Project Stabilize Humanity

I started a Facebook reply earlier today that took me into a much larger amount of information than I had originally intended. It’s funny how simple answers can scale up to large answers! This post is to help clarify some base terms, ideas, and foundational items that I feel might be helpful to other people. If nothing else, this helps me get my own thoughts in order so that I can be a more helpful human being.

My hope is that what I’m getting into here can help others do the same. Overall, that’s all I’m doing here – trying to be helpful in a way that I am able to do in this existence we find ourselves in.

Thoughts on clarification of message and purpose

I am very new to this public work – I just launched the website and social media on 11-11-19. I am a one-person operation for now. As I work through solidifying the CME voice and how to best present the work, I feel strongly that crowd-sourcing is necessary to refine and expand our collective work: specifically Project Stabilize Humanity. This is as good a name as any, so I’m planting my flag on it going forward – PSH for short. THE work, the ultimate goal for my work, in other words. Most – very probably all – of what I’m saying here has been said before. I do not claim to be particularly unique or new – it’s been a very rare day lately where I come upon something that I don’t think I’ve heard or seen before. Even when I do find something new to me, a quick web search usually finds something similar already in existence. I think this clarification is important to grok, to fully understand.

Humanity has all of the tools necessary to make for a fantastically fulfilling, safe, supportive, fair, and nurturing planet so that humanity can keep growing and progressing. We do not need anything new (yet) – we have all the tools at our disposal now to, very literally, create Heaven on Earth. Not from some woo-woo level white robes and we sit on clouds playing harps all day – that’s fairy tale bullshit. I mean we have everything we need idea-wise and technology-wise for PSH to be real. What we lack is the will to make this happen; or, more specifically, the knowledge that this is something that we individually not only can do, it’s something we all individually MUST do. If not all of us, then at least a critical-mass of sane adults must do this. We all need skin in the game or PSH does not work.

No Big Brother Government or Big Parent Goddess, Gods, or God is going to swoop in and save us. No benevolent alien race is going to keep us from completely self-destructing, at least fully and out in the open yet. Those ways of saving humanity are a child’s fantasy; they are spiritual-level fairy tales told for spiritual-level children. What we need in the world today are Adults who agree to leave their childhood fantasies behind, to dump them in the trash bin of history where such ideas belong because they no longer serve us collectively.

I feel I’ve stumbled on to a way that we can help each other grow up and see the work that must be done through the eyes of a functioning, rational, caring adult human. I absolutely DO NOT have “THE BIG ANSWERS” to how exactly we go forward. However, I see clearly and feel strongly that this baseline foundation I can help you build for yourself is a critical piece of the puzzle that we need today. I am not here to throw around my egotistic ideas – I can if you want me to, but my ideas are still just one guy’s ideas for what’s wrong and how I’d like to see us do better. Even with the Akashic-level awareness, I am still very much a physical human being with baked in biases, a very strong egotistical voice, and specific ideas of what’s right and wrong, what’s fair and unfair. Like every other human being, I am completely and 100% unqualified to “fix” what’s wrong by myself. We’ve been down that road of letting a few people at the top run roughshod over the rest of us with their ideas of what makes for a good, functioning planet and that has pushed us to this edge of a decision point as I see it.

If it helps you get on board with PSH by throwing out all the woo-woo level psychic and spiritual mumbo-jumbo, please do. I very well am a bipolar schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur. That explanation also works, but the ideas are stand-alone. We discerning adults of the world need to be free to separate the ideas from the person. An idea can stand alone, regardless of who said it or gets behind it. In this realm of work, ideas matter, people not so much in that way. So chill if you find me strange or not believable; listen to the message, don’t worry about me.

The Decision Point

Solutions and also the problems we face are all scalable. This means we can look to the Universe and Nature – things like the Golden Mean spiral-fractal nature of our reality – and scale things down to a very concise, simple to understand level. If an idea is scalable, it is then both expandable and reducible at the same time. So the base ideas I’m working with can be reduced to some very simple points. I see two sets of choices that we collectively are facing today, and by all means, please tell me if my logic is flawed or I’m not on the right track here:

  1. Self-annihilation vs self-progression.
  2. Using our own minds and bodies as they exist naturally vs technology-based upgrades and implants to “improve” our physical human bodies; to make ourselves cyborgs.

