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See this article If the Universe is a Simulation, Can We Hack It?

…Pearce says the hedonistic imperative is not a plea for blissing out, but rather “radical hedonic recalibration.” How radical? The complete abolishment of suffering, period. And not just human mental and physical suffering, Pearce calls for a global utopia in which all animals are free of suffering, whether caused by humans or nature. It’s probably no surprise that Pearce is a vegan. With transhumanism, gene editing is considered the future key to solving our physical, emotional and intellectual problems. While this is perhaps the most scientific approach of hacking the simulation, it also raises ethical concerns of theoretical designer babies and physical upgrades that only the wealthy can afford.

I get excited reading stuff like this, because there is so much they get right, IMO, that I’m happily nodding along… Sitting here reading while eating lunch, munching my grub, chugging my beverage, nodding along all happy and “how cool is this stuff?” – then I come to the end and PPPPPSSSSTTTTTT – spit up my water and food all over the keyboard.

You know the feeling, right?

I had hoped to avoid battles right out of the gate, but I see two primary decision points for Humanity going forward. These are not ranked in order, they are both of equal importance. These are not mutually exclusive decision points, either – they are interconnected but have enough different reference points that I think of them as two separate but equal decision points. One can and will most likely affect the other, so the “wrong” answer to one might give us no choice for a “right” answer to the second one:

  1. Sustainable forward progress vs. self-annihilation.
  2. Natural human evolution and ascension vs Transhumanism (computer-boosted AI – Human interface)

I talk about point one in my Introduction blog, at least as an introduction to one of the “BIG Q” questions I think about and look to Universe to help understand.

With Decision Point 1, where sustainable progress can always run off the rails into self-annihilation if we don’t stay on top of things, we can turn and adjust course on one path but not turn and adjust course on the other side of the decision. Self-annihilation cannot be undone; it’s a one-way path. Likewise, I don’t see how we could undo Transhumanism – turning ourselves into cyborgs of one type or another – can be undone. It’s a one-way path also. So we must tread very, very carefully and never rush in where we cannot back ourselves out of.

As a baseline, for now, I’ll assume Transhumanists do not hate humanity. They want to see us grow and improve – fair enough? There is a subset of Transhumanists who feel humanity is a plague and needs “fixed” or taken out. If you feel I’m making this up you’re not paying attention. I assure you, such people exist, and they have a lot of clout in the Western world. They are not just lunatic-fringe, in other words, but they are a small minority.

We need to be careful and learn to look backwards better, in order to look forward. The idea that we are on the cutting edge of human knowledge and existence is extremely naive, egotistical, and dangerous. It is a mindset that won’t look back at “savage ways of uncivilized cultures”, and assumes the way forward is with more and more tech, gadgets, and computer power.

We do not fully understand how our bodies and minds work, and we want to start upgrading them? Am I the only one who understands what the precautionary principle is? How on Earth can anyone justify tinkering with a system that we are NOT EXPERTS in?

I don’t know how dams work, but I’m gonna go cut a big hole at the bottom of the Hoover dam and see what happens. I don’t know how airplanes work but I’m going to remove one engine, just to see what happens. We don’t understand how genetics fully work so we’re gonna fire a bunch of genes into a cell with a shotgun shell and call that precise gene splicing – genetic drift, unintended consequences… We’re pretty sure, maybe, we don’t have to worry about that… until we do. I don’t know how the human brain works, but I want to install an AI plug-in directly into your brain, just to see what happens.

Do you see a problem here?

How can you claim to hack and improve something that you don’t fully understand? What kind of stupid fucking idea is hacking into our brain/mind when you don’t know what you might break?

If you don’t understand it, how can you know if it even needs your help in the first place?

If you don’t understand it, how can you know if other methods might work?

And I’m only talking hard-science here, genetics and brain function! Not even touching on sociological and soft-science things like “end of all suffering”. If you don’t fully understand what the human condition even is and what makes us tick, what gives you the right to tinker? Furthermore, how the fuck do you even know what you are trying to fix is something that should be fixed?

They don’t know, and anyone who claims they do know for sure is lying or is a sociopathic shithead who shouldn’t be trusted with an easy bake oven, let alone the keys to the human genome and brain function.

We have HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE littered throughout history, from do-gooders thinking some more, better kind of good just absolutely must be done. The arrogance, the hubris! I mean, Jesus Christ, the inventor of the machine gun thought it would be too horrible to use. Oppenheimer thought the nuclear bombs would be too horrific to use… How’d those two improvements to the human experience work out for us?

