What am I?

I just downloaded a concept that is backed by a lot of our writing, but is worth unpacking some. I like to pick at things, to understand them. This helps explain who we are, who your One is, as you see and understand “yourself”. Who and what am I? Is the question. The answer is something we can get at, but it’s going to take some explaining to do it justice.

Who (or what) am I? I am the sum of my thoughts about myself.

This includes, especially, the internal monologue we have about ourselves, to ourselves. So who, what, and how One sets the internal dialog, monologue determines a lot about who each One is. Suppose, as we’ve noodled on, the only real thing we can be (somewhat, even) sure of is the reality of our own thought patters and this internal thing we call life, life experience. We could think of all life as only observation, as literal thought patters and one set of thoughts creating this foundational reality in our own minds. If, as we speculate, is our real, true existence stripped down to its essence, then we can state this about the question, what, exactly, is this thing we might call the Earth human life experience? So less about why am I here, and more first tackling the how am I here part of things. Do I exist, and what am I?

If that is the question, then the answer as we understand it, is this: We are conscious thought forms, creating our own life experience. We are both the director, cast, and the audience of our own movies, and this reality as we know it works in what can be understood to be a circular feedback loop. You get what you focus on, and that creates the reality that you then focus on; the more you focus on that, the more real we make it in our own minds.

So now thoughts start to mean more than just a fleeting thought. Internal dialog about who and what we are begins to matter a whole lot more. If I am a creation of thought, and I play a significant part in that thought-form process, then the running monologue stories in my head are, in the real-time and in the real world as we understand it, are creating my reality. I am the imagination of myself, I recall a wise man saying once.

It’s just a ride, and we are the imaginations of ourselves, he said about life. (Bill Hicks, BTW)

So that story you tell yourself about yourself, you telling that story makes it your reality, under these rules… We’re just speculating here, just asking some logic-following what if questions, so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you think we’re into something else here.

The Universe as you understand it does not exist.

Let that sink in a minute; please really slow down and consider, at whatever you understand to be your deeper level. The Universe as you understand it does not exist. It is a figment of our collective imaginations. In some ways manifestation of course works, this is one of the core ultimate truths. However, on some levels as we’ve also discussed in the past, the Universe just is; our perspective changes, we change, but the Universe is. However, when you don’t understand it from the foundational level, why then, everything else is soiled, ruined by the original misconceptions. Big lies and big mistakes are easy. They are so big, no one ever wants to challenge them.

Sort of like how it is said that some extremely attractive people can be quite lonely. They get a lot of superficial bullshit attention, but people are transfixed by the beauty, and don’t really give a shit about the person. A somewhat sensitive and connected One feels this. So this sometimes answers the good person 1 who’s “married up” with the more attractive person #2 who “married down”.

It’s just a loose analogy, which we find can be helpful when dealing with trying to get you people over the hump… The hump being coming to the conclusion that that the Universe is quite different than you think it is. Not to say our 3D existence as we know it is wrong; that’s not what we’re talking about. But most of the Universe is hidden from you, so you don’t even know that you don’t know. How do you solve a riddle that no one has even told you yet? The fortune cookie stuff can be annoying, but it can also be helpful. We need to go at a lot of this stuff sideways, because there is no good frame of reference for you to start with. This is why connecting to it can be so mind-bendingly difficult initially. If a painting is painted with colors you cannot see, does it still exist?

How do you solve a riddle that hasn’t even been given to you yet? Even close to the real: how do you solve a riddle that no one has given you, and you don’t even know exists? Well, first someone needs to let you know that there is this riddle you might want to take a look at. That’s what we’re doing here – trying to get as many as want or need this up to the starting line. That’s all we’re after. We just want you to know where the starting line is and that you can take it from there. You need to take it from there.

So One, and when we say One with the capitalization we mean something specific: an awake, aware, and connected Human. One who has declared Universal Sovereignty. Nothing more than that. On some levels, being here means an even higher level of ignorance than you can even understand until you get a taste of “here” and see how much there is we don’t know. So perhaps we can say One is a Human, awake and tuned in to the idea that she doesn’t know shit about anything, and this isn’t a bad start point, when One can admit this. In Martial Arts, often times the best students are ones who haven’t trained in anything else before. Clean slate, no bad habits to clean up. Those can take extra time. So a clean slate is not a bad thing.

