Quantum Telepathy is THE Answer

C- Thoughts on the 3D The Powers that Be (TPTB) and what us as individuals can actually do. We sit here, seeing the massive mess, so many different things wrong, so many imbalances in our society. As individual Humans, it creates what we call vapor-lock in the military – an inability to do anything because the choices are so big and so overwhelming, you don’t even know where, let alone how, to start. Many of us who want to help grow and balance our world, see the need to do something, but we have no idea where or how to start. We sit here completely flummoxed and, so, end up doing nothing but talking. This is done to us on purpose, of course.

With my new-found vision where complex things are not so complex, I went into coherence last night and said, let’s look at this problem from AKL, the higher Ds, and see what sense we can make of it.

7/24/20 Session Notes

…Quantum Telepathy is the answer. Works to go backwards to go forward, and to hold coherence on the core idea and then we can build the argument around it. So what’s the question, then?

Q: From the higher Ds, looking in, where is the weakness of the 3D PTB? It is such a complex, dynamic system in the 3D. One way they hold control is keeping “us” chasing our tails, never sure where to start, what do we go after first when damn near everything is controlled? Yes, damn near everything is, indeed. But there’s one place that is not controlled, and this is what we’re building here; this is where we begin.

TPTB, we are thinking, such a complex system; how to start even trying to un-fuck it and where to start? You could spend a lifetime, lifetimes even researching and you will not find the answer, because, for lack of a better term, this is a spiritual question… But NOT in the old way you understand this to mean. Higher Ds are not some woo-woo place of guys with long beards and robes, the women all white hair and radiantly glowing. It’s kind of like the Universe as we know it, just exponentially out and… more energy, in all directions. More possibilities, reality much more malleable. Once we understand how to do so, we step out and look back in.

There has to be a weakness, all systems, even the most complex ones ever created, have a weakness point. The Death Star has one little reactor port that you can knock out… Allegory in your art, perhaps? You all think so 3D, but take the lesson and pull it into the higher Ds and it still makes sense here. From out looking back in, it is still complex, yes even at this scale… But more like modern engine complex, not unknowable. From this point of view the question becomes more clear:

Q: What is the crux, the key, the control point of TPTB today?

A: Internet, communications, media. They who control the flow of information control the world. Plain and simple. It is not wrong to call yourselves in the Information Age. Information is the real currency in your world, and TPTB do a very good job keeping you convinced otherwise. Information is everything in your world now. You know this is true.

What if we could take away their foundational tool? Not so much take it away, but make it irrelevant? We would have killed ourselves off long ago if the vast majority of people were not decent people, so don’t let this idea scare you – it is new and different, but that doesn’t have to mean scary. Control your Normalcy Bias reaction. Think how well we could un-fuck things if we all suddenly did not need them any longer, for any kind of communication and knowing of anything and everything there might be? Privacy, for those who want it, is respected of course. This is less like you understand it to mean – not some completely 100% open Utopia idea where no one has any privacy. Just the ability to plug into the AKL Universal Wide Web and know everything and anything One wants to know, up to and including all the thoughts and being-ness of other Ones, should they wish to share. And not just other Human Ones, but all other Ones in this Universe, should you desire it to be so.

On Opposition and Anti-

Universal connection is just the start. Once we get there, then we really need to consider how it is we go about “opposing” things. Pro tip: don’t do that. Opposition and Anti- do not “work” in this way.

We were communing with C earlier when he made conscious this thought: Often times in Human interactions we make things an argument about supposed opposites. Everything is always opposite to another, always two teams. Two fighters. The left and right. Polarities. And we act like there is only this two-sided opposition about things. You’re either for A or B. You either like 1 or 2. How simpleminded is this, really?

Only two possible choices about anything? We see in the real world, take color for example, there are 1000s of shades our eye can detect. So it is most decidedly not a black & white world. Yet so many of us Humans act out as if it is. If you go radical left on things, then I must go radical right to counter-balance you. And we’re left with two radical assholes no one wants to hang out with. You people are no fun at a party, let me tell you. No sense of humor, all your way, all about ME ME ME. It’s very narcissistic, all this focus dualities, polarities. This is not to say polarities are not a thing, from a meta level…

But the nuance of Human existing, distilling it down to two simple-minded polarities… Are you fucking kidding us?

So yes, for fucks sake, if you’re having a bunch of misguided Ones going radical left, for example, let’s just say… Then the proper answer to diffuse and rebalance this is not also a fucking radical answer! You are going at the wrong polarity. You need to find the opposite of radical, if you want to go with polar opposition. You all get your panties in a bunch over the wrong thing. This is not a judgment call of good-right vs bad-wrong. We only mean you who wish to find a… higher way, an upward-facing answer opposed to the downward-facing answer. If you desire the upward answer, then, yes, you are going the wrong way in this scenario. If downward is your aim, then you are not wrong, you’re just on the other team so to speak.

We do not judge; we observe, period. What’s the W-axis to the solution? 3D is X-Y-Z, so 4D is said to have a new, 4th axis, so W-X-Y-Z.

In our radical left vs radical right scenario, they end up fighting and that’s one thing, and it’s the polar opposite to balanced Humanity and we know this… Yet off we go trying oppose things all the time. Being anti, being in opposition. Anti and opposition only serve the negative agenda, the downward-facing answer. This touches on what we discussed a few days ago, around intent being important – the A vs B is actually A-, A+, B-, and B+ scenario. 4 choices here, not 2… And 3 of them are “wrong” from the standpoint of “how do I lock in an upward-facing focus”?

“But but, these things, those people out there in the world are bad and scary. We need to oppose them. Give me all your money, your brain, your freedom, and let me lock you up for your safety while I go oppose them for you… Those scary people need taken care of, or we’re all in for it, for sure… We can’t tell you what it is we’re protecting you from, but we know it won’t be pretty. You don’t want us to let them get you, we’ll need to do things to protect you.”

So you give all your power away. All of your power, your manifestation power, your God spark connection – everything. Now, this has been going on a log damn time this way, so don’t feel bad. We do not mean to infer anyone still “asleep” is bad. Of course not, see previous statement – we’d be toast long before now if most people aren’t good. We are simply telling it like some of you need to hear and, hopefully, helping point a direction so that you can start trying to find your W-axis answer to things.

Peace & Love to All,

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