I can and will go into this further in my longer writing, but suffice to say for now:

You do not need anything more but what the Universe has already gifted you. You are perfect in your physical 3D manifestation and you do not need any fucking AI chips implanted in your brain to know the Universe. We have ample evidence of this, if you would just open your eyes, your mind, and your heart.

What???? You mean hacking the mind and Universal transcendence is something that’s already been done? Why haven’t I read about it in Why isn’t my buddy at the University already studying it? Why is this the first I’m hearing of it??? The evidence is all around us, if the mechanical-universe faction would stop to look around with an honest appraisal of our history.

Ask the Shamans. Ask the psychics. Ask the spiritual thinkers and seekers. Ask those who’ve taken sacred plant and animal medicines. We do not need AI for ascension. We have everything we need already available, today, right now. You just need to grok this.

This I know for sure: If we choose to go down the human-AI cyborg path, there is NO coming back from that. We have warnings as to how wrong that could go – Star Trek’s The Borg comes to mind. Is that what you Transhumanists want, that we become a Borg collective?

If we stay on the natural methods and possibilities exploration route, while we learn more and perfect our understanding of genetics and the human mind, then we can always change paths if and when it becomes prudent to do so. Maybe we find technological ways to help boost and stabilize what we already can do – there are rumors of this already existing. The Montauk Project and Project Looking Glass come to mind – although that’s some pretty dark stuff.

The precautionary principle ought to be our first answer to anything and everything. There is no hurry. Prove to me you can do something without breaking another thing. If you cannot prove this, then you do not get to go tinkering with my mind and my body. I’m doing just fine plugging into the Universe without a fucking Borg collective to boost me.

The danger as I see it is a human-AI interface will lock us into our 3D existence. We’ll be smart as all get out, but lose our spiritual side. (I suppose herein is the argument: Physical materialists say there is no soul, no spiritual side of the Universe, so there’s no danger.) We’ll understand the Universe, but we’ll never know the Universe. We will yearn for it like we yearn for it today, but we will know that we can never have it, and that, my friends, is my vision of what hell will look like for humanity.

Please work to educate these people when you come across one. I really feel most of them are trying to help. But you know what they say about the path to hell, right?

You are living Universal perfection in 3D form. The Universe does not make mistakes in that way. We are not incomplete, imperfect and in need of an upgrade. You might not feel this today, but I am telling you, yes, you are perfect. As a living extension of Universal perfection, your birthright is the entire Universe, and you do not need any changes, upgrades, or physical plug-ins to do this, to know this. You only need to know that it’s possible and there are paths – well-worn paths – available to you. But you have to agree to look. You have to agree that you are a child who doesn’t fully understand everything, and there are some good answers in the past. Not all progress is made from new discoveries and new science. We must also look back in order to look forward. To move forward without looking back, we risk making catastrophic errors that we cannot recover from.

Choose wisely!

Peace and love to all,


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  1. Thank you so much for pointing out that these people messing around with the brains, bodies and genomes of living beings actually have NO FREAKING CLUE about what they are really doing, despite all of their protests to the contrary. The things they are doing always have unintended consequences, often horrific ones, which they willfully ignore and/or actively cover up. Those few brave souls who are willing to point out the problems and not just go along with the program (because they are so invested in it and dependent on it) can have their careers destroyed, be discredited, harassed, and financially ruined. Some actively opposed to the Medical-Industrial Complex have even been killed.

    The biggest problem with transhumanism is that it is based in the mechanistic/analytical/isolationist mindset that sees everything as a machine with single-function and interchangeable parts, and that just isn’t true of living beings and living systems. There is nothing in living systems that isn’t multi-functional and embedded in a living context that essentially makes it what it is. When you start messing around with these systems within systems that you don’t understand and can’t even imagine all of the dependencies and interconnections, unintended consequences are absolutely inevitable and usually destructive, often in ways the arrogant tinkerers don’t even realize are happening and casually dismiss even when they do get some inkling of them. “Oh, we can fix that, ” they say. Then they do something else that fixes one problem and creates half a dozen others, because they refuse to acknowledge that they simply can’t treat living beings and living systems as if they are machines and further refuse to acknowledge their own ignorance.

    Indigenous societies all over the planet have been able to live in place for thousands of years without destroying their environment. They did this by remaining humble and realizing that they are part of the community of life on earth, not separate from it and not superior to it. Therefore, the task of the human is to learn to live our best self within the context of the living community into which we are born. Most of those indigenous societies have been wiped out and/or assimilated by empire builders. In my personal opinion, we need to look to those indigenous who survive and back to those who haven’t, as much as possible, to learn our way forward.

    1. The story of our modern lives, hey let’s make this non-broken thing “better”, right?
      Thanks for the comment. You have the honor of being the first to comment on the blog page!

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