability to cut to the heart of the issue as it might be seen in 3D.

In peeling yourselves away from your nature, trying to control it as if you are master – clearly you know you are not, yet you are very good at lying to yourselves and believing your own bullshit. You have a business saying of “eat your own dogfood”. You people’s problem is you eat your own bullshit. Thinking you can control nature. Acting as if you are apart from nature and nature is a tool for you, is something you’ve divorced yourself from and see as apart from yourself. This creates imbalance and disharmony. Disharmony leads to chaos, chaos is chaos and, by nature, it really can’t be controlled very well. You might get it to behave for you a bit here and there, but eventually chaos always wins. It’s kind of like your gambling – the house always wins. As any human with a brain can understand, imbalance and disharmony are not sustainable. They always eventually fail. So you are looking at the fracturing and failure of one system your world has been using, and now you have a choice where you steer this collective experiment we call humanity on Earth.

What is it going to be?

Do you need to go further down the path of the Eagle, or can we make a turn from that path and pick up a new trail this time? We cannot tell you how you can do this, we don’t have solutions for you. We only offer perspective about what some of these different probabilities look like. We cannot say how long you have to make this decision. Even from the darkest of the dark, souls can always choose different. But the collective inertia is difficult to affect, and the more dark the inertia gets, the more difficult any future changes will be, and the more out of balance things will continue to become. You cannot sooth this one away and smooth things over to get back to normal. That train has left the station already, this year. Probably much longer ago; this choice was a long time in coming. Many of you felt it coming, even if you couldn’t quite put your finger on how you knew something was coming.

C- Right, jeeze, it’s a rare week that final scene from the first The Terminator movie doesn’t run through my head:
Boy at the gas station: “There’s a storm coming.”
Sarah Connor: “I know.”

The way things are under the surface, where the levers of power are exercised in your world, things are much different than most of you imagine them to be. But even this is irrelevant. This is one of the other parts to this we showed, C saw and is now sorting out and trying to translate. Collective change starts internally, so this is why all of the current power structures in your world could be irrelevant, if you collectively choose for them to be so.

With the final surrender, of the second door, letting go your last hooks of fear, of holding on, of being afraid that integration and plugging in to source, whatever that really is but it works as a definition – that you are going to lose yourself. But you get there by not finding it, it finds you. And you let if find you by doing the opposite of what you think you should do. Brute force jump out of 3D into AKL can be done by will, sure, but that’s hard fucking work. 40 years of meditation kind of work. You hold by not holding. Jump by sitting. Sit by jumping. You do the opposite of what you think you should do. Follow the black hole, face the fears, open to the dark and take a look at it (a look only, not a full dive of course) – but you can look at it, understand it. You don’t have to fear the bogey man out there. You humans are plenty bogey man enough without worrying about the other levels. Fix your level, and then we can work on the other stuff.

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