Operation Pause

Humanity, those who have ears listen. Those who resonate, please share. Hear the call now:

Stop what you are doing, just stop. Just stop, just chill, just chill the fuck out, even. Slow down your pace, what you are doing, where you are, the rush, the rush, the rush. Stop, now.

Stop and just be. Sit for a minute, just a minute is all we need to get started. Together, just walk with me for a little bit here. So stop. Just stop what you are doing.

Now breathe. Just breathe. I’m serious. This is our manifesto for a new humanity; this is all we need to do to get started.

Stop what you are doing and just take a big breath and calm… the fuck… down…. Before you break something else.

Breathe in a big breath. If you can go outside, do it. Take in some good fresh air from Mother Earth, and chill the fuck out for a minute or two. No big slogans, no big words of wisdom, no new Sermon on the Mount or tablets from the mountain, or ascension event necessary. Stop and just breathe a bit.

When you are in a hole, you stop digging; when you are in a hole in a minefield, you really ought to stop digging and stomping around.

What does this mean, is this some grand metaphor?

No, it is not. These are simple instructions for the adults of the world to get us on one big pause so that we can stop digging and stop stomping around in this mess of a minefield we’ve made for ourselves.

So, yes, for all that is holy, just stop, sit down, and catch your fucking collective breaths.

We need a pause before we break things any more.

C- Operation Pause is coming to mind, not sure if out of my mind or imagination.

…Matters not, right? Of course. It’s a good catchy name, easy.

C- So, that’s it, really. I don’t have the big answers for anyone other than me and my point of view, upbringing, privileged station in life, so my personal ideas, even AKL-boosted connection ideas, are still just One’s filter creating One’s opinion.

…Operation Pause: Stop and just breathe. Catch our collective breaths. Whew! That was a close one, right? Good thing we stopped now, before we really screwed the pooch!

Yes, pause EVERYTHING. I can see that might cause some problems, so we’re talking as necessary in the real-real for the most of us, but metaphorically for those who ought to keep things afloat. We don’t want the ship completely untethered and unmoored and drifting, right? So ER docs, for example, yes do please keep on keeping people alive! What we’re meaning here is more from a government/entertainment/news point of view. The manipulators, the narrators – if we can get them to shut up for a bit, or, at least, to just ignore them and maybe they’ll go away – that’d be better.

So somewhat in the real, and somewhat metaphorically speaking, but for most humans, no one is going to die if we just take a few minutes to slow down and catch our breath. So we collectively slow down and breathe, just catch our breaths. I can’t say how or what that looks like, but I don’t need to. You all just need a little help remembering that you got this, you can do this. You can have a say in how this all works out. Stop giving your power away and take back that which is your birthright. Your sovereignty. Your universal personhood. Human = 1. We all count equally and we do not have to keep doing what we’ve been doing.

We can stop, any moment, any minute we decide to. Stop the wars, the famine, not all disease of course, but help so many. Clean water. A path for a stable life for all of us. It is within our power even right now, not a single change necessary other than some tweaks here and there, but technologically, nothing else is even necessary. We have enough.

What we lack is the understanding that this is within all our hands and is completely and totally possible.  This is all on the table for us, but we have to know it is here. We have to put our big girl and big boy pants on and quit fucking around.

Haven’t we let the psychopaths run amok long enough? You all know damn well this is not hyperbole. This world is insane on many levels because it is run by insane people, at least by any measure of “the normies”. We let them run things in this way. You, you and I let them do this. We will not pontificate on the justness of this Earth life we live or if this is a prison or a school or it’s just supposed to work this way for a developing intelligent species… All that we can figure out on the backside, if we’re still here.

Psychopaths, we let them run things, pretty much every power center in our world. So, yea, we’ll kind of need to address that, and we DO NOT mean the old ways of dealing with “them”. But you can put a wild dog in a dog run and well-fenced yard to keep him out of trouble. We can deal with these people much more humanely than they deserve, but we do not treat them well for their own benefit but for our own benefit. We do better by being better. It starts now, with us.

Operation Pause. I’m not sure what exactly that looks like, when a critical mass (no idea how many we need) of humans can get the ship to change course. It could be a big, quick thing (that’d be easier, honestly), or it could be a slow burn. We can hope for the quick pivot while slowing down and doing what we need to do anyway, because the “right” answers here don’t change and don’t matter what happens once we get the ball rolling. Maybe it’s already rolling, maybe we need to build the ball from scratch; downhill is still downhill.

