Fear is the Mind Killer, a Call to Action

I don’t have much of a voice, but that’s no reason not to make the effort, if even for my own sanity. What follows is a conversation with my higher self. If that idea bothers you, consider this a deep meditation on current events and how we might do better.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
Frank Herbert, Dune

Humanity has everything it could ever need, right now, to stabilize and settle in for the long-haul. We haven’t always had it so close, in our grasp. But our technology is… I was going to say coming alive but C raises a good warning at this, we need to be careful how we translate. Coming alive as a euphemism for geometric progression of something. His music really came alive when he mastered the chords… So NOT alive like AI, but what you’re building is damn good now. As above, so below. Your tech is getting closer to the other realms. But your tech needs to be your tool, not your crutch for everything that you are and do.

This is a big worry today. You are never before so well connected, yet you all also haven’t ever been so disconnected. At least in the Western, 1st world and many of the up and coming 2nd world developing countries. So few are truly poor, as we’ve discussed before. Yes, so many, due to sheer numbers, so many are still in dire need – that is never any implication in what we say. We simply state facts. Facts do not countermand other facts. More than one fact can exist together as much as only one might exist alone. We know this, we all know this, yet we fight on our hill and argue, as if most of life is an X or Y argument, when the reality is nearly ALL LIFE is a much more nuanced discussion about what is valuable and not valuable and what it means to be a useful Human being in this world. This is where we would be better suited focusing our energy and attention. We have the technology to do it from grassroots, with minimal work. We don’t really need them, TBTB (The Powers That Be) once we get to this realization, and, to me, it feels like we’re close.

Perhaps this is why all the death throes of a dying power structure that sees the end of its own days. Too proud to just relinquish control to the juggernaut of nature that will turn them asunder, regardless of how much or how little they fight. They know this. They have to know this, or they wouldn’t be going so ape shit out in the open these days. TBTB are on life-support and many of us know it, we feel it in our bones. Change is in the air, and they are going out like a bunch of spoiled, entitled little fucking children, if we’re to be frank. I’m not here to point fingers, if only to challenge my fellow human beings – even TBTB, for you are one of us; there is only us, not us and them. You had your time, and if you force this, you are going to take a lot of us down in the crossfire. Yet you persist nonetheless.

Why? You know as well as the rest of us, the adults are going to take over now. We’re not going to go the way of our forefathers, and of your forefathers. We’re not going to march into the slaughter for you ever again, so you don’t get to go the way of your forefathers regardless how much you may want to.

The adults of the world are waking up and we’re tired of this shit.

There’s no need for us to keep acting like this. As if what they use to divide us really matters that much. We’re happy to just go along to get along, the average, sane humans of this planet. We would have never made it this far if we are not the overwhelming majority. Yes, too many of us will look the other way when we shouldn’t, but we do know it won’t take all of us. Just some of us to tip the balance, and I believe we have reached this time.

The overplayed, over-hyped fear porn reaction has jumped the shark, as they say. Regular, salt-of-the-Earth folks are calling bullshit on this one. The jig is up. They can still cause us some serious pain in the ass, if we don’t get our shit together quickly, but we are doing great so far!

But they still control all the power centers. They can still cause us much damage, so adults of the world need to stand up and be adults, people. You know who you are, don’t go hiding, thinking you don’t understand what I mean. Those of you who still have a backbone and know a few things about decency in this world. I’m not talking about saints, by any means. Even petty criminals know who the real criminals are. Fear is the great killer they use against us.

When we can stabilize people to not be in fear, then we’ll know we’ve won. Fear is their only real weapon. If fear is all they really have, do you see why they are so afraid of us, of the people? How few of them there really must be, who pull most of the big strings in this world. We know it’s not all that many – maybe 10,000 total, if even that. And we are closing in on 8 billion strong. See anything in that equation? The terror they have of us. If we find out. If we discover the trick. If we simply walk away from their narrative and start our own, new one from the foundation of the old, of course.

How desperate they must be to openly pull the levers, that the propaganda and fear porn has become so obvious to so many. Do they not understand how they are pouring fuel on this fire they allowed to get going under their feet? They thought they had it all figured out. Their families have for centuries, but then something changed. I suppose it was inevitable, is inevitable. Give a thinking, cognizant being enough free time and s/he might just start figuring a few things out. If you’ve built your entire charade on the old paradigm of humans needing a strong parent unit to direct them, to boss them around, to kill and cull them when mom & dad thought it necessary, either for sport or greater cause in their end game, or whatever. That’s built on a lie, and when an adult realizes they’ve been bossed around with children’s rules, they simply stand up from this kindergarten desk of a reality they have for us and walk out of the room. We don’t have to play their game, and not even all of us need to make this shift, this realization. I do not know how many we need… Maybe 10% of the population. If the estimates we’ve seen – loosely – are correct, from people in bad, bad war zones. From WWII Europe, I think it was and this sounds about right.

