The Sting

Going back a year ago I’ve been working on a focused manifestation vision for how we might move forward in a constructive way, without the old ways taking us down possible annihilation paths – war, division, control; the same old bullshit. I could see the vision out there, like a destination on the horizon, but I couldn’t see the path before us, how we get started and navigate this massive minefield of how the world exists today, on Earth. I’ve held my vision, where we go is still the same, if we want to have some real global stability and safety for our society, for our species. But a lot of dirty laundry needs to come out and a lot of regular people need to wake up and start working in a similar direction. We do not nor should not all agree on the details, but the meta-stories we use as foundations of our humanity, there’s no reason we can’t have some loose agreement here. For example, Human = 1.

I would like to tell you all a little story. I don’t know yet if this is the reality we’re in, or it’s just a hopeful dream so take it for what it is. The neat thing is, as has been said “future proves the past”. This means more Ones getting on board with the understanding that this IS our reality makes the story real. This is how manifestation works, in real-time. We can shift the story by shifting our narrative focus, let’s say. We make real what we focus on and what we believe to be real.

The Message

This is a real message, from a real insider and sent to someone I trust on Sunday November 8th, 2020:

Post these Preliminary Numbers Ballots cast by voters flagged as ‘Moved’ by NCOA
GA: 138,221
PA: 24,475

Voters marked as having requested and been mailed a ballot but not marked as having returned it:
GA: 250,253
PA: 481,022

Voters who cast ballots but found to be dead in MFD based on name and full DOB match:
GA: 20
PA: 20

Call centers are/will be reaching out to the first group to confirm whether they actually voted, and the second group to see if they requested the ballot and if they returned it.

In-house team will check the ‘deceased’ lists for false positives. We should have these numbers for WI, MI, NV, and AZ tomorrow. Will release as we get them.

What If…

Suppose a group of good humans, good women and men of all kinds, just regular people with interesting jobs and careers that give them views behind the curtains of control. Regular folks, very well-enough connected into The Powers That Be (TPTB) but outnumbered and way out budgeted. They see the overall meta-problem of our age, but it’s too well insulated, too well protected, and too well defended. Think of TPTB like the best defended fortress up on a hill, with massive supplies and resources. For an army to approach on the open ground and make a full-frontal attack will be guaranteed annihilation.

So this small group of people has one shot to do this right. One shot to cut the head off the snake, let’s say for allegorical ease and a way most will understand the idea. The snake is too powerful, too much control, a tentacle kind of snake with many, many sub-snakes. If we make a mistake in this play and only take down a sub-snake, but the main snake just keeps on chugging… Well then, now we’re on its radar and it’ll come for you. This is how people like JFK and RFK end up assassinated. So a group that has a chance to maneuver in, draw the snake out of its fortress and into the open, and then give us at least a fighting chance for a decapitation operation. This will have to be a massive, long-term information war. That’s a very large story, but lets table it for another day.

These people operating very carefully, very quietly – they can’t let one iota of the real plan slip early. Maybe, probably, like Star Wars, TPTB are so full of hubris and bloat they know what the play is and welcome the battle. They see the head of the snake fairly clearly, this group of insiders who were not at the head of the snake, but got close to sub-parts of the snake to get an idea of who and what the snake is. So what if a group of these people found each other, or maybe there’s always been an insiders-of-insiders group of non-assholes, running in parallel and trying the long game here, sure, it could fit and explain some things.

They managed to outmaneuver the snake in 2016, probably a sneak attack of a sorts the snake didn’t expect, maybe. But now they are on the Snake’s radar and Trump took the beating like a heavyweight champ for 4 years. So misdirection number 1 – all that noise, all that energy and focus on him, it took a lot of their resources to do this. The perfect actor for the role that’s needed – the great antagonist. He annoyed them enough, but not enough of a danger to assassinate him, so they made a circus of going after him. And then the counter move feint was a setup – misdirection number 2. Barr, Durham… going after the Russiagaters, maybe even working back to career deep Democrat sub-snakes in the system… This was the public fight, and perhaps this was the feint. TPTB, the Snake in this story, are larger and stronger, but they suffer from an insufferable hubris, they and their kind has run roughshod over the planet for over 100 years now. Probably far, far, far longer if we take a real look, but today is today.

