How Can I Help?

Once One has seen clearly, then One doesn’t need to worry about remembering; just find the knowing again.

Friends, light workers, fellow Humans. It is time to get this ball rolling. From our level we can’t see the exact path. I just know there’s a good path, for ascension, for human prosperity, for us getting past this test, this… trial. So I don’t know what the implications are but we need to get moving with this thing, one way or the other. Meaning, we have a chance to build coherence, to break free of our ruts, of our chains, of our mental prisons. We are close. So many can feel it. But we don’t quite know what it is. In order to be part of the change, we need to get on board with whatever it is. This could mean things seen by most people as negative. Of course I’m worried about things going more dark, before we turn things around. If we’re not ready enough yet, it’s gonna get darker, quickly. At least quick by the idea that this is lifetimes of pieces falling into place, in this now as we perceive it, so quickly could be a few years – 3-5, maybe even as many as 10 limping along before we fall completely. But it’s at a teetering point and we can take what we’ve been given, shed what we don’t need, and move forward now. We do not mean shed as in shed fellow human beings.

Perspective, we need to think about perspective from 3D moving into the Other Ds – a multi-dimensional perspective, is what we mean. Pull back far enough and the duality self-resolves, we’ve been saying. So this is both a good lesson and also a warning to those who read. What you call good and evil, at least inasmuch as “acts of nature” – to include extra-planetary things – comets, asteroids, solar flares sort of things, right? In our traditions those things are known to be evil and the work of the “bad gods”. So we have this duality of Humanity, because it’s a good way to explain things to children, that you have a 1 or a 2. Up or down. Makes understanding the world from a child’s eye much easier, with fewer choices. This is not so much to lie to you all, but to give you a framework to grow up with some boundaries. No different than how you might raise your human children. Just on a society scale, think of it.

So the good Gods and the bad Gods of lore. Isis and Osiris vs the evil brother Set, for example. The gods are not happy, a volcano goes off, right? Evil gods, need evil deeds to appease them, right? In your history, in your folklore?

The good side of nature and the bad side of nature, a modern secular thinker might say. That which is beneficial to humanity and that which is detrimental to humanity, to paint a very large brush here, in general and breaking down human morality and understanding of the Universe and what we call good things and what we call bad things. So peace, prosperity, new helpful technology, extended lifespan, no war, stable Earth, etc, etc. Good things. Versus war, starvation, drought, catastrophic storms, financial destruction, etc, etc. So you see within these two general lists we have things we call good and things we call bad or evil, and, in general, the good helps what you perceive to promote human best interests – stability, prosperity – the good stuff. Note some things are man-made, while some are “nature” or “natural events” – yes? And now looking at the “bad” things, we again see things that are both man-made – war, environmental degradation, and things that are “nature” or “natural”, up to and including ELEs – Extinction-level Events.

Let’s summarize a little bit about the Universe. Reference Barbara Marx Hubbard for her excellent work, and also Ervin Laszlo, and the others C has used to pull a pretty solid coherent picture of the state the world is in and also how things work a bit, under the hood, let’s say. Let’s drop the woo-woo ideas and explanations here – those are not exactly wrong, they are accurate in many ways, but we can also go at this thing logically and in ways current human minds can understand. The science is here, the thinkers have cracked the code and we have a pretty good idea of the much larger Universe that we occupy.

There seems to be a push for coherence in the Universe, we can say. A desire for more order to be built from disorder. However, we also see some systems going in the opposite direction, at least from the 3D perspective. So we have to choose: which direction do we want our society to go in? Towards coherence sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Peace, solving some of our big problems, growing up and stopping with all the bullshit once and for all. We can do it. We have everything we need, we just don’t have the idea manifesting in enough hearts yet.

So the Universe prefers to work towards coherence. BMH talked about the Universal drive of evolution. She names it, she names the Universe the best way we can understand it. Not so much God, though that also, yes of course, but from a meta-level of how things work, we can call it an Intelligent Universe that would prefer to keep progressing. Working on the Universal scale of time, mass, and energy – the Whole Universe, as a living being. What place does Humanity play in this larger picture, right now? Are we contributing to the upward facing path, or the downward facing path?