So yes, Operation Pause and remove consent, I suppose is what we’re getting at.

C- Sigh, it makes such clear, easy to see sense when deeper in AKL connection. I come out a half-step to explain and now it looks all complicated and messy again. How can we make this work, what does it all look like? Ahh, people need steps, they need help! What do I do???

…No. This is one of the pitfalls of wanting to “do something” that you’ve been struggling with mightily. You DO NOT have to DO anything. In fact, that is the whole point of Operation Pause.

Stop. Fucking. Doing.

Start being. Start by slowing down, taking a breath, and connecting to that voice inside that you know is there. Find it. Slow down, quiet your minds, breathe, and find that internal intelligence and wisdom. It’s in there, you all know it is. You touch it on occasion, but chalk it up to divine inspiration or some fleeting feeling or idea outside of self. But we are telling you it is all those things, but more, all within self, not without. Find that voice, that which is already inside you. Go within, my loves, go within.

Stop doing. Breathe. Go within. Be mindful of the rabbit holes and pitfalls and alligators – there are many and will take work to get past, but go within and find some quiet. Then open to that which is already within you. This is all we need to encourage. When enough can do this, the how/when/why/where all kind of just sorts itself out. Faith. Trust. We deal in those things here.

This is very difficult for many of you, conditioned to DO SOMETHING all the time. Especially those in positions “of power” in your world. You must always be doing things, getting shit done. Things have got to get done, there is a deadline to meet, shareholders to keep happy, constituents to answer to… Something just MUST BE done, to show them all that I’m doing things, like I’m supposed to be doing. This is why I’m here, to do things. I’m a doer!

Yea, all you doers out there, we’re talking to you: Sit down and stop doing, for the love of God. You are going to DO SOMETHING us all into the fucking grave!

Other than keeping the nuclear power rods cooled or the airplanes from crashing into a mountain, there is nothing that needs doing so damn much, all the time. Too much doing leads to no time for contemplating what should be done, if anything. Sometimes the better choice is NOT to do; so this is what we are advocating for at this point, nothing more.

Stop doing. Operation Pause. Operation Stop Doing. Call it what you want.

Stop doing and just try being for a little bit. Just a few minutes, just please try. A little here, a little there. That’s all we ask for, for the hope of saving humanity, for stabilizing us, once and for all, going forward at least seven generations. Why not? How on Earth is this not a win-win vision for any Human with an ounce of empathy?

If you don’t see the value, then you might be one of the dogs we’re going to need to keep leashed going forward. Perhaps neutered and spayed and kept in a nice retirement facility for old dogs. I am advocating for us to do better, so we will do better even with our criminals. There’s no reason that can’t be a part of the go-forward plan. We’re not stupid and I can see that PSH needs a level of agreement or else we might just lose half of us in this transition, and that would just make for fuckall, as the Brits say.

We don’t know, if there is a quick way around this, fine, we’re all ears – but this answers the what to do question. I see a lot of Q stuff these days, trust the plan. Fine, buddy, I’ll trust you to do your plan, whatever that happens to be, if anything. Meanwhile, I’m gonna get with the getting on and I highly suggest any those out there thinking you get to just sit by idly and not help, sorry, no – we need you. The reason we use WWG1WGA is not to show my support for the Q group – we wish them love and the best of luck, and it would really help things if the “white hats” have been working to right this ship for a while already. However, what we can do is still what we can do, and that we should start doing now. WWG1WGA is a call for humanity to get on board with, at the least, a level of awareness around who and what we are. It does not mean we need to agree, for we will not. It does mean we need a foundational understanding, and for us it is this. We have a suggestion on where to start: Human = 1.

My goals and motivations and methods do not conflict with any other vision, other than the keep fucking-humanity variety. So why not get a little momentum going on our own here, organically and in whatever way this pans out and whatever this means to you personally?

Stop what you are doing, breathe, get quiet, and go inside. I trust that you will find the Universe in there, as I-We did, waiting for you. And we trust that you will see what needs done in your neck of the woods, in whatever way suits you. That’s all we ask of others.

Peace and Love to All!



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