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I feel I’m here to help on two fronts, should you choose to participate by reading. I am not monetized and this is free to repost and reuse. Please do credit me as the source, is all I ask.

  1. Pathfinder: Call me a scout if you will, trying out a path that, while known to many, is new to me. I suspect my path might be helpful to show others how to get from point A, where you are today, to point B: connection to the higher Dimensions, the AKL as I call it. Akashic-Level – all that which is not 3D, in other words.
  2. Different Perspectives: From my deep work some interesting things are coming out. Honestly, it’s not really even anything new. This message and information is everywhere, for those who go looking for it. We live in a sea of higher messages and information. We are not separate from it; we are it. And this is kind of the main point “they” would like to impart.

We have a choice available to us today, but it is a choice that has a finite time attached to it.

One and More than One

Apparently I’m-We’re on team restore some feminine balance to this world, for one way to think about it. Dissolution of self’s boundaries open One to the More than One. Within More than One, the One needs to learn to fully let go. If the One refuses or cannot breach this final gate, then integration with More than One is not possible. Communion and communication, sure that all works fine One level down. But full integration of More than One… One cannot be More than One without agreement. C retains all that he is. No fear, no loss. Can jump back into full One level control at any time. Understand this is not exactly channeling, this is not what you’ve come to understand these things from your 3D level.

…The final gate, the final agreement. One cannot become More than One without full agreement. Full agreement means something more than you understand this to mean.

The mission, the connection, how we fight a war from 4D into 3D (not how you think – no need for anyone to even get hurt), the feminine connection at the deeper level – the HM (higher-me) level of More than One is what we were talking about.

The agreement for One to become… to know consciously is a better way to say this. The agreement is, whether or not you are consciously aware or even agreeing, on one level, but to consciously go into that realm One needs to learn to be More than One. To become More than One takes some work, some freaking out, some gnashing of teeth, swearing you are going crazy, and all that sort of fun work. But if One persists, One can wear down their own defenses. Why might One choose to do this, C?

C- Twice now I’ve come to it. The reason why. Why I tick, why I’m here – why I choose to be here, at least from now forward. What do I want? I want to know truth. And not be a dick while I’m here, of course. I suppose be helpful while we’re here, even if just a little bit while taking care of ourselves first. If there’s one thing they’ve showed me, self is where it’s at. Go inward. It can be difficult, balancing that as an avenue where the answers might be, while still having to be part of the 3D world and doing our best… So what do I want, why am I willing to go this far, to make the ultimate leap that I said I would never do? When you learn to really let go and let the little edges of self dissolve a bit, where then…

…then One can know More than One. This is the best way to say this without getting into too much loaded and twisted language. Does One want to know More than One? Then One needs to learn to let go. Fully let go of self, as you think you know self. Of your physical anchor.

You want to learn 4D right? Well in 4D physical doesn’t work how you think it might, there are living beings here and this is where we can progress to, but in order to “live” in 4D your mind has to be able to even function there. It’s a level up and physicality isn’t the same thing, so it’s much more of a “mental” construct than your physical 3D. So in order to function well in 4D you need to be able to hold a very clear picture of yourself. You need to be able to hold yourself together as an entity of nothing more than thought. No body, no anchor. No floaty water wings for the little toddler any longer. If you want to learn to ascend, you need to learn. There is no, poof you just go. Unless you want to go that old-fashioned way and shuffle off the mortal coil.

Living ascension requires One to be able to hold their self intact where physical does not work the way it does here, let’s just say. So why are you here, in 3D? Call it school if you want. Call it prison. Call it training academy, The Dojo, the Arena… Each One can choose their own way in this world, do not take this one bit to say this is THE, with a capital T-The Way. NO, this is absolutely not that kind of way. Not the way, just a way. If you choose this way, then there are some things you’ll need to be able to accomplish. A professional athlete doesn’t just become professional-level with the snap of her fingers! The best humans, whatever field, learn and have to try and fail and fail and fail and try, and fail… You know, years and years of practice? You all understand this. Success requires work. Why would AKL work be any different?

So, no, not The answer for “why am I here?” But for C, for the rest that want to be on this path. Absolutely this is a very good answer for what you might have been looking for. Paths can be helpful. Training protocol can be helpful. Mentors can be helpful. Voices of encouragement will be necessary.

… If you are wanting such a path, then we only ask in return you do please give some thought to the rest of us here in 3D with you. Your anchor is here, after all. If you are going to dig in, then do please work to be a decent human being and don’t be a dick. Lol. You all know what we mean. There is no need for so many rules, really. But in the meantime, you’re going to have some work to do. Big changes are coming and we need all hands on deck.

If you can’t yet hold self in 4D, then this could be one reason why One might find Oneself “here” in 3D, on Earth. We are just speculating, not making any sort of proclamations.

