Thoughts on Free Will and Freedom

Hot off the presses, (mostly raw) session notes from 11/27/19

We can save the world and give ourselves a comfortable life. There is enough. Don’t be a dick. Don’t take more than you need.

Hoarding is a sign of a sickness, relating to an imbalance of trust – trust that there is indeed enough, for all 7.5+ billion of us. That you can take what you need – yes, take – but only what you need, and then trust that others have enough also and we all just don’t bust each other’s balls about it. Hoarding, taking more than you need is a sickness and that imbalance then causes other imbalances in the system. Live within that system too long and the host is sickened, maybe inwardly, maybe outwardly… If its someone from immense wealth and power, then the imbalance is highest for a situation such as this. It’s a negative feedback torus. More hoarding creates more of a vision of winning and justifies the seeking of more, rinse and repeat. It addles the mind and soul. Makes you think you are that much more special that you get to decide what is to be done in the world. These people feel their “winning” at the 3D zero-sum games means something. It does at their level, but it’s just a façade, an illusion…//

Shit, I’m drifting, feel not so well connected. Like a bit of this last bit is off – ego?

Sigh, the problem is I have one person in particular on this level I completely think of when these words are coming out. I know who he is well and his manipulations in the world today… So I dunno if this isn’t sub-conscious ego, pulling a little confirmation bias. I already don’t like people like this – not hate, mind you. Words mean things. I do not care for the egotistical manipulations of the billionaires of the world, the above 1%ers, by another name. They are drunk on their own wealth and influence, and feel it gives them the right to meddle in the rest of our lives.

The arrogance!

Each soul is to make its own way, as free as possible to do so. No other rule works, we are an indivisible system, embodied with freedom in our hearts, as much as we are animated with blood, bones, skin – a physical body, IOW.

Free will and, therefore, freedom are an irreducible system. Humanity and freedom. Freedom IS free will.

Without it we reject the system, we reject any attempts to control us. This, this is the cause of all the revolutions from all your history? An oppressed/repressed people rise up, when they can’t take the pressure any more. And when it’s at its worst, the pressure is autocratic control, is it not? Surrender does not mean what our 3D existence tells us it does – this isn’t the Knight surrendering and vowing allegiance to the King, so that the Knights life is forfeit at the King’s pleasure. That’s not it at all – you have to let go that fear hook that this is that kind of surrender.

I suppose we should consider a new/different word. Surrender might be too loaded to successfully use without the negative 3D imprint it carries. Alignment is more accurate. Getting on board with the team. Joining the crew… Not “I give up all that I am and all that I have” to any other; NOT a surrender of personal sovereignty, IOW. The system cannot be broken down that far. Personal sovereignty is a non-reducible piece of our “whole” human 3D system. We cannot remove it from the individual human experience any more than we could remove a liver without killing the person. “Leaders” gone wrong, drunk on their own importance, thinking it’s about them – push the people too far. Let them eat cake, kind of shit.

Isn’t that enough of a standard human trait that we can even call that a base meme of humanity, a base truth of one of our core struggles, as Humanity in general? The bi-polar, duality of freedom and repression, individual sovereignty and autocratic control? What revolution hasn’t been sparked by a people leaned on too hard, by those who thought they were the betters, smarter, whatever? A standard us – them dynamic. We rule, you suck. This means anything we say is automatically good, because we rule and you suck. Not all wars, mind you. I’m talking about revolutions. And I do not know history well enough to even claim to not be talking out of my ass…

But they have a point here, don’t they?

Sorry, I guess at this point it’s such a fluid shift into “them talking” and my own commentary. It’s damn near seamless at times. I start a thought & sentence, next thing I know we’re a page on and I haven’t really added anything more…

So Humanity and human spirituality is important to consider when we have us a little humanity time-out, before going forward again. What is the base human condition, that is our 3D core blueprint operating system of a single human being, because this is the smallest entity in our system that can’t be taken apart, right? So this means a human being individual needs to be whole in order to be functional. Is freedom and, yes, individual sovereignty (of at least body, physically speaking, if nothing else as a starting point) not a part of what makes an individual human whole? The freedom to dream. To create, to rise higher, to build something never seen before? To live, even if to live a life that seems inconsequential by modern standards – a Hopi subsistence farmer, for example, in the high desert of Arizona. Dirt poor, but happy. If an individual base right is their own free will itself, then I see that for any system to operate in balance, we must start out with a base foundation, and hold it for real this time – not in word only, as we have today, in both word and deed and, therefore, in reality. In word only is not reality.