So 5% of people are genuinely good and will not go along with anything immoral or evil. 5% are evil and take pleasure in being evil and destructive, and 90% just want to be left alone and will go along one way or the other, to a point. Tip that balance a bit one way, you get the Holocaust. Tip it back the other way, and we can get the opposite of the Holocaust. Germany was certainly militarized and heavily propagandized to support the Nazi regime, but by no means were all Germans Nazis. People don’t remember that part. So they allowed it to happen under their noses, and we somehow think that makes them evil… But the Stanford prison experiment shows otherwise. The vast majority is… well, sheep is applicable, but it’s so damn derogatory. It’s not quite right, because a sheep never pushes back. Decent humans will go along to a point, but at some point many will push back. Not all of course, and there’s probably some kind of sliding scale… But nonetheless the point is to look at tipping that balance in the other direction this time. Let’s say just another 5% of the population coming to the light side. That’s not really that many people. 5% of 7.5 Billion. That’s 375 million people, give or take. That’s not so many, really. 5% is way better than trying to get 50% on board, so don’t sit there feeling like this is too much. If only 10 of you could do it, nothing happens. We need real, lasting change. We need enough of us to hold an idea to make it real. We need enough of us to manifest a vision and then each take a small part of the mission and do what we think we can do to help the others along.

Feelings always come attached to a thing, an event, a memory, a physical action, words said, life lived, IOW. Right? A trigger is a commonly understood word these days, and it is a very good word to use here, in this way. There is an action of some sort that then kicks off feelings in our body, correct? An action and the feeling are, therefore, independent “things”. This means the trigger and the emotional response can be separated, if one chooses to contemplate this and enact it. As we’ve touched on before, this is not like a Vulcan of the Star Trek stories, devoid of emotion. We, in fact, are now free to feel emotion fully, as an adult and not in fear of it. To master emotion you do not run from it, as Frank Herbert instructs. You turn into it. You, as Melissa Mayer says, you lean in.

Fear is the great controller. It allows others outside of you to control your mind, and it allows your own mind to play tricks on you and engage the lower mind/brain functions to override the higher you. There are different layers of us in here, within our own minds. We always think of mind as in here, and soul as something packed in here also. Like you opened up your body as if it’s a suitcase, I suppose, and insert one soul in the body for the trip, and away you go on a grand adventure. When you’re done, you open the old (hopefully), weathered suitcase and take the soul back out.

As many of you know, you don’t, in fact, use all that much of your brains… of your entire bodies, for that matter. As your science is coming along with understanding, the mind is not just the brain, not by a long shot. There are more neurons in the human gut than in the brain. The fascia is thought to act like fiber optic cables. The organs and parts of you have their own inherent intelligence. Talk to someone who was sick and took Ayahuasca to heal. They have conversations with their “sick” organs all the time; it’s not that strange these days as you might think upon first hearing such things. Your entire bodies are the end-point of your infinite existence, and there is no “here” and “there” when it comes to physical and the rest of the beyond 3D Universe. It is all just here. You are the endpoint extension of this insertion point into the physical, but you are by no means sealed off from the rest of it, the levels and frequencies beyond 3D.

C- The play pen. I think I get why.

Right. Can’t have spoiled, petulant children manifesting chaos and destruction from the higer than 3D levels (AKL). So think of it as prison, or think of it as your play pen, to keep you and everyone else safe. You have the key to walk right out that door, as we’ve been over and over and now over again. There is no lock. There is not even a door.

There is only knowing, and when you know, then you know.

Find the others, and if you can’t find them, then start your own grassroots group. Don’t expect Q to do the work beyond what Q can do. We appreciate some help, if they are going to get the ball rolling, yes please!

But at the end of the day, the rest of us… Us regular people who do want to see us stabilize, we need to get off our asses. Call this a manifesto if you want, I suppose that word isn’t completely inaccurate. However, as we’ve said from the get-go, this isn’t about judgment or telling anyone what’s right, wrong, or how to fix anything. This is just the first order of business as we see it:  stabilize first, progress second. There is no real progress without stabilization.

We can’t fix it from within the problem – as Einstein tells us. New perspectives are in order, new paradigms to settle into place. Pull us back from war, collapse, famine, nuclear war God forbid, plague, whatever else they try to release on us. The key is going to be control our fear. If we can keep the fear from turning to panic, then we’ve made some good progress, then we can have the adults sit down and, in the open of course – always in the open going forward, clean this fucking mess up. Gawd, we’ve made a mess of things in some ways, yet not so much in other ways. Don’t forget to give yourselves a collective pat on the back. Not all make it this far, and we have a pretty damn good fighting chance now. We can do this.