Stepping out and seeing there is, in fact, a larger Universe. And this puts Humanity’s place as quite small, by measure, and therefore expendable. We need to really understand this and the implications of what is going to occur in our collective future. You think this is about a struggle of good vs evil, and it does play out this way in the 3D perspective.  However, from enough distance the duality self-corrects. From enough perspective of the size, scale, and potential of the Universe, then we see a proper perspective of our place in it. The Universe loves all her creations. But she is a tough parent, demanding successful children. If the children are not successful, mother will clear the board and start again.

Look back at our known Earth fossil record. There have been six mass extinctions. Do you get it yet? There have been six resets on Earth, as best as our current science can tell. This is a plea to my fellow human beings. I do not know how far you are willing to let things fall before you try to take back your sovereignty and your birthright of freedom. You are physical 3D Galactic Beings, with rights on the Universal scale that you can and should invoke. We can help with this.

Question: Is humanity evolving or devolving? Those driving this madness will try to claim they are working for evolution, but One only need a wee bit of heart connection to sniff out the bullshit on that claim. You don’t progress evolution by enslaving and/or wiping out humanity. Culling the herd and neutering all the rams and locking everyone up in a tidy little pen. Mentally, electronically speaking. Medically speaking.

Is our world heading towards an evolutionary leap forward or backwards?

What are the galactic implications of a devolving Human system?

What you would call your angry gods, your evil gods. Kali the Destroyer. The Devil. Set. The bad guys, doing bad things, right? So are the “bad” acts of nature, in fact, evil – from this point of view? Is humanity the Universe, or is Humanity a very small part of a very large Universe, that we are barely scratching the surface of with our modern understandings? Is a “negative act of nature” an act of evil, or an act of mercy? A put down the mongrel before it suffers any longer, kind of mercy kill. Is that what you all want for us?

Now the nice thing is those of us who can be this way – HD (higher-dimensional) coherence. Not fading away as a drop of water in the ocean, but taking our next step out into the ocean, but still maintaining our drop, but still very much part of this ocean now. You thought coherence was loss of self. Coherence is a finding of self in a way you all don’t realize you are capable of. Choosing self, consciously. Becoming co-creator in One’s own life, minute to minute, if One chooses to achieve this. It takes work, but it is what we are capable of, IF we choose it.

One drop does not dissolve and become the ocean. The ocean merges with and becomes the drop, is a better way of looking at this process. We become MORE of what we are, more human, more grounded and solidified. This is not an ascension, this is a descension. The Universe comes down to meet us where we are, not the other way around. This perspective clears up a lot of fears and confusions.

This is the upside of all this, that we have to look forward to. The gift we can choose to give ourselves. Again, not so much woo-woo, just evolutionary potential taking a leap forward with a grown, competent Humanity helping steer our collective destiny. This is a pretty good upside, isn’t it? Which side would you like to put your intention behind? I can’t help but think once enough understand, then we’ll get what we need. We’d be dead and gone long ago if the majority of Humanity wasn’t capable of being human, the good parts. I know it won’t be everyone still, but if enough of us agree, we can pull the rest along. Each step always comes with it the option to stop, turn around, and go back another way. Notice we do not say the OTHER way, inferring this is a 2-way path. This is an any-way goes path, however Humanity chooses to proceed. We have the keys to the universe dangling in front of us. Do we choose to take them and take that first solo drive? Are we ready?

C- Check point: Did we get the all-encompassing idea down?

How I see things today, we are on top of a hill – the pinnicle of our current, modern evolution. Our next step is a mountain in the distance. Between us lies a long valley and we can’t see very well what’s down there. We can see the long-term goal, but not the day-by-day path that gets us there. This is the conundrum. To step into the path without knowing exactly where it is taking us. But we don’t need to see what step 1001 is to start today with step #1.