One tuned into the Universe, perhaps with a little idea of coherence, manifestation, and such things. It stands to reason in a Universe that is nothing but thought and awareness, then the thoughts and awareness that we agree are real, are then real. The stories I tell myself about who I am, make me who I am. It is a circular feedback loop of self-creation. But if you don’t know you control this, and you think you have a limit or you self-censor because, for whatever reason, this idea scares you or feels forbidden, evil, dark, or somehow negative and, therefore, scary and too be avoided. That is one way to look at this up-ending of who and what we are, for sure. Conservation of current point of view serves Humans well, when working from a point of ignorance. Conservatism (not politics, not at all) – Conservatism in taking risks. One who seeks to conserve things, to keep this ship afloat, to conserve our collective lives and existence. Kind of a different way to look at that word that has negative connotations for many.

We are all very conservative, it turns out – ha-ha, sorry ½ of the population! But Universally speaking, as a culture and holding fixed beliefs about who and what we Humans are – we sure as fuck are conservative as could be. We’re not too open to changing those views, are we? Why might that be, do you feel?

One exists and a bundle of thoughts and opinions, and the feedback nature of the Universe feeds all those ideals, thoughts, parameters, etc, back into our awareness to form the picture off who and what we are. One exists as a bundle of thoughts. So instead of your physical attributes, those do of course all exist, we are not saying you  don’t exist and we don’t exist. We very much exist, we assure you. However, we are not physical entities. It feels like we are, this is the illusion, the veil. But just let that thought go, suspend disbelief for a minute. Walk with us a bit here. Take all that you know of as the physical world and convert it into thought forms in your mind. All that you know exists, but it doesn’t physically exist, it exists as thought-wave forms. This is how the Universe works, how it builds.

We are making a point that really isn’t complex at all, its really very, very simple and basic. But… it’s a massive shift in mental focus, so it’s an up-ending idea. Wipe away physical reality and think of it as energetic wave thought-forms, as a more accurate description.

So if this is the case, then it follows that thought creates thought. Thought creates reality as we understand it. And if thought creates reality, then I am the sum of my own thoughts. And, if this is the case, I might want to be very careful I know who, what, and why the thoughts that make up my world are put into my head. Are they my own thoughts? And if they are not mine, whose are they? And if they are not my thoughts that make up a lot of my world, more importantly, we feel, WHY are these thoughts what I have, if they are not my own? How is the mental construct of myself formed? If I am not completely in control of what that mental thought construct is, then who or what else is involved here?

This is a whole, as you call it, outside the box line of questioning for One to consider. We don’t know what’s lurking in the secrets of other cultures on this planet, can only work within our own current parameters of who and what C here believes himself to be. So if One is the summation of all thoughts, is this One sure s/he has cleared Self of all “other” thoughts? How would you even know, if a baseline thought-form that makes up your reality is yours or other? How could you even think to wrap your mind around this idea to begin with, let alone to start picking away at those “other” thought-forms in your mind. Not just the ones that make up One’s self, but the general thought patterns that make up our world. If this is all a thing, then One is, by definition, a bundle of thought-forms, NOT anything physical as we understand this to be. This is both very weird and very liberating. Some will make the incorrect leap to nihilism – that we don’t exist, nothing exists, and it’s okay to be destructive. I assure you, at the least, I exist.

C- We exist, and I say we to mean the whole crew in here with me, that I still don’t fully grok and know, but I know when it’s me talking and when someone else is feeding the narrative.

…Yes, that work – this brings us back full-circle, to the original thread and view into it all you had. Narrative management is really, really a thing, and its way, way more important than any of us give credit to. And if we don’t know what the rules are and what the game is, then those who do understand and know the rules will control, will “win” every time. Not always to our detriment, but often times to our detriment.

Some of you will resonate with this, and some will negatively resonate with this. Negative, visceral reaction, contrary to what some will say, is still resonating with an idea. You just are having an internal reaction to the thought-form. This in and of itself means nothing. “Good” Ones are triggered by “dark”, and, likewise, “dark” ones are triggered by “good”, or “light”. But narrative is understood well these days, as Ones are getting more sensitive to the bullshit. More sensitive to the thought-forms of reality creating narratives that do not serve this One in a positive way, let us say, to cast the widest net possible and not be thought to have a judgment on any of this.

You all get that part very wrong, but it is usually not your own faults. These are the narrative thought-forms that make our reality. We speak of course about big things like religions, political systems, scientific systems, even. Articles of faith, used to make sense of this world for Ones. None of the above either positive or negative on their own, as ideas. They just are. So we are not here to make judgements. We care much less about what Ones believe and focus more on how other Ones are in their Being. Often times this is reflected in their doing, but do not mistake one for the other.

Said another way, One who does things is not a “better” person. This is a judgment.