Am I wrong?

Can the human being be a whole human being without their own freedom?

Let me ask it this way: Do whole, happy humans start revolutions, burn it all down, and lop off heads of the old rulers?

So if we keep up with this revolution of war, empire, expansion, more wars, empire falls – on many scales… So that model of known history has gotten us a lot of revolutions, a lot of death, a lot of misery. Today, like 7 trillion dollars spent on the War of Terror, over 18 years. Global hunger – GLOBAL FUCKING HUNGER – can be eradicated, we know, for LESS THAN 1 Trillion dollars, for FUCKING GOD’S SAKE! You could have lifted all of your poorest brothers and sisters out of life-threatening poverty 6 trillion dollars ago! Probably could have funded a moon base, mars bases – why not? How good are we in this current model of really taking care of our fellow human beings? LOL, even you so-called humanists and “power to the people” types. How could this be permitted under your watch if you really love your fellow humans and want to help, to help all people lead a better life? If even a small portion of you really cared, you would have it fixed already. There is plenty to go around today. There is plenty to stabilize the Earth now, today.

Project Stabilization is what I’m calling this. We must stabilize before we decide how we move forward. The Hopis worked with 7-generations – that seems like a good start point. What you do today needs to be sustainable, at least, for 7 generations. We can adjust fire from there, as necessary.

You’re worried a little adult responsibility and adult freedoms are going to hurt you, ruin shit?

Have you taken a look at yourselves lately, what you’ve allowed in your world for the past 18 years, let alone since… Fuck, the dawn of your history? Tyrants rise. They crush the spirit of their people, thinking they can just find the breaking point. Push the people far enough, break their spirit and will for freedom, just like you break a horse. Of course you can break some of us, but you cannot break all of us. Some of us have a serious fire for a just fight in our hearts. And if you give us enough pressure to fight back and we feel like there’s nothing to lose, that we fight for “right” reasons – then you, if you are the “leader” of those people, your head will be on a pike eventually.

So what’s our history of this expansion and contraction, always apparently around the freedom–control paradigm. Rulers fear freedom because it takes away the control they have and makes them irrelevant. You don’t beat them by fighting them, you beat them, once and for all, by making them irrelevant.

But to get there, oh boy… Talk about a massive project for humanity! But we need to start somewhere.

So, yes, for all that is holy. Yes, the human individual has an in integral part of their humanity, let’s just say freedom baked-in, shall we? As in, free will works no other way. So if free will means we’re free to choose our own way, then any impedance to this freedom would be treated as a threat by the system… In this case, a system of one, but many ones can make up larger and larger systems. As interconnected as we are these days, that’s one global system now.

So herein is the problem as I see it, as how we might annihilate ourselves and the decision we keep talking about. The standard ebb and flow of history goes toward another revolution. You are too far interconnected now; this next full-blown revolution, and you all feel it. The feeling of unease, like we’ve maybe been here before. We thought we were through and never to return, but here we are back again… And it’s looking like, no, we said we’re done with that, but here it is, peeking around the corner at us again. If you allow another full-blown revolution, you very well will not return from that fall. Not in any way recognizable as modern Humans on Earth, circa your timeline of 2019. Maybe you completely annihilate, maybe you suffer a near mortal wound and crawl your way back again in another 1000 years… I dunno.

So let’s have this discussion. I think I’m on a core truth of life, of humanity. Probably no different than many humanist philosophers have. I have never read much… well, any philosophy. Every time I try, I find it dry and boring.

But isn’t this a good start point to discuss?

How do we make the “powers that be” irrelevant?

I promise you, if we “fight” them, in the way we’ve fought all previous revolutions, we get that – just another revolving shit-storm that just might take us all down this next time.

Evolution, NOT revolution.

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