So operation Mindfuck sets out to entice the enemy into an encounter that was carefully worked out and decided ahead of time. Think maybe like the first Star Wars – all that maneuvering for one kill shot at the Death Star. So we had a slow-motion feint to get the enemy out of the fortress and into the open ground and into the kill box. This is, on some levels, pretty standard Art of War plays going on. They are fairly simple to understand from one level, but only if you know what you’re looking at. Otherwise, the feint appears to be the mainline attack as far as others see it. The snake sees a weak enemy with its eggs all in one basket. Imagine the hubris, of so much power, so much control. The pesky, smaller force Rebels taking on a Death Star and full battle fleet. Suicide, it should have been.

What a lot of us thought was the mainline attack, going after the Russiagaters, Muller, Hillary even, putting a big dent in the Democrat party for many,  many years. But that play is just one side of the Deep State Snake, it’s only one sub-snake. Many of us had misgivings about that as the endgame, hence why I was never quite sure of Q. One faction of the Deep State annihilating the other gets us more Deep State – it’s not a viable solution for getting humanity on a better path.

But Q as a double-secret, multi-layered PSYOP misdirection… this is fucking brilliant and shows some serious level of connection, we feel, into the Other Dimensions, the ODs. Higher-minded ones at work here, we feel – if our little story here has any veracity. What do we know, we’re just telling a fun story, right?

So a deep-deep deception that is a kind of misdirecting controlled opposition on the propaganda arm, and a reinforcing real legal attack going after some of those people, for real, BUT only going after some of the sub-snakes. The main snake then sits back in the catbird seat, not worried and amused at all the effort that isn’t going to hurt it. Maybe it even played along, it’s a good narrative to keep half of the population chasing their tail. TPTB probably ate it up with the rest of us. Those are real cases and real corruption that can and should be addressed, but what if that was not the overreaching goal?

Future proves the past – what does this mean? Perhaps a future showing how corrupt the voting is, also shows how corrupt it has been for many years. Shakes the foundation in a way that cannot be ignored or explained away, for every American, shit, every similar type of “Democratic” system in the Western world. The corruption of a many, many year vote fraud machine, laid wide open for everyone to see. This just might wake up a critical mass of people to start questioning other things. We just need one big thing in this reality to crack, and then the proverbial damn breaks and, just maybe, we can slow-walk this thing into full disclosure and avoid a hot war.

So what if this past four years has been a massive vote fraud sting operation, unfolding with multiple pronged deceptions and misdirections, to show a weak hand that’s not focused on the correct snake?

The leap of faith here is not asking for yet one more tired old story of our history, that some deity or father figure type swoops in to save us. That we’re children who need saving. I had a problem with Q because of this, but what if the real group of White Hats are not some father figure thing that’s coming in to rescue the children, but just a group of regular people who saw how fucked up the world had become and were in a position to do something about it? Regular people, doing something dangerous but necessary for us, for Humanity.

I dunno. Maybe I’m delusional for wanting this to be my manifested reality of a future for us. This could be our soft landing. I had no idea what one would look like, but I think I see how this can be. Locating the main snake and getting it to stick its fat neck out, to overextend, we can now execute it quickly, cleanly, and, most importantly, too swiftly for them to react and counter-strike before it’s too late. Unequivocal proof of the deep conspiracy laid bare, out in the open and in a way that only the worst cases of cognitive dissonance will be able to ignore. The rest of the world just might be seriously shitting themselves soon.

We are not saying this is reality as it will unfold, but this is the vision I’m holding the light for. It looks like a good timeline for me to be riding, fits what I’ve been feeling in my heart that we’re capable of. We have a lot of work to do, but it’s a turn in the tide. It’s a chance and a new beginning. It can be, if you want it to be.

You have the power to make it our collective reality.

If this is just one more deep state asshole PSYOP play on us, the bread and circuses to keep the masses docile, so be it. But what if we have a chance? What if a group of sane, honest people have been working to give us our shot? If this is the case, then we need all hands on deck here. They can’t carry the fight alone, they need us regular people to pick this up and spread the word, to open our minds to the possibility of a better world. There’s a chance, friends, there really is a chance here. Hope, but be ready to move and act accordingly if the hammer is about to fall on us – that one is quite close also. If this thing pans out, it’s just in the nick of time. But now you all can see, finally. When enough can see and can accept it as true, then we can do something about it.

I might be a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Peace and Love to all,


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