Thoughts on the Black Whole

Nassim Haramein’s documentary Black Whole

Interesting stuff, I think I can draw a line from this to what I download in my sessions.

So if the nature of the dual-polarity toroidal universe infinitely scales up and down, then all things at all levels have an inverse/opposite for the universe to function, yes?

Okay, that means there is an opposite me, so to speak, and the two of us have a balancing dance of life.

Does he age in reverse?

Does every memory I gain, he – or she! – forgets?

Is he a she, or is he a him- and I am a him+ – or am I the him-??!! It has to balance, right? What’s the inverse of Male or Female? They are not each other’s inverse, I feel strongly. Male and Female – we are each other’s polarity balance, but not each other’s inverse, if that makes sense.

If all things are infinitely scalable, and all are toroidal, then isn’t my reasoning sound? That we have an inverse, someway, somehow, but not just personally, at all scales, at every scale, of the universe? And is there more than one inverse – there could be in a 9D Universe, for example. So there are dual-polarities in 3D, but then when we go larger, I feel the dual nature then expands out into the other dimensions. So maybe not even so much an inverse, but a 1-through-9 D “thing” of any one “thing”.

<Side note, this is too big for right now. I’ll come back to this and grok on it for a while, during my next session. Polarity, more-than-3D-layering of the Universe. Work out in my head how all that fits together under the scaling law I’m talking about here. More on this later!>

But interesting vis-à-vis how I am visualizing the balance point as my way to connect/expand/ascend into the Universal flow.

I find a polarity in my mind and balance the two. Then I add more in, when I can hold a few balance points – a few different torus in my mind’s eye, at some point it feels like the balance holds on my “side”, and then it feels almost like the other “side”, the Universe I guess, reaches down, or scales down in frequency, to meet me half-way. Then the more complex geometries start flowing – again, in mind’s eye is how I see them, IOW. At that point, so long as I can keep up my side – the balancing act. No emotion, quiet mind, ego helping record NOT writing the script – then more and more can build. It scales infinitely, so staying plugged in is its own 64x growth pattern, and bloop, bloop, bloop! You are fractal-blended into the universal fabric. It’s almost like getting up to speed on an on ramp and then merging into freeway traffic.

All other fractal points in the Universe are connected from here, so you can ride the stream anywhere you want to. For me it’s not so much astral travel as it is Astral viewing. I stay put, anchoring the meatsuit in 3D while my mind rides the currents. The problem arises when, as an individual conscious entity, I cannot hold the duality in my little 3D brain. The millisecond I try to, I break the connection. Think of it as a universal circuit breaker – to keep our brains from blowing, maybe. So we can float with and grok all, but the moment we identify as “3D me” groking it, boop, boop, boop, the levels collapse back down into 3D body, meatsuit-level.

As in “HOLY SHIT, I JUST LOOKED GOD IN THE EYE!” (another blog for another day, but yes, that happened to me not too long ago).

So this means – duh – there is no separation between body and soul. We are one and the same – just resonating at different frequencies. And if our reality is only a minuscule part of the vacuum (God, why can I understand it but still never spell it wright? J ) 0.001% of the Universe (or is it .0001% – it’s way minuscule, regardless!) is the non “empty space” part, then there’s another 99.998% out there that is not this physical aspect of us – this universe as we see and measure it.

But the idea of the opposite – the shadow self, but not in the psychological way – a dark side, IOW. An opposite spin other, an inverse other, NOT a shadow. Shit, we’re the shadow – if even that much – for that side, if the math holds up, and it does seem to. So we have no claim to be on the “better” side. Just the physical, as we understand it, side. I dunno, but good questions for Mr. Haramein!

Fun side note: Hara in Japanese and Esoteric traditions means center. We do a flipped German-Japanese translation and Haramein = My Center.

In my experience, the Universe indeed has a wicked sense of humor!

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