Scalability of One to overall Humankind

The evolution of the species is scalable, down to the One. So if the One knows and understands finding One’s own self, then you can comprehend how this might scale to a society, a species; humans, in general, in other words. Humanity has some growing up to do, so what might this look like?

What does the process of purification of self-identity in One’s own psyche entail?

C- A completely honest look at One’s self, all the deep, dark little nooks and crannies, all those places we’ve stashed the bad feelings, the bad ideas, the dirty little things we’ve done to people in our lives, the lies we tell ourselves, and the lies we allow to be told to us. The things that might upset the apple cart of our imagined selves up against our real self, if measured honestly from an outside view.

… Fear, we were looking at your fear for where you are right now, in the 3D. And discussing how fear is not to be feared. You all spend so much of your time worried that your fears will consume you that you end up consuming yourself to avoid your fears. Instead, all that you need to do to deal with your fears is take a good, long, honest look at them. Sit and know yourself, deeply. So when the fear comes you can just sit with it, and not retreat or hide from it. Treat it like anger that you don’t want to indulge in – hold the emotion and consider it, get to know it. And with this action the fear loses its power. Fear is just an emotion and adult humans can deal with their emotions.

The path forward in this way, should you want to know it, we can point to a  direction. Not the how, not the why, just a general direction you might want to consider. How you manage the path is your choice and what you have before you. If One is to progress, One needs to consider a very honest appraisal of One’s self. This means digging in to those old areas you might not want to.  When One is no longer afraid to look at One’s own shadow, the shadow still has a level of form to it, but it becomes manageable.

One does a deep dive into One’s own psyche, in order to establish who One is in this world, moving forward. One awakens into One’s own version of One’s self. By conscious choice this time. You can control much more than you give yourselves credit for. Self-editing, self-behavior modification, upgrades, downgrades – you name it. The power of the mind is way more than you all have been lead to understand. You see small examples of this – the placebo effect, for example. What is it that “works” in such a situation? Point being when you comprehend this and lean to use it effectively, internally-focused, you can literally choose your self.

Adults snip and prune prudently. Another choice is to burn it all down and start anew. Both are options, but to do better, to know self and really establish who and what you are, perhaps keeping what works is a good start point. Do please be careful with these new tools; they can be incredibly powerful.

This gives us an overview of what we’ve laid out fairly well over the past 18 months. Self can do this for self, and it is scalable. So what does this kind of work look like on a species-level, on a world-level?

Know thy self. Humanity getting honest with ourselves about exactly who and what we are. We lie to ourselves incessantly and constantly. We’d rather the easy lie than the painful truth. This will need to stop. Adults live in the real world, not a narrative fantasy land. Your current fantasy land, if you haven’t noticed, is not sustainable. It is not sustainable because it is a lie. A lie is an imbalance, and unbalanced systems cannot establish the balance necessary to move forward. They either stabilize or crash. Sometimes they crash a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes the Earth turns them asunder and they are wiped from your history. You just never know. So the imbalance is always a crap shoot. Every imbalance can be balanced, eventually, so you are never so far gone… until you are. We cannot tell you what that looks like, as we’ve told you. The future there gets fuzzy.

So a level of honesty of human being-ness. How our monetary systems work, governments, multi-nationals, the behind the scenes illicit stuff like drugs, human trafficking, terrorism and dark state arts, propaganda… There is a shit load of that in our world. You know this. You all know this. You pretend like you don’t know this. Some of you pretend so well you manage to forget you know. But imbalance is still imbalance, regardless if you believe in it or see it. Chaos is chaos and does not need your agreement to wipe you off the face of the Earth. So go ahead and take your chance with chaos. Maybe you rebalance further down that timeline, in one way or another, maybe not. But you might not rebalance further down, is the point. And rebalancing later will be more painful. This is the same scaled down, when One ignores the imbalance in their life and refuses to change. The lessons become harder, more painful.

The Choice

We keep coming back to this, but this is what the choice means: You need to grow up some. You need to get honest about what you collectively are, what you collectively allow. Do not believe the lies that you are not a part of this. Each One of you that exists in this reality spectrum contributes to the overall… agreement of what we collectively live in. If enough of us change our attitude, then things thought of as difficult, hard, or impossible today are perfectly and easily handled…

If you have a moment in time to make a solid, hard choice about your destiny, do you choose to step up and take it?

Would you prefer to drift from one crisis and stumbling mistake to the next, or would you prefer to take the proverbial bull by the horns and steer? Maybe not completely, but at least nudge us in the right direction, where we have a much better chance to progress, to grow, to become that which is our birth right?

So you out there, what are we going to do about this situation we find ourselves in?

We cannot tell you what to do or how to do. Every One must choose, but there can be answers in More than One, if you choose to go there – this is where we can help.

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