January 12th Meditation

These are raw notes from last night, so I apologize that I they are choppy. However, I feel time is of the essence for some pointers that can be helpful in framing tomorrow’s global session. We’re at a crux here, and many of you feel this… But many of us don’t know how to wrap our minds around where we go from here, functionally and in a model that works. If feels too big at times. We can meditate on peace and a more kind, humane world, but we don’t know how that works between here and there.

If I may be so bold as to offer some ideas for how this path could work going forward; I’m here to help.

1/11/20 Session Notes

…The real how to plug in and, yes in a way, tune in and drop out. That was a very profound idea for the time. Imagine if it had been allowed to thrive and grow as an idea organically? You do understand now the government and your “authorities” shut that one down very quickly and completely? Authoritarian and downright immoral, if we’re honest. We know this. When we look at our history of conquest over our native brothers and sisters – NO this is not “Liberal hippy shit” or “woo-woo unrealistic bullshit” – REAL love and REAL respect for our fellow human beings demands, at the least and if nothing more, an honest accounting of history and how, why, we’re here and.. YES! who we enslaved, killed, subjugated and subverted as “necessary evils”, or whatever/however we call it. I’m not talking about judgment. So many people get their panties in a bunch when they think they are going to have the finger of judgement pointed at them; even more so when they know they are absolutely guilty of what’s being pointed in their direction. I’m talking about an honest appraisal of where we are today and how we’ve come, collectively, to be here together, with some of us “on top”, and many of us crushed underneath those “on top”… BUT also an honest appraisal of how good 90% of us now are in the world, some more than other, of course, but never before in our known history have so many been so well off. We cannot ignore this, either.

Our history of arts, sciences, and intellectual advancement – we’re kicking ass and taking names as a society. We have a lot to be proud of! But religions over-laid with politics and all those kinds of human “developments”, that threw a very good number of our forefathers into the meat grinder of history. I’m not interested in blame, in who’s to blame.

We are here today with a choice. To have a real, full honest accounting of our history and who we really are, today. It’s not pretty on many levels. PSH, I feel, requires it. How can any of our still subjugated, oppressed, and abused fellow humans – we know there are still millions – shit, 100’s of millions of people we’re still fucking over, still turning a blind eye to. And I’m not even advocating revolution or “down with the status quo” at all. We can’t smash everything to nothing and start over (well, we can, but I choose to shut that path down and work on a better future – PSH and Soft Landing). We can start over from here, if we choose; if YOU choose and stop fucking forgetting that you’ve already made this choice!

Seriously, work to do. You know this, so chin up, head out of ass, and get busy doing the work that we need. This is the path. You choose this. You now live it. The Mandalorian is very right here. A warrior’s path is a choice that we never break, ever. Your will is stronger than anything in your reality, when you choose and know to focus, or when your heart is 100% behind or into something. You know this, but we need to keep reminding you until you can hold the thought/idea in your minds and make it a reality, so listen…

WE KEEP TELLING YOU!!! It’s in all your fables and stories and myths. The pure heart, the honest swearing of a sacred oath. Hello, anybody listening? These cultural themes and meta-memes you have… Why do you think they are so ingrained in all of your psyches? Instructions, maybe, of a sorts? For those who know to listen, the main cultural metaphors, like the white knight in Western/European culture, the worthy just war, love at first sight – all that hero’s journey stuff.

This isn’t hippy-dippy crap, asking for something for or from nothing; there is no free lunch. All things come with a cost, so we need to be honest in order to understand the costs. I’m only asking for an honest accounting of human history, to include unmasking of all the hidden and corrupt BS these days – especially that, but also an honest accounting of how we all came to be saddled with these problems,  and then we start talking and working through things. All things ought to be on the table.

All I can help offer is a path from here to there, but from “there” WE ALL get to have a say, one way or another. To at least have an honest and safe opportunity to have a say, at least. There is ZERO justifiable reason anyone can morally argue against peace and stabilizing ALL of us. We have the ability to do this, so there is no honest answer against why we don’t do this, make it our #1 effort going forward. If we want to have a chance to keep the 7-generation plan going, we must start now and start at the beginning. Like the children we are. Clean up our rooms and behave like a decent, civilized sibling to our fellow humans. How can we possibly justify any more war, destruction, etc. when we know this? Now don’t you see how truly evolutionary and, yes, even the r-word as much as I don’t like to use it. The r-word, as it’s understood, I mean to mean big and huge changes, but let’s please do work to drop the r and have us an Evolutionary change. No more revolution as we’ve know it.