I started discussing these decisions a bit here: Thoughts on Transhumanism

What do I mean and why is this important?

I’ve found I can “plug into” what, right now, I understand to be the Akashic record-level of awareness. I’ve stumbled – not quite blindly, but as an untrained novice – into this by following my intuition and with a lot of deep self-work. By self-work I mean what most functioning and rational adult humans understand this to me – self-improvement and trying to be a useful member of human society, as best I understand it from all of my own biases, identities, group associations, past experiences, etc. How I bring my physical 3D self into the mix, to do things, to do work in this world we find ourselves in. This is what I mean by “Me” or my 3D-self: physical reality me and all that is baked into this thing I know of as Me (note the capital M-Me here).

I can hold my awareness with that vibration and then receive/know things. At times I seem to be having conversations with “others” outside of myself, and at other times its more like the knowing just sort of appears inside my own psyche and translates in my own voice more or less. Basically, once I realized what’s possible, then it’s no big deal for me to go there. Sort of like seeing a blueprint for a new kind of design and then saying, oh yea, I can build that. I didn’t know I could build it until I got a peek at the design, but now it makes sense.

Cutting through the woo-woo level of this work, what this new, expanded point of view has given me is the ability to look back at our physical-level selves and see how it fits into the larger picture. This larger picture is really no different than the similar process we go through as children growing into teens and then young-adults. Our very self-centered focus of life opens up one day, if you are growing in a positive and functionally helpful way. One day it’s just you and your immediate family and friends in the world, and the next day you’re suddenly aware of the larger world and other people in it. At least, we hope that’s where we each can go with human-level maturity. This is really just the next step in that maturity, and less about any woo-woo psychic claims that I cannot currently prove to you. No one told us there is further to go, but I am here to tell you definitively, yes, there is more maturity and growth that is necessary for us.

That’s the crux of this thing I can do: Adult-level awareness and the implications that become glaringly apparent when you take this view over humanity and the Earth in general. We’re not in a great place and there is some Adult work that needs to be done; that’s all I am saying.

Akashic-level work Supports our Physical-level work

I’m settling on this as a working definition for now. There is a lot of data out there already, so please just Google Akashic Records if you are not yet familiar with this term. It’s much easier to piggy-back on already existing and understood terms and ideas.

Looking through the lens of IT terminology seems to work really well to describe things at this level. When I plug in, it’s like I’m hitting the Universal WiFi signal, signing into the Universal Internet, and then I receive what feels like a compressed file. Sometimes I have good control over my browser search and I can find what I went looking for, but at other times it feels as if there is a Master/Root-level user sending me files that “they” feel I need.

This is what I mean when I say “they told me” or “they showed me”. I’m not quite sure who/what they are yet, I just know they feed me data when they feel I need it, and also when they feel I am ready to handle some of the larger, more complex data files. Some are so big and so large they know it’s stretching me and I do sometimes fall short – hey, I’m coming up on just a year now that I’ve been working with this, and only a few months since I really even understand it to this level I’m talking about today. Humans cannot hold these larger Akashic-level files in our 3D brains, any more than you can hold the entire human knowledge base that is the full World Wide Web in your individual computer.

As an explanation it completely scales; Akashic-level work is very much digital and information-driven, it’s just a hell of a lot larger than we can imagine.  This is not what is commonly understood to be “spiritual work” as its been sold to us. All soft music, bright calming lights, like you’re floating in the Universal hot tub of relaxation all groveling at the foot of your better spiritual level beings – Jesus, God, Buddha, The Tao, Muhammad (PBUH), Gaia, and so on. Yes, there is that place we can go to for relaxation and connection, but the work I’m doing is very much grounded in the physical and in my own personality. I swear, I cuss, I have a potty mouth and a dirty sense of humor, so that’s how the message comes out sometimes, and that’s how I talk back to them when I feel frustrated. They ARE NOT our betters, they are our peers here to help. This is very, very important to understand and bring back around full-circle to the work we need to do.

