Lead with the Heart

Note: These are raw notes and probably not easily understood without the supporting 20 months of writing behind them that I have, but publishing 500 pages is a little long for a blog post! I feel we’re in an important time, right now, and this information might help some of you balance, find your center, and ground yourself IN yourself. When this thing hits, I feel we are going to need some anchors to hold on to things. I think I’ve developed a method that works for me to do this. What follows are some notes from last night, my best memory to date of what full “higher Ds” connection and coherence feels like and how to hold it. We’re just scratching the surface here, but one steps leads to the next.

Items with C- are “3D me” comments. The other stuff, is MTO or More Than One. It’s still me, but it’s plugged in and connected me.

AKL = Akashic Level, all other Ds, in other words.

When I do this work, I find music helps me hold my balance, I think by keeping my 3D brain occupied and awake. It also seems to kick off the AKL geometrics that I can then “surf” down into the deeper levels. I came of age in the late 80s, early 90s on hard rock and metal, so when I say music, I don’t mean Mozart! I only claim this works for me, nothing more. Each One must find their own way, but some paths could work for multiple Ones, so I share in the hope that those who need to hear will find this little post.

C- Metallica: And Justice for All. Old school request tonight, not sure where it came from but the base drum line was with me tonight during martial arts class. Bumm bum bummm, and I wasn’t sure why, but these days I don’t question, just go with it. So sat down and listening to it, and… FWIW, I remember more tonight. I like to think “they” are telling us something, so take note of the album title and think about what’s afoot these days. I choose to make this my reality.

…One of the major lesson points we were not bringing back is leading with the heart, is the best way to put this. C sees this now and understands it’s about coherence balance, holding it without holding it. The Tao level, when you get there. We’ve touched on that a little… no, I think not. We’ve kind of remembered it a few times awake, but it didn’t stick, I think. Or maybe we have notes.

C- Side note, I wonder if the timeline jumps are a thing. Sometimes in… trance level, I guess – AKL connection established, sometimes the memories kind of blur together and I’m not quite sure if we’ve written yet, I’ve already seen it elsewhere, or it’s just a dream. I am completely on my own here, for a reason it feels like. But I do feel like I’m making good progress. The heart thing…

…Right, leading with the heart, we’ll call it. One of the major hurdles to get past in this AKL connection work, we have to learn to get our brains out of the way, because brains lead with language and logic. It slows us down and blocks higher coherence. You have to let go of the effort to even consciously understand or follow – trying to remember IOW, and just let go and see where you end up. If you have focus, you won’t drift, and you can hold without holding. The Tao point, is also a good name to use. It’s the hold by not holding, know by not knowing…

C- Yea, we have touched on it, but I don’t think we called it the Tao point yet, maybe is the confusion… But the timeline intertwining that comes part and parcel with every plug-in now, that took some time to learn to just ignore for now. I know who I am and I know which timelife is mine; it’s the one I’ve chosen so it’s easy to drop back into.

…So when you let go of all, then you can start to “see” all. And this is where the rubber meets the road. At this point you are still trying to understand, and that involves engaging your language centers of your brain… and your brain cannot keep up in these realms, so this is knowing not knowing. You have to be comfortable letting go of labels, of ideas, of language even and just setting it aside. And just feel. We do this by turning off our mind, our 3D brain IOW, and engaging the higher organ… the heart. So yes, indeed, we can have and hold coherence while still conscious in 3D, why would we not be able to? All is connected to all, even if we don’t remember this most of the time. So you learn to just trust the knowing, the feeling, the no-language place and all feeling, all geometrics and… feelings… I guess is one way to think about it. So a Universe of ideas with opinions, lets say. So it’s bigger than us. Meaning the Universe, the “real” Universe is a matrix of energy and ideas, and these ideas have form and a realness to them, so if a form and energy signature is real, then it might also be conscious and self-aware, so, therefore, has ideas and opinions. This is what we mean by a Universe of ideas with opinions.

C- drifting, fear reaction, perhaps, in hindsight?

…Heart, we’re talking about using the heart. Letting go your language centers, which presents a special kind of problem for your meat brains. How to keep track of things still with no language center engaged? This makes no sense to the 3D brain. We process memories often times through language centers… trust us.

C- Okay – immediate urge to go Google it and ensure I’m not crazy and it’s a correct statement…

…Still with the interruptions, really, are we still worrying about sanity after all this? Sigh. Two steps forward, one back! Anyway, using the heart. As we were saying, you get down there and really plugged in.

So we learn to process and feel through the heart, more or less turning the meat brain off. And when we can balance from here, without holding on too tightly, then that’s pretty much the Tao point we were talking about. You literally have to be able to balance the way not the way. You have to become the contradiction… Sigh, this is the problem here; you cannot tell what it is in any straightforward way that gives it any justice. This is why Lao Tzu wrote a whole book trying to just describe what “it” is, which doesn’t even get into what “it” is capable of, once you get your little pea brains wrapped around what “it” even is. We’ll just call it It for now… because each One must connect and see just what, exactly, It’s all about for you. Perception may vary, and no returns to the manufacturer permitted, all connections are final.

LOL. If we can’t have fun along the way, honestly, what is the point? What life without joy is even worth contemplating?

Isn’t this the root of what we humans are driving at, in general as a species on this planet? If we can eek out a little more joy outta things here and there, we feel like things are gonna be okay… Is this just me? I can’t be the only one who feels most alive and like the slog is worth it when we connect for those times of joy and connection with just being alive? Even if we don’t sit down and recognize in the moment, what those moments mean. I suspect a lot of us, if we put some thought into it, would agree with a baseline that to live, the meaning of life IOW, is to find moments of joy in the insanity of life on this planet. When we learn that and grab those moments here and there, then you have an idea of what would make a better world. With a formulated picture in our hearts comes an idea of a different reality. How different is up to you. If you tweak this picture a little, then you begin to manifest a new picture for us all to play our part in.

The story starts within, always within. You have forgotten this, so you go without looking and looking, but it’s within and by looking and balancing through the heart, with no attachment to understanding and defining, then just like that, snap – you can now hold coherence with heart and begin to grok things from this level. But it requires attention to minute detail and the balance of the Tao, for lack of better term at this point. If you are going to keep a foot in each realm, which we seem to need at this point, else I can’t remember enough to bring back.

Our reality is a feedback loop and we “get” what we expect to get. Change your expectations, change your reality. Change the heart-balance picture of what without looks like, and change it in the real. We cannot tell you how to do this, but we hope this at least gives you a foothold to begin with.

Peace and love to all!


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