Notice to Q and other White Hat Groups, if they even exist

To Q Anon, and all the other rumored and supposed groups, shit or get off the pot already and let’s get this thing turned around before it gets too ugly!

If you are waiting for someone to ask you or tell you, fine, I will step forward and be this person. Someone’s gotta light the public fuse. If you are worried about full disclosure, then form a committee in the open. Open up the books, let us all get a good view of where we are, and then we can work on this problem together. There’s gotta be some level of trust here, but if you all are, in fact, who you claim to be, then it’s time to put up or shut up. If you keep letting things slide, then you know where this could go. None of us sane adults want this powder keg to blow. You need to start coming forward and opening up. A good way to start would be a new kind of open sources committee. A wiki on steroids, bringing adult representatives of humanity together, whoever they might be and wherever we find them. It isn’t that fucking difficult to find a decent human being and create some sort of overseeing role that can help filter through all the disclosure information – ALL OF IT must be on the table, if we are to trust.

So do we have enough of us demanding this? An idea can go viral in a few days now. Now is the time, when we still have global communications and a fairly level playing field. If this goes too far – and maybe it’s not Corona… But these are getting worse and worse, and the propaganda is getting more and more ham-fisted. Even simple, middle-America country folks are calling Bullshit. C’mon, man. Enough of this pussyfooting already, before we lose too many. You who claim to be fighting for the light, for the White Hats, for the people – for human decency – where are you? We don’t need another cryptic code and fortune cookie predictions; we need real action.

And if there are no official groups or people really out there, if those groups are just more misdirection and falsehoods, then the adults of the world need to stand up and pull the reigns now, before we lose too many. A lot of people seem to say maybe we don’t lose too many if we leave the current power structures in place, but how can you possibly measure that? You’re going to hope for humanity’s future on maybe a group of generational sociopaths and psychopaths won’t kill more of us off as we try to uproot them. You’re going to bank on that maybe? How’s that worked out for us thus far?

We don’t need a savior, but we sure could use some help one way or another. So get on the right side of this before it gets too ugly. You all who know, know.

Human = 1

There are ways through this, but we need all of us and we need to work in the open, in the light, and in the truth. And people need to really get a say in things, in whatever way is reasonable and makes sense to ensure stability. And we’re careful not to take that too far in any direction. The foundation is the individual. There is no further division of humanity, so, therefore, this is the baseline for humanity that we must support, if we are to be balanced and whole. I’m sorry collectivists but there is no other way around this. Groups can be divided. If we are going to dig in to our problems and issues fairly, we need to be able to reduce the fractal down to its base unit.

The base unit of humanity is one human. No ifs, ands, or buts. Prove me wrong if you can, I’m open to other ideas but I don’t think this one can be taken away from us; human equality I am talking about. To prove that thesis wrong, you need to make 1 human either more than one or less than one. As in, this one is worth less so we can sacrifice her to promote the better 1+ human. I hope most of you reading that, groking it, feel that pit in your stomach of how this is a simple, reduced to the most simple equation you can deal with when working to build a functional, healthy society. Human = 1, or else the 1+ humans will eventually start killing off the 1- humans. This has been our curse for all of this recorded history. Supremacy of any one person, group, tribe, belief, color-race (we’re one race of mongrels, for Christ’s sake). I hope you feel that pit of fear, of realization of how correct this must be. One human has to = 1, else we can start killing the -1s. An adult human does not need a collective, she can stand on her own, if she chooses to.

So collectivists and nanny-state control shit-heads, get lost. The adults can take over now, we just need a couple hundred million of us. Not so many. Very likely, we don’t even need that many. If such a small amount of people can keep the lies so well hidden for so long, then a few more of us awake and open is probably all we need. Maybe 5x their numbers feels good, with enough wiggle room. So 50,000 people awake and rowing in the same direction ought to be a seismic shift.

So call it what you want, but those with ears and desire, join us, please.

Not in agreement or religion or politics. Simply in humanity, first and foremost. There’s really no reason for a lot of the bullshit we allow in our world. Plenty of us know this quite clearly these days. It’s about high time the adults step up and start getting this ship righted, before we go too far. A lot of you know what I’m talking about.  You don’t even have to believe in getting your Universal connection going in order to supercharge your manifestation vision. You can simply decide to be a decent human being and step up to the challenge.

We’re ready to grow up. I sure am.

How about you?

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