I’ve heard it said elsewhere and I fully, completely cannot agree more that this is a base truth of our existence: God does not want supplicants, God wants peers. Get out of your own way believing the lies you’ve been sold your whole life, that you are not worthy. That you should be God-fearing. That the higher beings in our Universe are somehow better than us. Each entity is its own self-sustaining system, from the lowest living entity to the largest Universal connected in oneness higher mind – God, if you want to call it that. Radical, Universal equality is important to understand and bring back into your day-to-day life when we do the work. Living, conscious beings have an inherent equality baked-in, regardless of their size or station in life. Don’t demote yourself to be lesser-than, lower-than, or unworthy. Know your equality in the Universe, and then live this truth in whatever way is meaningful to you.

My CME Work

Another scalable idea/concept as seen in nature is the idea commonly said/understood as “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”. In other words, progress is never static, it’s an always-in-movement, always progressing sort of thing. Progress is not a destination, it’s a constant never-ending process. So this is all for me, today, how I see this new start point I’ve kicked off. All changes are subject to change, and all progress can and will lead us in other, unknown directions as we work further down the path of life. Physical Me and my Brain/Mind complex does not create these files I download – this much I am sure of, but 3D me does uncompress and try to explain the file, bringing the language into manifestation at our physical level. To call it a translation isn’t accurate; there is a lot more going on. Relaying meaning as best I can from a very massive abstract concept that is not bound by space, time, or physical being-ness into physical language is a better, more inclusive description. It’s not exactly easy and running off the rails into my own ego and personal preferences, beliefs, etc is unavoidable, but I do try my best to keep myself as honest as I can – this is where I have specific side notes and commentary at times – a method of writing that I haven’t yet but will make available eventually.

I’m experimenting with voice, how I post blogs, what I discuss to see what resonates with folks. I was curious how raw notes from a session lands with people, so please ask for clarification and I’m happy to help uncompress some ideas more. Raw notes are Me writing as fast as possible to keep up with the speed and massive amount of data contained in these files, so they can be a cryptic and difficult to follow at times for me even, let alone someone coming in new without any frame of reference.

This brings me back around to why I’m here, why I’m taking this live and putting it out in the wild: I’m testing the water, building a following, and seeing what next steps make sense – traditional publishing, Patreon-style crowd sourced freeware, or something else – all cards are on the table.

I’ve spent 20+ years as a business writer and instructor, so I’m pretty good at breaking down complex topics in clear layman’s language. However, the vastness of the Akashic record downloads are not even close to something as “simple” as, for example, cranking out a series of tech manual for a fortune-100 AWS infrastructure. That’s complex enough, so imagine 1,000,000-fold  more complex and abstract. Finding a clear voice and message is crucial for me to be as honest as possible to the real message – I don’t want to twist this around my ego as many, many before me have done. This is a huge statement with a lot to unpack, which I will chisel away at over time and in the forthcoming book.

To help with all this, I feel that crowd-sourcing is a great tool and solution, to a lot of things. One thing I have learned is that anything that “works” functionally at our physical level HAS to be scalable. Crowd-sourcing a simple message that a couple 100 people read works the exact same as crowd-sourcing fixing the environment, for example. This is what I mean by ideas have to be scalable. The fractal nature of the Universe demands that anything sustainable and supporting the system within the toroidal feedback loop of reality has to balance and has to scale. If it doesn’t balance and scale, then the whole system is weakened and can fall apart. This means a one-sided ego-based conversation where only I talk is not sustainable or helpful any more than one single Oligarch deciding how to save the rain forest would be a sustainable solution that holds up over time. It is too complex of a system for any one person to be able to hold the whole thing, deal with their own ego, and still be helpful to humanity…. I’m kind of riffing and summarizing nine months and 300 pages worth of writing here, but it is what it is.

Every long, difficult journey begins with one step. Just one step is all we need to get started. So this is me taking very small baby steps, to help do my part for what I’m just now calling Project Stabilize Humanity.

Heavy Lifting

By embracing the unity of the human experience we DO NOT give up or lose our individual selves. On the contrary, solidifying your 3D humanness and voice is crucial to this work. We are all one has a dualistic meaning! We are all one, parts of the same thing… AND We are all one individual entity, each single human being in this case. We are all one means two different things. Duality of meaning is also very important to understand if you chose to do this work, and our physical selves are an important part of the work. We get through this by going through this, not by pulling the ripcord or diving out an escape hatch like the Christian ideal of Heaven only after death. We make positive progress together by doing the work in 3D. We have the choice and opportunity to invoke our birth-right and use Akashic-level manifestation to create a living, sustainable Heaven here on Earth, NOT only waiting on our death-right passage to heaven.