So our lives are the summation of the narratives told to us and that we tell ourselves. This answers the question succinctly, what am I? The why and how, I’m not sure if we’re qualified to fully flesh out, but I think we can at least help with the foundation Ones can then use to discover that for One’s self, as is One’s right. This is why hand’s off, NO control is one of the baseline answers for how we ought to live our Human, 3D, physical lives. Less importance on the what we do, more importance on the how we focus on our own Self and do not seek to control other Ones. We help, we support other Ones to be their best One they can be, but we do not, cannot honestly weigh in on how each One decides to do this. So this very much is spiritual anarchy, sure call it what it is as you understand it. Your words do not change the thing as it is, and they, honestly, only end up limiting your groking, knowing, and understanding things in life. You put a word on it, and then you’re done. The idea is now in a box, and the thing is no longer the thing, now it’s a limited word.

But a thing is still the thing, regardless how you call it. Shakespeare knew this. Rose by any other name… A rose is a rose, but rose is just a word. Just 4 letters. What does the word rose have to do with the flower, the smell, the prick of a thorn, the silky-softness of a petal, the feel of the granular pollen? Even the bee napping in the flower. So you get an idea that the words are not the thing, yet the words are what you use to build your structure of the Universe in your own mind. You manifest a very, very limited version of the Universe. Not outside of, not less than, and fully and completely part of the larger Universe, but we limit our view. We see so precious little, because the narrative tells us this is all we see, so this is all we see.

Again, how do you solve a riddle that no one has told you yet?

If you understand this idea, then you get the first inkling of what it means to shift your awareness. You are shifting into an awareness that is so different, due to magnitude of how much larger and different it is. That first step is a doozy. A leap of faith, as C had to do. At that point, One feels the idea is solid enough to take a leap into the abyss, into the unknown.

C- For me, and I’m sure I have it documented quite well. But it was sheer frustration at hitting the wall over and over again. I suppose I was in the place deep meditators have described as the door that is very difficult for many to get through. I didn’t see it that way, but I can see why many do see it that way in their mind’s eye.

…So one gets there, that place – the leap, kicking down the door. Unlocking the door, however One gets there. Many paths up the mountain sort of thing.

Narrative, we’re talking about how the Universe itself as you all understand it is not so real as you think of real, physical rocks and water and broccoli. Even those things are thought constructs, in a way. They exist from within their own system, so Humans are inside the system and, therefore, limited to the view of their own bubble, mostly. Some are just now figuring this out a bit. So it’s a bit of a duality problem, as many thing end up being. Physical reality is both real and not real. Our 3D perception is that things are physically real and that is a correct assessment… BUT you have to think about perspective here. So things are not a duality when One can pull back and get some perspective. The blind men and the elephant fable again, works very well. So much of things like the Tao te Ching that seems to be talking in circular dualities that feel like fortune-cookie, Zen koan riddles at times… There is no duality when One has the right perspective. So reality is both real and a construct, depending on One’s perspective. But if One is to get a better feel and understanding for things and, therefore, start engaging in active creation… AKA manifestation, then One needs to wrap Ones little piggy noodle around this idea.

C- I might have added that, but probably a joint effort, I’m learning sometimes.

…What we are getting at summarizing and keep talking around, if you all are getting tired of the same thing over and over again.

Yes, we have work to do. We do this thing – save the world, save humanity – by effort, not by sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it. A great place to start might be learning to grow up and think like the rest of the adults in the Universe think. Notice we are not saying what One ought to think, just HOW One might go about digging into the what, and that is all. So, as we’ve said many times, this kind of goes against a lot of the usual suspect religions in our world. They tend to be infantilizing control structures… We are really sorry to say it this way, we do not mean any disrespect to any One’s strong beliefs. We fully support you to feel and believe whatever you choose to. It’s that choose to part that can get a lot of us in trouble, bumping up against ingrained, dogmatic views. We are for fluidity, within reason and under ADULT rules and parameters. This is the part many miss. We don’t take children and give them the keys to your new many 10s of thousand dollars car.

We are going at control structures in some ways, but not at any of the people under said structure. What you are in this Universe means a shitload more than who you think you are. And by what we mean character, empathy, ability to love, ability to forgive, ability to self-reflect and have some humility once in a while. To think, to consider, to not act irrationally and with temper tantrums, like a 3-year old. A little annoyed, yes of course. This is not a new message, it is what it is, as we’ve been discussing some tonight. Things just are. Plugging into the full Universe and touching full reality is and remains infinitely available for tapping by every conscious and sovereign One. Many times not even those requirements are necessary, but, in our experience, a balanced coherence is best. For, after all, if you’re not in balance, then you are, by definition, incoherent.

Peace and Love to all!

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