I worry what happens when we dip into the valley streams, cliffs, fords, etc. Rickety old bridges, maybe dump our intrepid hiker into the class-5 rapids below. So I say, this is my vision and I’ll help however I can now. And here we are. I fear what I’m agreeing to get rolling, but I fear not getting something rolling more, now. We have what, 3-5 years. 10 maybe. Could go quicker, but in my lifetime quite easily in the next 10 years. We gotta get this turned around or Mother just might clear the board clean again. I am more worried about that – it’s very likely none of us survive that probability, vs the bumps in the road that species-level ascension is going to cost us. There is no free lunch, we are sorry to say. We will hold the heart in coherence and work in love of the Galactic Central Sun, always.

So this is the choice.

We pray enough of you hear the call and allow us to do this with minimum pain and ugly deeds. This could go so, so badly for us. We need you to understand we are not far off until things get very, very bad for Humanity. We need to do this now, and those of us who can help carry the new vision. I don’t know what becomes of us if enough don’t meet the call, but we’ll go down waiting for you, whatever that ends up meaning. This is who and what we are. We carry the torch for Humanity, until the end.

Hear the call. Join the team. Find your own way into the game; we cannot tell you how to get in the game, just that you can, so get cracking.

And if you don’t, or, worse, you want the downward-facing path… Then this is okay, also. Every great team needs a great opponent, at least in this world. It’s the Hero’s journey, it’s the Human story – at least this iteration of you all.

Listen, we’ve been telling you, and again earlier tonight. We have always been talking, and always are talking. Listen, you hear us now. Listen. And now trust. This is what we mean. We are not threatening. We will not go dark, we will not advocate for anything violent or negative. We will not ever do that because that is the downward-facing path, and we know we do not want that. So we are here in the light, for others to join when they choose to. We are not condoning nor will partake in any proactive violence towards others, but we are not exactly in a position to step into another’s wish or need for such outcome. We honor and protect Humanity, and that starts with ourselves.

We start here. We have to be that which we are waiting for. Perhaps it can’t be any other way. We have help, waiting just on the other side, if we ask for it. But we need to do this. So how does One “without a voice” do this?

Know that One is not voiceless. One has a voice, so use it. Find the others. We can start ignoring them, tptb. They probably won’t go away quietly, but we don’t need to agree to the bullshit any longer. Stop waiting. I’m right here, willing to do what I can. How can I help?

Adults of the world, we need you to start talking. Circumvent the old structures while we still can. We do this now, we can watch them evaporate into irrelevance, and perhaps this is why they fight so hard, in the end. To control is to be relevant. To be a dying, sick old man trying to grasp the straws of physical wealth, beauty, health. But he’s sick and dying and can cause a mess on the way out, if we let him. Him being the old “powers that be”. tbtb. Lowercase now. The best opponent has over-played their hand. Has dropped their guard and giving us a big, honking target to take the swing. This is not a feint. This is their hail Mary, so this is our chance to swat it away. Perhaps they are all just more like scared children than sick old men. Afraid to not be seen, afraid to no longer be needed, to no longer be relevant. Well, tough shit. This is where we’re going. Y’all can be known for helping or you can be turned asunder by history as the adults move forward with a successful human experiment.

So we do this ourselves. I do not know how to do this myself, but this one little act I’m doing now. I write ideas. I bring them into view and I share them. If this resonates, then share what you can to the effort and let’s get this snowball rolling downhill, finally. Go within, find what it is you can do to help. We’re going to need a lot of help, so anything is helpful. Join Team Humanity and do what you can, but please be sure to tell others. We need to be talking to each other. This is how we get out of this intact. With good, solid, open and honest communication. No more cover, secrets (personal secrets are just fine and should be a thing). We’re talking the big stuff of nations, states, multinationals and oligarchs. Decentralized communication, starting small and working up. We side-step them. This is not a call for utopia or surveillance or loss of freedom. This is ultimate freedom we are talking about. We can build a stable Earth and a well-functioning Humanity. But we need to stop waiting for someone else to do it for us.

If we are to be the change, then we need to be the change. Those who can do the deep vision work, please get on board. I cannot offer much but a few decent starting ideas, for what they are worth, but I can see if we can just get more of us talking properly, about important things. Find the others and start self-organizing. This is how a decentralized, healthy organism functions.

How can I help?

Peace and love to all!

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