This is what we (Them and Me together as one voice) mean by the Heavy Lifting – this is a massively large project, the largest ever handed to Humanity, maybe. No Big Brother or God/Goddess is going to swoop in to save us. We sink or swim on our own here, physically at least. The Akashic-level is available as a tool to support us, but, just like the Internet is a tool, so is that just a tool. It’s great and fun and mind-blowing to connect to, to feel the Universal-level love and acceptance – it’s like a drug so be careful! But it’s still just another tool available to us. Don’t be a tourist; put your talent to work for us!

Physical work is involved and all functioning adults that choose to be on board and join the crew for Project Stabilize Humanity ought  to do some work; to have some skin in the game. That can mean whatever you want it to mean, for you personally. Ascension work is very, very personal work. No one can tell you how it should go and what you should do. You get to decide.

How I can help other people do the work

I think I have a good methodology to give us a foundational framework to move forward with PSH, but I am not so egotistical that I think this is the only way. There are as many ways as there are stars in the Universe. So join this CME crew and help propagate the message from this angle I’m working, or form your own crew and propagate your message as you see fit – it really does not matter to me in that way.

I only care that you wake up, know that there is a choice to make, know that you can make a choice in the matter, and then make a useful choice for us to stabilize, in whatever way you feel makes sense, if you want to. Free will dictates there is no other way around this. You have to choose, and then we have to choose together and do the heavy lifting. Not as one kumbaya we hold hands and sing together bullshit utopia vision, but real, functional work to help your fellow human beings. What that work eventually looks like, I DO NOT AND CANNOT YET KNOW. I only know that we first need to work our way through the aforementioned decision points. Once we stabilize, then we can choose to work together, to crowd-source what that looks like. The sane, functional adult human beings need to crowd-source and work cooperatively, this is all I mean as a baseline foundation to Project Stabilize Humanity.

I feel what I’ve managed to stumble into here can be helpful as a self-stabilization model for other human beings. To keep the ego a little bit controlled and let adults have adult-level conversations, make some hard and sometimes painful choices, but always with an eye towards a sustainable, livable and growing human existence. This much I know for sure.

Join the CME Crew!

If you’ve come this far and feel my flavor of vision and message has something to offer you, then join our crew!

If you want me to clarify anything, please let me know. If you feel I’m off the rails on something, then also please let me know. I’ve gotten decent at parking my ego off to the side in this work, so I don’t really do not give one shit about being “right”. I only care about what “works” to help stabilize humanity, in whatever way makes sense.

If you want to engage with me please do not bring childish fallacies and sharp-shooting bullshit to my home, to my crew. Stress-testing ideas is very important work that we need to do together, but a lot of people just want to throw their own ego-based verbal diarrhea around at the rest of us and bludgeon us into accepting their very narrow idea of “the way the world ought to be”. So please understand the difference between constructive criticism and discourse vs egotistical bullshit verbal masturbation. I’m happy to poke holes in these ideas I offer all day long; that is critically important to the heavy lifting.

All ideas and every possible solution needs to be on the table – we cannot start from a good baseline foundation without starting with EVERYTHING in our known history and common experience as humans. However, time is short and I will not suffer fools and asshats lightly. I will not engage, I will do my best to not be snarky or mean-spirited as best I can hold myself in check – I know better. I simply will not give energy or attention to such people except to tell them I’m happy to engage when they learn how to be a civil, helpful human being – an Adult, in other words. So come one, come all to the party – we have a lot of work to do and I feel I can help level-set, help offer some baseline ideas and suppositions that I feel will give us a good solid foundation to work forwards from!

All ideas are on the operating table and we all should be wielding the scalpel and power tools here. The only way I see PSH working within the Universal laws of fractal expansion and contraction – an idea that scales will always scale in both directions – is if we ALL work together. This is NOT some pie-in-the-sky vision of utopia, a socialist workers paradise, or an anarchist complete “freedom” with no rules or consequences dystopia bullshit. What I feel we can do is build a solid working model for how we stabilize humanity and ensure our forward expansion, in whatever way we decide makes sense and serves the feedback loop to keep us alive and stable. Beyond that, I am way too opinionated and biased to be allowed to make any rules or “what needs to be done” dictates.

Peace and Love to All,


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