This is why they crushed the tune in, drop out counter-culture 60s. It’s dangerous stuff, to those few with interest in maintaining the status quo. You know who and what I mean. Some are even self-sustaining systems larger than any person, so will take a coordinated effort to turn that inertia of an idea/norm around. But even those are just ideas, and ideas are all anything is, really! It’s all filtered through your minds, so all you know is a construct within your own mind, anyway…

So, sure, everything is just an idea, isn’t it? Not to rabbit-hole with another Descartes “do I exist” hard problem… There are whole books already written, so we won’t linger here, but it IS this way, isn’t it? And if you can see that and know it also, then changing ideas isn’t really that big of a deal… it is, but it isn’t. This is how we make the impossibly huge and intimidating small and manageable. We scale it down until it’s at a level we can handle – change an idea in our own minds, and then keep moving forward. If it scales, it works. Remember this as we move forward. As we’ve said before, solutions MUST scale, or they are not solutions.//

Interesting thought just now. The Cobra meditations for peace and light activation this weekend have a specific time to meditate, because we live in a 3D+ density where time does matter, they say. I thought:  “I disagree that time matters, but I can see for those who still are in only 3D+, then yes absolutely. I’ll just tunnel in to the right time if I miss it.” (now is not yet the Time – lol – for this discussion, but this is something I’ve been working on. Manifestation and time tunneling – Timeline Probability Maintenance, in other words. I believe this is something we can do.)//

Interesting point that came when I was half-in the portal just now:

I suppose I am one of a group just coming online now, to help with the next phase. We’re maybe a few steps ahead – we’re 5D – Akashic – ascension first-adopters! 🙂

So, as egotistical as I know this sounds, trust me I do know and recognize how this sounds, but I am here to help pull us forward. We’ll need new committees of sorts, and those of us a few steps ahead can help stabilize in the initial phases of what we could bring into reality if we keep working and expanding.

The next wave is just about needed to step up. Soon, I hope. It’s still not guaranteed, but I do feel confident we are in the midst of an awakening. I mean Jesus, while Marianne Williamson, God bless her! – and I mean that in a fully as I can from this 5D level. The topics she brought to the national consciousness/stage, can you imagine even just 6 years ago, 5 even, her even being “allowed” to have this traction and make it this far??!!

There are some good signs this week. WWIII seems to have fizzled, for the time being, cooler heads prevailed. Fuck. That was probably as close we came as the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was just more subtle and fast-moving. But maybe we exaggerate… I dunno. It was scary this past week, regardless.//

The ugly of the world is fertile soil for beauty and art. Don’t pity the tortured artist. The pain is the fertile ground that grows great art and evolutionary expansion. Pain is growth. This is not an evil or dark worship of pain for pain’s sake. Suffering with no beauty at the end of that journey is just a pain-endurance existence, and we are not saying that’s a “good” thing. Like seeing the beauty in the pain that pushes us to greatness, not always… Listen to  Billy Holiday The Lady in Satin for an example of what I mean. She’s at the end of her career, voice raspy and full of beautiful suffering of a life lived hard.

Perhaps this is a way we can move forward with “righting historic wrongs.” Acknowledge an honest view of the pain inflicted and those crushed under the boot of the victors of history. History is written by the victors, of course it is. After that, we can then point to the Billie Holidays of the world and see the deeper pain and, yes, beauty in the art that came into manifestation because of this suffering. Let us never forget – as far as we know as a species, some of our very best art and evolutionary thinking comes from some of our most broken fellow human beings. The tortured artist is such a cliché for a reason. So then we move forward with an honest view of who we are and who the abused.

In other words, we use the privilege of our place as “Victors” in this world to pull the rest of our fellow human beings along with us and stop using them to perpetuate our station in life. This does not mean going backwards in order to go forwards; there is plenty for everyone without having to break it all down and start from scratch. We’ve done that enough in our history. Let’s stabilize and move forward, finally, and for real this time.

It’s your choice. Don’t be afraid – there are plenty of us out here who can help and want to help.

Find the others.

Peace and love to all!


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